Isekai sōzō no Susu-me ~ sumahoapuri de wakusei o tsukutte shimatta ore wa kami to nari sekai o meguru ~ Chapter 182

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Just before Kenji Saito asked Shie about what had happened, there was a person in the Dragon Mountain Range who was not supposed to be there, who had pushed aside the other primodial dragons and was making a direct request to the Dragon God.

However, it was not with half-hearted force that he pushed them away.

He had to show his power and purpose by colliding with the mysterious invaders that were now rushing into the Dragon Mountains.

As a result, the surrounding ground was gouged and the needle-like mountains were chipped in places.

Anyone who looks at it will clearly see that these are the marks of a fierce struggle, but those who look at it will have a different view.

Yes, all of this damage is the result of a massacre that was unilaterally overrun.

Yes, there was a struggle.

But the struggle was not evenly matched.

“This is ……. ”

“What do you think, my friend? Do you believe what I’m saying now?”

“………… ”

A boy in a nobleman’s uniform with silver hair asks a beautiful silver-haired man wearing a sacred robe like a priest.

As you can see from the person who calls “my friend,” the person who brought about this tragedy is the one who is known to all, the demon god, the root of the evil.

“I’ve already told you, my friend. It’s not the time to fight, but to join forces against other forces as soon as possible.”

The demon god then lifted the head of the invader he had just exterminated and fluttered it to show it off.

What he was doing was extremely cruel, but he didn’t feel like paying attention to it, considering the current situation of the new forces that had come to the Dragon Mountains.

That was how serious the situation was.

The Dragon glHod nodded his head in thought, and after a beat, he came to a conclusion.

It is this speed of judgment, which at first glance seems hasty, and the depth of thought that is inversely proportional to it, that makes him one of the strongest sub-god.

“Hmm, hmm. I understand the situation. In this case, as my old friend said, it is certainly not a bad idea to join forces with you. Originally, we, the dragon people, are the ones who govern the order and peace of the world. Since the invaders are rampaging with such exaggeration, I can guess that our father will soon give me an oracle as well, but I think I know what I have to do without waiting for his decision.”

He guessed the contents of the oracle that he would receive it from his father, the God of Creation, and decided that he should join hands with him.

We’ll see later, but it was no exaggeration to say that Dragon God had almost exactly grasped the content of the oracle that Kenji Saito was to convey.

“Right? I knew you would say that too, because unlike that hard-headed primodial dragon, you were truly brilliant. …… I’m so jealous of you.”

He reminds him that himself was once a weak primodial dragon who rebelled against the world with a certain goal in mind.

It is easy to forget that the power of this demon god is not even close to that of the Dragon God, and in the Dragon Age before he evolved into a sub-god, he was one of the lowest of the clans.

He is now the second most powerful person in the world in terms of overall power, but most of his power comes from the technique he has created, not from pure power, i.e. magical power or status.

However, his weakness has allowed him to hone his skills and acquire the ability to use the mana, which can be said to be a milestone in his evolution.

Dragon God was well aware of this fact.

That’s why he changed his polite demeanor to a softer demeanor that he would show to a friend.

“Hmm …… That’s what I call overestimation. You’ve always had a big opinion of me, but I still see you as an equal.”

“…… I’ve heard that line a million times.”

For a moment, something that could not be described as a negative or positive emotion seeped out from the demon god, but he suppressed his own emotions, saying that it would be futile to pursue it now.

“Well, that’s all I have to say. I’m willing to cooperate with you, but I’m not willing to go dark on the world, but let’s call a truce for now.”

The dragon god nodded his head and gave a ceasefire order to all the dragons had gathered in the Dragon Mountains Range.

It has been a while since the meeting between the top two in the world, the Dragon God and the Demon God, took place.

At the top of the Dragon Mountain Range, where no one was left, a visitor from another world was watching from afar under his breath.

“…. So they’re the sub-gods of this world. They’re even more of a monster than I thought they would be. Aside from the Dragon God, who is the strongest in any world, that Demon God is also dangerous. I can feel something unfathomable, more than just simple power.”

The person talks while wiping cold sweat from his arms.

He looked like an ordinary human being, but the majestic armor, sword, and crimson scarf he wore suggested that he was a man of some position.

“It’s unusual for a hero to say something like that. He’s strong enough to fight me if he really wanted to.”

“Shut up! I told you not to call me “Hero” so casually, you clumsy demon god! If you and the demon god of this world fought, no matter how you look at it, you’d be wiped out in an instant.”

“Eeeh? So weak~? The Demon God here.”

“No! You’re the one who’s gonna wiped out!”

The man known as the Hero chastised the demon god of the other world and revealed his anger.

Apparently, he had used some kind of magic to create a hole in time and space so that he could watch the meeting without being detected.

“If we hadn’t been peeking through my space-time telescope, they’d be charging right now. We would’ve been missing one of our forces.”

“It’s obvious~”

“If you want to, go ahead. I don’t want to die fighting a bad guy like that with no preparation, so if you’re going to do it, do it alone.”

He continued to look down at his trembling fingers, as if he was not in the mood for this battle of aggression.

“I said I’d help in the battle because there was a global depletion of mana. But don’t get me wrong. This life is for the future of the friends I left behind on the other side, and for the comrades-in-arms who went over here. It’s not for me to go on a rampage. If you don’t understand that, and you want to use me for your own ends…”

“If? What if?”

The demon god of the other world grinned and urged him to continue, as if he were looking at an interesting toy.

“I’ll never cooperate with you guys again. I don’t get along with you guys after all. …… Tell that to the God of Destruction and the Dragon God, too, I leave.”

After saying that, he turned his hand and left.

But the demon god of the other world didn’t seem to take it personally and chuckled.

“I see~ …… it might be getting a little more interesting.”

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