Isekai sōzō no Susu-me ~ sumahoapuri de wakusei o tsukutte shimatta ore wa kami to nari sekai o meguru ~ Chapter 28

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Adventure of Mizzet 1

A few days had passed since I was brought to the Earl’s house on the initiative of the Guild Master to cure Klein Galhart.

I had been under the care of the Earl of Galhardt since the second day, because I had been instrumental in healing Klein, the first son of the Earl.

I am a member of the Earl’s household, just like Klein and Mizzet now.

The cover story is that the former Earl Wilson Galhart adopted a child with noble qualities, and although he did not have the right to inherit the family estate like Klein, he wanted to grant him a knighthood in order to train him to become Klein’s right-hand man.

A knighthood is the lowest rank of nobility that is not hereditary.

In the past few days, the Earl and the Guildmaster have told me many things in detail, and it seems that in this country, the Earl’s house, as the upper noble house, has the authority to grant the title of noble.

In addition, It seemed that if you were a marquis, which was another higher rank, you can even granted the rank of nobility, such as a viscount or baron, which would expand your authority.

Incidentally, what I said just now was on the surface, but if that was the case, there was of course an explanation behind it as well.

“Come on, Kenji. We’re going to Adventurer’s Guild today. We’ll find strong adventurers as companions there and go hunting demons together! It’s a big surprise for my father and grandfather.”

“No, my lady, you haven’t finished your studies yet. Also, I have been instructed by mistress not to go out of mansion without a servant, it’s dangerous.”

“What’s the problem if we’re not with servant?”

That’s right, the servant.

Being an adopted son was after all just a superficial thing. This was a lie made up by Guildmaster Wilson in order to protect me, who is not a priest but knows how to use recovery magic, from the Church.

No, because I actually registered my name with the state as Kenji Galrhart and was able to reveal my family name, it was not a complete lie, but I was actually a follower of Mizzet’s to protect her.

But, of course, my status was protected, and in lieu of a servant’s salary, the Earl or Countess would give me pocket money if I had something I wanted to buy, so it wasn’t like I was living in discomfort.

Regardless of what the job entailed, I knew that they were very much in love with me.

In addition to my pocket money, I also received 10 gold coins from the kingdom to pay for the treatment of Kai, a high level adventurer, as my personal assets.

I didn’t know the official exchange rate, but according to the price of the world, one silver coin is about 1,000 to 2,000 yen, and one gold coin is about 100,000 yen.

I got 10 gold coins from Kai’s healing, so I was able to get almost 1 million yen with a single recovery spell.

A very lucrative business.

It was understandable that the Church was keeping the priests in captivity in order to protect their interests.

Well, that’s how, I was under the care of the Earl of Galhart’s family, being tormented day after day by Mizzet’s unbridled nonsense, and trying to get things back on track in one way or another.

However, for some reason, it seemed that Mizzet was obsessed with the Adventurer’s Guild, and she wouldn’t let up.

I was in trouble.

“Fufu. Even Kenji seems to be helpless against Mizzet. Ever since he came to our house, my daughter has been studying hard to make sure she doesn’t dislike by Kenji, but I think she can’t hold back her vigor anymore.”

“Yes. It’s unthinkable for the old Mizzet that she would stay at home for so long,” he said.

With that, the Countess and Klein were laughing and chatting.

I wonder if that’s an honest look from her…?

I mean, how is this possible, this young girl is just a monster!

By the way, Mizzet’s studies were in languages and mathematics.

Klein, due to his education as the Earl’s firstborn son, seemed to be learning geography, history, and magic, but at only 8 years old, Mizzet was still too early for this, so this aspect had been postponed. Or, more accurately, because Mizzet had been unmotivated to learn and had not been trained in knowledge at all, she was gradually catching up.

The sad thing is that even though Mizzet was not interested in learning, she was quite smart, and she had managed to catch up with the progress in the last few days.

This time, it was because her parents, who were happy about this, spoiled her and suggested that she should go to play.

With her parents’ permission, she seemed eager for adventure.

“I’ve thought about it. I’ve been studying all this time, so I’ve been wanting to play for a long time. It’s easy to understand Kenji’s teaching methods, but if you keep avoiding training, you won’t become a good knight! I’m going to be the strongest knight in this country, so I don’t have time to just study,” she said.

This was the explanation of a young girl who had fantasies of the future.

A Paladin is a composite job that is acquired by mastering the close combat skills of the Warrior class and the restorative magic of the Priest class, and is considered the elite of the elite in this country.

By the way, if you want to become a “Paladin” in character creation, even if you are not a warrior, you can choose one of the close combat occupations such as swordsman or gladiator, and the recovery occupation from the priest system.

As rare and complex occupation, the conditions for choosing it are relatively lenient, so I chose it as my current occupation because I was able to remember the conditions.

However, people on this planet can only choose one occupation, in order to become a Paladin, one must first obtain the occupation of Priest or Warrior, and the other occupation must be trained by oneself without any occupation modification, which is a very high hurdle.

While Mizzet’s intention to become such an elite occupation was commendable, if the question of whether or not it was achievable was a different story.

“My lady, even if you want to become a Paladin, the chance to learn the magic of recovery is not easy to come by. After all, most of the clergy and would-be skill owners are held captive by the church or can’t get in touch for other reasons.”

That’s right, the stumbling block is here.

The occupation of learning recovery magic is cherished and valued, and usually does not leave the church. It is quite difficult to catch a wild priest

In addition, rare occupations and composite occupations that have recovery methods other than recovery magic, it is also difficult to establish relationships for advice.

This is one of the reasons why the Paladin is only available to those who are chosen.

However, Mizzet didn’t show any sway when she heard this and retorted.

“No problem, if I want to learn recovery magic, just let Kenji teach me.”


“Since Kenji will teach me the magic, all I lack is my strength! So from now on, I’m going to train, train, and train some more. All right, let’s go to the Adventurers Guild!”

After saying that, Mizzet ran out, with a few servants following her as guards.


No, what are you saying?

Could it be that this vivacious young girl, had determined to drag me to her life plan?


“Well, it’s time for me to raise my level anyway, so is that just what I want?”

I muttered to myself as I chased after the running away Mizzet.

In the last few days, my status has become quite stable, I am really waiting for the opportunity to rank up.

Fortunately, the quality of the guards of the Earl’s house following Mizzet were very good. According to the appraisal, there will be a warning such as “Run!” or “Save your life!”. It looked like they wouldn’t lose to the monsters out there.

In that case, I can raise my level without any worries.

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