Isekai sōzō no Susu-me ~ sumahoapuri de wakusei o tsukutte shimatta ore wa kami to nari sekai o meguru ~ Chapter 19

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Omnyouji 2

I was brought into a black luxury car that had been prepared in front of the pharmacy, and while being intimidated by the black-clad people who surrounded me as if to say, “We will never let you escape, hehehe,” I was heading to the mansion with Kuroko Togami, who claimed to be an Onmyouji.

How did this happen, I was just here to buy cold medicine.

My legs were trembling with anxiety and nervousness as I worried about what would happen next.

“Hmmmm, even a man like you gets nervous. Don’t worry, they’re just bodyguards. There’s not even a chance in a million that they’ll lay a hand on me or Saito-sama.”

“Well, that’s a good…”

Heck, my voice was weird because of the tension.

However, it’s a bit of a relief to hear that those black-clad bodyguards wouldn’t only protect Togami-san, who is clearly an Ojou-sama, but also taking good care of me.

Sharing information is important after all, isn’t it?

However, why would an Ojou-sama, who was walking around with such bodyguards, got stuck in an alley like that by thugs?

First of all, I had a lot of questions from that point on, but I couldn’t tell if it was a good thing to ask or not.

I didn’t mean that it’s against etiquette to pry into a woman’s privacy, but I’m simply afraid to step into an area I shouldn’t be in.

“Are you curious?”

“C-curious, about what? Hahahaha, I’m happy Saito, nothing worries me. ”

“You don’t have to force it. After all, judging from the current situation, it is obviously unnatural for me to be entangled in the alley by those misbehaving people. I can understand the feelings of Saito-sama.”

Saying that, Togami-sama smiled gently like she was sorry.

But the direction you were sorry about has deviated, so if you had that kind of heart, I hope you’d let me go now.

There seemed to be something going on, but after all, I didn’t want to get involved in that area, so I forced myself not to worry about it.

I mean, I wonder what happened to those thugs I defeated after that.

Given that there were so many bodyguards who reeked of danger at her side, it was hard to imagine those two thugs ever being released safely.

That smiling face was beautiful as ever, and if possible, I would like to be able to know her normally without this black background…….

In the midst of this inexplicable conversation, the car stopped in front of a mansion.

In front of it was an astonishingly large garden and an antique building, and there was a mansion so imposing that even rich land tycoons would turn pale from fear.

“Togami-sama, we’ve arrived at the house.”

“Yes, thank you. Saito-sama, I know you’re tired, but please stay with me for a while. I’ll explain the details at the mansion.”

Contrary to the serene expression of concern she showed me, Togami-san grabbed my hand firmly and forced me to take my steps.

The strength of the grip itself is the strength of a slender girl, but it is not as strong as the strength of me, who has a rank of 3 of the occupation “Warrior”, but it has an unquestionable courage.

I decided to obey without any resistance, because in Japan, a salaryman without an immortal body is powerless against power.

Do not think that I am shameless.

This is the way of life.

Then I stepped into the mansion and walked hand in hand with Togami-san through the long hallway to a Japanese-style room.

One of the bodyguards, dressed in black, bowed to the Ojou-sama and opened the Japanese paper door.

I saw an old man sitting cross-legged on a tatami mat, smoking a pipe.

“Oh, it’s very late for you, Kuroko. Is this man so difficult to deal with?”

“Yes, Ojii-sama. Just in case, I have also been tracking Saito-sama’s trail, but Sesshin’s contact was cut off on the way, and his whereabouts were unknown until just now.”

“Hohoho…. Deceiving Kuroko’s shikigami? This looks promising.”

An incomprehensible conversation unfolds in front of me.

What is a shikigami, is it a tool of omnyouji or something?

This is a civilization of Earth, ruled by a venerable science, how can they have such a mysterious ability?

I’d like to say something like that, but I’m already becoming a very bizzare creature, so I can’t say anything strongly about it.

And although it’s unclear what kind of ability the shikigami has, if it’s because they’ve lost contact with their targets while tracking me with this mysterious ability, it’s probably because the target of their pursuit, me, has been transported to another world.

It’s because I wasn’t on Earth until just now, that’s why it’s hard to track me.

Even if It was a shikigami, It wouldn’t be able to track me to a different world.

“So, I heard that the man Kuroko fell in love with at first sight has the ability to heal, what other abilities does he have? ”

“Ojii-san, please stop teasing your granddaughter at time like this. This is in front of a guest. As far as I can see, besides the healing ability, is an exceptional physical ability and combat skills…. Considering the fact that he has manage to shake off from the pursuit of shikigami, I’m sure there are other ability as well.”

The conversation continues without involving me as the party concerned.

Huh, this seems to have happened in another world too……..

Déjà vu?

From the way the two of them talk, it seems like they are treating Shikigami and supernatural powers as everyday things, so let’s identify them first.

It’s annoying that I’m the only one who’s being investigated, when I can only get rough information.

As revenge, I’m going to use some of my abilities right in front of your eyes.

…….. appraisal.

[Omnyouji Grandpa]

He’s good at many things. He’s quite strong, so you should run away.

[Omnyouji Girl]

Very good at manipulating shikigami and kekkai technique, strength normal.

What it mean by “many things”?

What kind of person is this old man? He can do a lot of other things on top of using a shikigami!

Maybe he’s also proficient in swordsmanship or spearmanship.

Or rather, the appraisal immediately freak out and suggested to run away.

This appraisal is really as usual.

It’s like It’s projecting my timid character.

Even so, he is only a quite stronger than me.

In terms of level, he’s probably about 6 or 7.

The detailed difference in combat power is still unclear.

Then there’s another omnyouji, who is indicated as being on par with my strength, Kuroko Togami-san…. .

“…What is kekkai technique?”

Is it different from shikigami?

I don’t understand.

After take a closer look at Togami’s family daughter and activate the appraisal again, but it is still determined to be a kekkai technique.

It is difficult to determine whether it is a shikigami based on the kekkai technique or shikigami and kekkai itself is a separate technique.

As expected, the Alchemist Rank 3’s appraisal ability felt uncomfortable, so let’s work a little harder to raise the level.

“Ooh. Did you see through Kuroko’s Kekkai Technique? What a great man…. If I remember correctly, your name is Saito right?”

The oldman reacted visibly to my mutterings, putting away his teasing attitude and staring straight at me.

It seemed that I had accidentally touched the old grandfather’s heartstrings.

“Even though he has healing abilities, I thought he was just a mediocre man at first glance…. I guess I’ll have to change my evaluation. Is my eyes getting old too?”


“I know… Hmm. All right, let’s try a test. You want to take an opponent from one of our young men?”

“Ojii-sama, Saito-sama doesn’t understand anything…”

This old man is imposing his own will without seeing the situation, as Togami-san said, I don’t understand anything.

First of all, the reason why I was brought here, and why it was necessary to conduct the test, and after that, what he wanted to do with me.

I turned my face to Togami-san, but she just smiled and shook her head in confusion, felt sorry.

Apparently, it’s no good.

I guess this old man is the type that can’t be stopped after made his decision.

“Khahaha! Don’t be so timid. I will answer some of your questions depending on your strength….. Hey you hear? Bring me one.”


The old man called out to one of the black-clad men and stand up.

It seems that because of the test and all, a fight is inevitable.

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