Isekai sōzō no Susu-me ~ sumahoapuri de wakusei o tsukutte shimatta ore wa kami to nari sekai o meguru ~ Chapter 29

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Adventure of Mizzet 2

In order to seek further advancement, the young girl had come to the Guild of Adventurers.

The young girl and the boy walked into the guild with their guards, drawing strange looks from those around them.

Some wondered if they had come to give a commission to the Guild of Adventurers, while others sensed the strength of the noble guards and were intrigued.

But these were common sense reactions, and it didn’t look like Mizzet was looking for a companion to fight alongside her at all.

The adventurer in front of her seemed to be confused by this fact as well.

“Hey, you look strong! With your steel outfit and huge body covered in muscle, you deserve to be perfect companion for me! Let’s go fight the demons together, shall we?”

“What did you say… Uh, young girl?”

Well, of course.

The other party must be an adventurer who had been doing quite well.

With the way he moved and his well-maintained equipment, it was easy to see that he was an experienced warrior.

If a man like this was recruited by a newcomer, he would want to teach the other side the rules of adventuring by giving a short lecture. Unfortunately, when he looked back, all he found was a little girl.

The adventurer didn’t know what to say.

She was too confident to be a child’s prankster, and for some reason, there was a fierce-eyed Earl’s servant and private guards behind her, who was exerting pressure on him.

Although he couldn’t understand the current situation, but for the man, picking a fight with a private guard of nobility was a recipe for disaster.

As a result, he averted his eyes from the mysterious young girl, as if the conversation had never happened from the beginning, and silently left, fleeing before the harmful flames could spill onto him.

………By the way, this was the third recruitment event since we came to the Adventurer’s Guild today.

“What the hell!! Everyone is ignoring me. Did everyone underestimated me even though I bring strong guards?”

“I don’t think that’s the problem.”

“Is that so? Eh, really?”

That was.

In contrary, if you brought someone stronger than the adventures, you didn’t need to recruit a teammates at all.

If you were just hunting a horned rabbit in the shallow part of the forest, then these guards was already overpowered.

I know that I was thinking this way, but I didn’t think Mizzet would be able to understand it.

Although Mizzet’s own talent had some bright spots, but this young girl, who was even weaker than the level 3 me, couldn’t predict the strength of the guard without identifying it, right?

Maybe she thought that the guards she brought were just a small amount of strength compared to a strong adventurer.

That’s a childish superficiality.

But now she understood that adventurers were very busy, and I didn’t think even Mizzet would go hunting without a companion.

I’m going to give up and go home today, because my plan failed. That’s what I thought as I looked at the young girl moaning thoughtfully in front of me….However, it seemed that I was too naive in my thinking.

“Next time, I’ll bring more powerful guards, if I can’t recruit a companion today, forget it….. Then, let’s go and destroy the demons together! Come with me, Kenji!!”


At this point, people usually feel that their combat power is i insufficient and retreat, right? After knowing that you’re outnumber, why do you still go hunting as if nothing happened?

Mizzet way of thinking was incomprehensible and strange to a timid old man, but I couldn’t just stand by and watch the girl fleeing away without a second thought, so I followed her.

I can respawn no matter how close I’m to death, so I have no limitation to hunting, but Mizzet is a human being in this world, and she only has one life.

What a shame that she can be so reckless.

Well, if there was an emergency, the guards would take care of it, so as long as Mizzet’s life was saved, I didn’t have to worry about it.

I just want to say that I didn’t understand her thought process.

Then, I ran towards the girl outside the guild with all my might, and headed into the forest without any warning from the soldiers guarding the town gate.

On the way, I saw one of the guards explain the situation to a soldier and gave him a silver coin, probably a signal to respond immediately if anything happened on the way back.

I wonder how many people got involved in this incident just because of Mizzet.

Well, if you really want to say it, it was too much for this rebellious little girl.

“Kenji, that must be the enemy.”


Upon arriving at the forest, Mizzet spotted the Horned Rabbit and drew her child’s dagger.

I remembered this forest was the forest that was attacked by a wyvern when I first started [Story Mode].

It wasn’t a deep place to explore like that time, so the wyvern wouldn’t come out, but thinking that this is the place where I got my head eaten once, it’s a very emotional experience.

It’s kind of like, “I’m back again.”

Incidentally, it seemed that the demon that Mizzet mentioned just now was applicable to all animals that attack humans, like the one-horned rabbit.

It seemed that the human beings on this planet didn’t know the difference between the demons and the monsters, nor did they realize the fact that Demon God and Demon Kings produced miasma by focusing manna created by Creation God.

There may be some people who were brave enough to fight the Demon Kings, or who have heard of the situation from higher beings such as the Dragon God, but there were only a few of them.

For ordinary people, a strong humanoid monster is a demon, and the weak ones are demons too.

Incidentally, I learned about the lack of knowledge of the demon race from the history of the kingdom where the Klein-kun studied.

Although it was a bit off-topic, but to put it simply, the Horned Rabbit was a real enemy to Mizzet, and to her, it was a desperate battle.

Mizzet and the Horned Rabbit stared at each other.



Perhaps because they were not even as strong as each other, they stared at each other and didn’t move.

Even so, when Mizzet made a slight movement in her offensive, the rabbit also made a slight movement.

The rabbit followed suit. It was a battle of one forward and one backward.

However, since I came here to level up, I didn’t have time to just watch, so I decided to leave the tense rabbit battle to the guards and went hunting on my own.

Even if I didn’t snatch the prey from Mizzet, my enemies weren’t limited to the rabbits in front of me.

For example, my main prey would be other wild animals that were stalking Mizzet from behind.

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