Isekai sōzō no Susu-me ~ sumahoapuri de wakusei o tsukutte shimatta ore wa kami to nari sekai o meguru ~ Chapter 27

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Story of World Tree

In this world, there was a giant tree, The World Tree, which said to be Goddess of Nature and Goddess of Spirit.

Originally, she was a powerful being that regulated the natural world in this world and gave the blessings of the earth to all living beings.

In the past, during the catastrophe that occurred in the continent where she took root, she fiercely pursued and annihilated the spirits who attempted to rebel at the instigation of the Demon God.

Now, she was at loss because of message she had received from Great Spirit under her command.

Despite that, she still pretended to be calm on the surface, with a gentle smile on her face.

She was just upset inside.

The reason was that in the contact received, there was an important message from the Dragon God.

Basically, the Dragon God and the World Tree were the most ancient subgods that had existed since the dawn of time, being confidants as well as the guardians and nurturers of the world, existences created directly by the God of Creation.

As such, the two pillars are often in contact with each other in order to manage the world, and this time as well, it wouldn’t be that surprising if it was just a message.

If it hadn’t included the phrase “Our Father has come”.

“Sylphid, is this report true? It is surprising that our Lord has descended not long ago……. If you take the name of our Lord as false information, you’ve already had the realization that you’ll be beheaded, right? ”

“Yes! I swear to you that my pride as the Great Spirit of the Wind will be no lie.”

Beside the anthropomorphic World Tree, the Great Spirit of the Wind dropped her head and kneeled.

The World Tree’s physical body is a giant tree, but as the Goddess of Nature, she is nature itself and does not have a fixed form.

Therefore, it was possible to roam around the world by having the appearance as a Spirit Goddess composed solely of magical powers, leaving the immovable body in the earth and changing its amorphous shape into a bird.

As for the main reason she was taking humanoid form as disguise, because “human species” was the Lord’s preferred figure which was chosen and strongly protected.

She can become anything she wants.

But emergency like this one was another matter, and if this report was true, she wanted to rush to the Dragon God’s residence in person.

Of course, this was to confirm the authenticity of the information about the Lord she loved so much.

“As the pride of the Great Spirit? …….. It seems you are not lying. If that’s what you’re saying, fine. Thank you for informing me of the Lord’s great news. Let’s try to get in touch with the Dragon God first.”

“I will be at your service.”

The World Tree thought about it.

She wondered what the Dragon’s intention was in using someone else as messenger for important event of Lord’s arrival like this, rather than going to this place himself.

Originally, the wind spirits had no hierarchy and remained scattered on the surface of the Earth even though people couldn’t see them.

Therefore, when they as subgods wanted to contact each other, they usually made use of the Great Spirit of the Wind, after all, the communication was so fast.

However, this time, things were on a different level of seriousness.

And to top it off, it was inconceivable that the one who always received the Lord’s Oracle and always one step in front of her would not personally convey the truth about this matter.

The dragon race was already a serious race and understood the weight of responsibility best.

Therefore, the act of conveying important information such Lord’s arrival through someone else, the wind spirit, was synonymous with delegating responsibility.

At this point, there was much suspicion.

Perhaps he was preparing to make an appeal by cleaning the mess he did himself to prove his worth at the Lord’s coming. In other words, he was trying to end his work with the demons, she thought.

As the biggest stain in the long history of the Dragon Clan, the betrayer to the Lord, the Demon God.

As long as he could stop that guy, it would certainly be related to his own evaluation.

After pondering this far, The World Tree found herself immersed in thought in front of its subordinate, so she loosened her hands on World Coordination and set about another task.

“No, there’s still no need to confirm the truth. That’s no good, I always panic when it comes to matters of the Lord. But it can’t be helped in this matter, don’t you think so?


It is absolutely impossible to make a negative.

While it is true that the goddess is gentle and kind, there is still a pecking order as a race, and if she comments here and damaged her temper, she will be wiped out of existence with a single blow.

Therefore, the Great Spirit only repeated the affirmation and left the place while proceeding with the conversation in an amicable manner.

After slanted her eyes to confirm the departing of her subordinate, she finally immersed in her own thoughts.

Although she had exposed her ugliness in front of the Subordinate Spirit, it wasn’t enough to damage her majesty.

Then, what should I do next alone?

What would be the most useful job for the Lord, or the action that would attract the most attention.

Though she didn’t realize it, it was jealousy of the Dragon God who possessed a body that could fly freely in the world, and who also bears the expectation of an oracle from the Creator.

Originally, the feeling of jealousy had nothing to do with being a World Tree in the final form of a plant, but as soon as the matter involved its own father, her human emotion comes out as instinct.

So she came up with a plan to personally track down and capture the demons that had come to this continent from the Demon Continent.

Recall that there were several Demons who were direct subordinates of the Demon Lord scattered across the continent, attempting to target humans who were dependents of the Lord for their evil deeds.

A few of them taught rituals of demonization to a certain human in an attempt to erode countries and cities from behind.

Another operates in secret on another continent, the great kingdom of mankind, inciting conflict between the human race and other subhumans.

She also know of several Demon Kings and their movements.

The Lord would surely be pleased if she tracked down these Demon Kings to gain information or solve the problem herself.

However, that stupidly Dragon God with full specifications had already taken the initiative and moved on.

Therefore, in order to get a higher rating, it was better to catch the Demon King himself than to stop the humans who was causing problems due to the Demon King’s secret activities.

In order to surpass the Dragon God, who is her rival, she started a secret operation.

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