Isekai sōzō no Susu-me ~ sumahoapuri de wakusei o tsukutte shimatta ore wa kami to nari sekai o meguru ~ Chapter 22

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Conversation in the mansion of Onmyouji

Shortly after Saito Kenji left the Togami residence, the eldest daughter of Togami family, Togami Kuroko, who had brought him home, asked Genzo, his grandfather, about today’s situation.

“Ojii-sama, how is he?”

” …….. Well that’s a tough question.”

In response to his granddaughter, Kuroko’s question, Genzo contrasted Saito’s strength in the test with the essence of what he felt with his own eyesight, closed his eyes for a moment in search of an answer, and remained silent.

Then, when the sound of Shishiodoshi in the garden echoed several times, Genzo seemed to have finally found an answer and opened his closed eyes.

“First, with Saito-sama’s current strength, he can’t match to that great youkai.”

“Is that so….”

“Well, there’s still a huge difference in power. You know about the youkai with your own eyes, you should be clear about reality better.”


What kind of youkai Genzo refers to, as long as you are related to the Togami family, you can understand without saying the name.

This is because to the Togami family, the mainstream of the Onmyouji, the great youkai is their fated opponent and nemesis.

On that basis, Genzo continued, “However….”

“His power that I saw in today’s test is indeed excellent. In addition to his healing abilities, he also has the ability to summon weapons from an empty place. I think he’s hiding something else, I can always feel that he is at ease.”

The ease of movement that Genzo speaks of is not just about how he behaved when facing the youth who was his opponent.

Rather, it refers to the fact that he was surrounded and intimidated by Genzo, who is regarded as the top modern onmyouji, his granddaughter Kuroko, and many other Onmyouji, yet he still maintained an unruffled demeanor.

Togami Genzo is not a fighting feak, nuisance old man who always acts recklessly, much less a fool.

Genzo clearly understands how his presence can bring pressure and tension to Saito, how difficult he was to deal with, and then wants to speculate on strength by how his opponent responds.

Exterminating youkai is not a game.

It was a real, blood-filled war between youkai and humans for the right to future survival at the stake of their lives.

Not only is the life of the individual at stake, but also the survival of the human race in this Japan.

But Saito was able to keep his composure even under the pressure of Genzo and his family, such old and powerful men of the past wars.

It’s an amazing thing to be concerned about.

“My assessment of Saito-sama was that he looked ordinary at first glance, excellent as the conversation progressed, but changed to anomaly after seeing the match. My eyes have already been deceived by that twice, this is unusual.”

In this world, there were many people who could tell at first glance that it was excellent, and many people who could tell from the start that it was anomaly from the rest.

But Saito wasn’t one of them, and by deceiving Genzo’s eyes, caused the evaluation to change twice in a short period of time.

He thought he was an ordinary man but it was not. He thought he was excellent but he was anomaly.

Saito was an unknown entity that was immeasurable even with his intuition, which was such a fierce fighter.

“And most importantly, I’ve got a feeling that he’s hiding some important truth. I don’t know what it was, but certainly, he is not an ordinary person. Maybe we’ve been in contact with something extraordinary…”

“Ojii-sama even said that much….”

Genzo, who has an unparalleled intuition and eyesight, was faintly aware that Saito was hiding something.

He didn’t know what it was.

He didn’t know, but he reckoned that it might even surpass the youkai that was a great youkai.

“Kuroko-chan, please don’t let him go. He could be the last our trump card that overturn this entire desperate situation. I sense that much potentials and unknowns in him.”

“Yes, Ojii-sama. I will contact my father about this matter. And, in the future, I plan to entrust Saito-sama with regard to exterminate the great youkai. Do you have any objections?”

Kuroko seemed to be a little happy that the Saito she was attracted to was getting approval, her cheeks slightly blushing and showing a gentle smile.

Seeing such from his granddaughter, Genzo sighed “hai hai”, but at the same time, he also felt that this was a malaise caused by fact that he never allowed his granddaughter to talk about love, so he replied heartily.

“There is no reason for that. Do as you please.”

“Thank you. The , I’ll take my leave, Ojii-sama.”

Kuroko exited the living room and closed the Japanese paper door.

“What a pity… If only she hadn’t been born as a sacrifice to seal up the great youkai, no, If she hadn’t been born in this family, she would have been able to have love, youth, and freedom normally. I can’t believe that in my generation, that great youkai started to act and had to sacrifice my granddaughter… Well, ancestors, I hate you. Why did you leave the negative legacy to this generation? Why didn’t you settle it in your own generation…. ”

After muttering thus, Genzo closed his eyes once more and began to meditate.

If the power of the Great Youkai confronted with Togami Family…. No, if all battle power of Japan is centralized, including government, it would take at least five minutes to be able to match that power.

But those five minutes of battle would also mean considerable losses, and if they were unlucky, even annihilation of the entire army.

The government would not allow that to happen and would almost certainly sacrifice his granddaughter.
Still, Genzo couldn’t help but pray for a miracle as he watched the granddaughter who was doing her best to face her fate in the meantime.

“Please, Saito-sama….

The unknowns and possibilities presented by Saito.

Even this uncertainty is still a ray of hope for the cornered Genzo.


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