Isekai sōzō no Susu-me ~ sumahoapuri de wakusei o tsukutte shimatta ore wa kami to nari sekai o meguru ~ Chapter 20

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Omnyouji 3

The place where I was forcibly taken to for the test was the huge courtyard of a quaint mansion.

The courtyard was also uniformly decorated in a Japanese style, but what caught my eye was the paper charms that were everywhere.

There was a spell written in red on them, but I couldn’t understand what it meant.

I couldn’t understand it, but I think it’s something like an enchantment or something.

After all, it’s strange to have offensive weapons in the garden, so if there’s a purpose, it’s most likely to detect intruders or set up a barrier to protect against sort of things.

Well, there’s no evidence of that.

A little while later, one of the bodyguards who had just run off in obedience to oldman’s orders brought over a young man in a kimono.

The young man happened to be around the same age as the Togami family’s daughter, a young man with dark hair and somewhat sharp eyes.

“You wanted to see me, Head Master?”

“Stop. I am no longer the head of this family. The current head of the family is not the retired Togami Genzo, but his son-in-law, Togami Saiga. Don’t mistake it for something else.”

“But to me, Genzo-sama is still the head of the household, and the best Omnyouji master in the Togami family. …….. Please forgive me…”

It seemed that this side also bequeathed the title of head of the family, so there seemed to be some disputes.

The family issues of the nobles and the wealthy are very complicated and really hard. It has nothing to do with me though.

By the way, was his name Togami Genzo?

It seems that he gave the position of the head of the family to Saiga-san, but considering that he’s his son-in-law, this is probably the main family of Omnyouji clan, and Saiga-san has been married from a branch family or another family.

I don’t know what kind of experience he had before he got married into the Togami family, but he was a determined man who got permission to become a son-in-law from this eccentric old man.

If he were me, I’d run away barefoot.

He’s definitely a bad old man.

“Well, that’s enough. That’s enough… I’m sure you’ve already heard the story, I’ve called you here to be the opponent for Saito-sama’s test. Remember, this man is a master chosen by Kuroko herself, I think he’s suitable for you.”

“This person is Kuroko-sama’s…. ? But this man doesn’t look good…. ”

The youth observed me in amazement, staring straight into my eyes.

All the people in this house are not decent, even the young man who seems still in high school has a light of madness in the back of his eyes.

By the way, the youth’s judgment that I am a man of no big deal is infinitely correct.

I’m just an ordinary uncle.

I only know a few tricks to heal wounds or identify the opponent.

By the way, it’s about time I went back to Earl Galhart’s house, or else my absence from the private room might be revealed.

I wonder when you release me.

“Naive, so naive. From the moment you were picked up by me, you had the bad habit of judging things at once from appearances alone. Feel the spiritual power inside this man. It’s absolutely impossible for you to know this at a glance.”

“But… But… But, but….”

” …….. Don’t you understand yet, you immature b*stard. But the results of the test don’t lie, so if you care, then try it on your own.”

The youth nodded his head and said, “I understand.” Then he went to the courtyard.

It looked like the test was about to begin.

By the way, I didn’t know I had any spiritual power.

I wonder what kind of spiritual power I have, but could it be my magic power?

Never mind.

I followed the young man to the courtyard, keeping a slight distance from him, and then confronted him face to face.

“Then the test will begin now, are you ready? ”


“No problem.”

I almost forgot. Let’s do an appraisal before we do that.

After all, it’s better to know what the other person is good at.

[Omnyouji Young Man]

Uses shikigami and good at fighting. Slightly weaker.

He seems to be weaker than character level 3.

And the fact that he’s good at fighting means he’s mainly good at melee combat.

He seemed to be short-tempered, despite his calm appearance.

Also, if the opponent takes out a blade, I would need a machete too, but for now it doesn’t seem necessary.

However, since the opponent has an unknown weapon called Shikigami, I should take out a weapon as well.

While I was examining it based on the identification information, the oldman who was acting as a referee made a sound.

“Okay, let’s begin! ”


The test has begun.

The youth who played the role as opponent rushed over with a unique step, but his physical ability seems to be much lower than the level 3 [Warrior], and with the current me, I seem to be able to handle it with ease.

If I wanted to counterattack, I should be able to give him an effective blow.

However, an uncle using brute force to bully a young man is just too disgraceful.

I don’t know what to do.

…….. Anyway, let’s keep dodging for now.

If he realizes that the attack won’t hit me, the old man might end the test.

It’s not like we’re trying to kill each othe anyway.

Dodge, dodge, dodge.

“Aaaargh, how can that be? Why can’t I hit you?”

“You look like you’re good at fighting, but well, this uncle’s cheats were superior to you. Don’t feel bad about it. It’s good that a normal person can push me to this point.”


After all, I’ve acquired three occupations, raised the parameters, and there’s still a level difference.

Being able to keep up with the moves of me has already a great achievement.

Being good at fighting doesn’t seem to be a lie, this youth has worked hard.

I evaded for a moment, and the youth’s breathing grew quicker.

“Kuhahahahaha! Even though it was an attack specifically against demons, but this man can easily dodge the attacks of this brat who had learned the basics of martial arts and see through his movements! You’re so capable, grandson-in-law!”

“Ojii-san! Saito-sama’s not even married me yet! He’s not my husband? It’s rude to him to decide that without permission!”

“Ohhh…. You say, not yet? ”

“Cho-cho! Ojii-san please stop to tease me!”

The atmosphere outside the arena is so lively.

After all, this young man had worked hard, it was not strange if people showed support to him.

“Damn it! Damn it! An ordinary man with excellent physical skills would become Kuroko-sama’s husband! How can I agree? I can’t admit it!”

“Ah, so that’s what it’s all about…”

“What’s so funny!?”

I see… Is this youth interested in the daughter of the Togami family?

I can understand that.

If it’s a beautiful girl of the same age with him, he would definitelly be interested in her.

However, no matter how hard he try, she’s generally untouchable as the daughter of the family.

Judging from the disparity between the head of Tokigami family and the old man’s eccentricity, the youth’s anxiety was understandable.

That’s how difficult the future is.

It’s hard for this young man too.

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