Isekai sōzō no Susu-me ~ sumahoapuri de wakusei o tsukutte shimatta ore wa kami to nari sekai o meguru ~ Chapter 24

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Treatment 2

I gently shake Klein-kun awake so as not to startle him.

Of course, he wasn’t in good health, so I couldn’t wake him harshly, he slowly opened his eyes.

“Brother-sama, I’m here to heal you!”

” ……..hmm. ……. Mizzet? Mizzet why are you here? And, you are…?”

While the young girl was cheerfully chatting with her brother, Klein alternately looked at Mizzet and me in the bedroom with a confused look on his face.

When I cast a recovery spell in the evening and gave him temporary treatment, Klein’s condition was so bad that he hadn’t woken up, and he didn’t seem to remember me.

It can’t be helped.

“Greetings, Lord Klein, I was asked by your grandfather, the former Earl Wilson Galhardt, to come and treat you as a priest. It was intended that the treatment would take place tomorrow at noon, but… Miss Mizzet has urged me…. ”

“What the hell! Are you trying to say it’s my fault? It’s my fault? ”

Since I felt that even if I suddenly said I would treat him, he wouldn’t accept it, I first used Mizzet as a shield and told the situation that I had been forcibly brought into. Probably this young girl had always been a tomboy, and since she knew how to reach the bedroom without being noticed by anyone, she would occasionally visit her brother without permission like this anyway.

Of course, she wouldn’t come often, but she would probably take action as soon as she wanted of it.

“Ah, so that’s how it is…….. Sister, you’re causing trouble again.”

“No, brother-sama, I didn’t cause any trouble, it’s a necessary thing.”

“Fine, it’s fine for Mizzet to keep her own style today.”

Klein smiled as if he had given up, and stroked his sister head’s with pleasure.

It seems that my prediction was indeed correct, and it’s not the first time that the young girl has taken such action.

At the mention of his sister, Klein accepted my explanation.

”Well, since that’s the case, let me give you a simple treatment to convince the young lady for now.”

“Nice to meet you. However, you look about my age, but you can already use recovery magic. That’s amazing. It’s worthy of a priest that grandpa brought.”

He seems to think that I’ll use recovery magic next, but that’s not the case. After all, it was confirmed from the beginning that recovery magic is not an effective treatment for viral diseases.

From the point of view of people in this era, due to lack of knowledge, they only cast recovery magic to maintain his strength and wait for the disease to heal naturally, but I have cold medicine I bought from Earth.

I don’t know how effective it is on people from another world, but from the looks of the symptoms, I think it’s just a cold, soas long as he take some medicine and sleep, he’ll recover soon.

By the way, for the weak body who didn’t eat much because of the lack of appetite, I planned to let him eat.

“Please eat this.”

” ………. ”

“This is the food and secret medicine I brought with me. From what I, the priest, have seen, the recovery magic doesn’t seem to have much effect on Lord Klein’s illness. That’s why I decided to go in a different direction to treat it this time.”

“Oh, something like the Healing Potion that the alchemists brought with them?”


It’s completely different, but I don’t think the people of this world would understand even if I explained it in detail, so I decided to start by taking advantage of the misconception that Klein thinks the cold medicine is a kin of healing potion.

I pretend to nod my head in a forced manner and hand him peeling off the plastic wrapping of rice balls and natural water, as well as the cold medicine.

“Wow, delicious! This, this is the first time I’ve ever had such a dish!”

“That’s great.”

“Huh? Is it that delicious?”

The tuna rice balls (120 yen including tax) bought at the convenience store seemed to be to the taste of otherworldly person, and Klein was eating them one by one with a happy face.

I’ve only eaten at this residence once, but the quality of the food is better than that of the rice balls. It’s just that this level shouldn’t be surprising, what the hell is going on?

Well, anyway, it’s good that he thinks it’s delicious. By the way, though, Mizzet, who was watching her brother enjoying his meal, was giving me a keen look, but I ignoring her.

You can just watch your brother eat with your fingers in your mouth. This is my revenge against the young girl who made unreasonable demands on me.

“I’m starting to feel warm and fuzzy.”

“That’s good to hear. Great. Then, please take this medicine with water.”


“Hey, where’s my share?”

Ignoring the increasingly disturbing sight who began stomping in my foot, I let Klein take his medicine.

But what is it that makes his body feel warm and fuzzy?

Of course, it is understandable if the metabolism is temporarily increased because of eating, but it doesn’t suddenly make you warm.

I can’t understand.

Then Klein, who finished taking the medicine as instructed, suddenly showed a dazed expression.

” …….. Huh?”

“What’s wrong, brother-sama?

“Oh my God, Mizzet, I’m so light! My throat doesn’t hurt, and I don’t want to cough! I’m cured!”


No way!

How could it’s possible?

No matter how good Earth’s cold medicine is, there’s no way it can kill the disease in seconds.

Because medicine doesn’t operate on such a principle, it can’t be equated with such a fantastic power as magic.

Surprised at the sudden improvement in Klein’s health, I immediately touched his forehead with my hand and took his temperature.

“The fever has really gone down…. ”

“Hey, that’s a lie! You’re lying! You’re not going to lie to me, are you? If you’re lying, you’ll go to jail! Go to jail!”

Don’t ask to me about this.

There is really no fever, so I can’t help it. Although I was in a panic, the result was the result.

What exactly happened?

“Hey, Mizzet! How can you talk in such a tone to the priest who provided me with precious medicine! He cured me, didn’t he?”

“But, brother-sama, if this guy is lying…”

“How can he lie? How else can lie when I know I’m the one who’s cured?”

“…… Huu~, alright.”

Apparently, Mizzet trusts her brother Klein and has changed her mind after seeing him suddenly regain his energy.

But I also understand her misgivings. Obviously no magic was used, but her brother who had been in sick suddenly returned to health. I would never believe it either if I were in Mizzet position.

Seriously, what’s going on here.

“Well, fine! Even if this guy is suspicious, it’s true that Brother-sama has regained his health! I’ll go inform Okaa-sama and Otou-sama! … ”

Uh!? No, that’s not good!

I was able to convince her brother, Klein, because he’s a kid and has a gentle personality, but I don’t know what his father and grandfather would make of the situation.

After all, I said that the treatment would take place tomorrow at noon, yet sneaking around in a place like this without knowing what to do would raise suspicion, and most importantly, if Mizzet went to report it, she would be found out that she wasn’t in the room. I have to stop her.

“Uh, no, wait, my lady… ”

“Okaa-sama…! Outou-sama…! Brother-sama’s cured…! ! !”

I tried to stop her, but she ignored me…. I should say that this young girl didn’t listen from the start and stormed off.

When I wanted to talk to her, she was already far away. And she was screaming at the top of her lungs.

Ah, it’s over.

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