Isekai sōzō no Susu-me ~ sumahoapuri de wakusei o tsukutte shimatta ore wa kami to nari sekai o meguru ~ Chapter 179

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In the center of the miasma-ridden demon world.

In the throne room, which was full of dignity and elegance, the Demon God of the other world, Jean, opened his closed eyes slightly.

One of the Demon Lord class who had been waiting beside him reacted to the change and immediately hung his head.

“Something’s gotten into this world.”

“It seems so. I thought about the possibility that they are visitors from the world where the father, the creator god, lives, but this seems to be a different case…… Perhaps it would be more appropriate to call them [invaders]”

At Jean’s words, the Demon Lord nodded back in a kneeling position and began to delve further into the matter.

It seems that the ones that blended into this world this time were not the ones that should be welcomed, at least from the perspective of the demon race.

Jean let out a sigh and added a new pawn to the board, smirking as he looked at it.

“I was wondering what was going on when one of my countless splitted bodies was killed, but then I realized it was an invader. And they, the invader, have the good sense to realize that I’m one of the pillars of this world, haven’t they? This is promising. Apparently, they’re not just fools.”

“………… Oh my. They’ve managed to kill your alter ego?”

The split body of Demon God.

It is a puppet of thousands of demon gods, each of which is nothing more than a wooden figure.

However, if they wanted to, they could receive magic power from the main body and defend themselves, which is a little too much power to unleash on the world.

It was said that the invader had killed one of these puppets..

This was not a big deal to Jean himself, but it was surprising enough to him as a Demon Lord.

It was understandable that someone of his position would be horrified.

“What’s so surprising about it? From my point of view, it’s just a broken toy. What I want to focus on is not the ability to defeat the alter, but the ability to find one of the alter that I’m trying so hard to hide and recognize it as something that has an important role in this world.”

He looked at the pawns on the board with amusement, noting the movement of the “invader” that he had just placed on the board.

But while the expression on his face was somewhat joyful, he had the unfathomable brutality that makes a demon god a demon god, despite his usual innocence.

“But that’s about as far as they can go. They, …… no, you invaders, have already made three mistakes. Do you understand?”

The demon god speaks while looking at the people lying in front of the throne in front of the demon king.

────The first mistake is that you recklessly challenged me to a match, knowing that I am a demon god.

If they had done this, the main body would have been aware of them, and if their goal was to invade, there would have been little merit in exposing his true identity and forcibly defeating his alter ego.

There is also a possibility that they thought the alter was the main body in the first place, but in that case, the evaluation of them only will be further lowered.

──── One more thing, even though this world is a different world created by my father, you obviously failed to do any research beforehand.

You guys were pretty sloppy in your fighting style.

I was expecting to see a certain occupation on the other world, but you don’t know anything about skills.

In this world, people have three kinds of power: occupation level, skills, and magic.

I’m a demon god, and as such, I also have the appropriate power to resist them.

But up to this point, it wasn’t fatal yet.

What was really fatal was this next one.

──── One last thing, you underestimated the power of the root evil to this world, which is the demon god… me.

In every world, there is light and there is shadow.    In such a world, being recognized as the root evil means that you possess half the power of the world.

You can’t just challenge me like that and get away with it for free, can you?

“So, this is what it comes down to. Do you understand?”

“──── !! ──── !!”

“──── !!?”

Between the demon god and the demon king, there was a group of poor invaders whose bodies were covered in holes and stretched out on the floor.

No, it would be better if they only were covered in holes.

One of the invaders had already had his arms, legs, neck, and torso split into pieces, and yet he was still being kept alive by a mysterious power.

“Haha! I have no idea what you were thinking about. But the Hero who challenged me didn’t scream like that, at least, did they? …… And yes! Just in time, I’m going to use you guys as my test subjects today, and ask your brains directly about your general purpose and knowledge of other world. Yeah, …… I think I’ll start with you.”


“It’s okay, it’s okay. Don’t worry…. I don’t think you’ll die until my interest is exhausted. Then let me have some fun with you.”

The Demon God Jean smiled darkly as he moved the pawns on the board, enjoying the struggle between the splitted bodies around the world and the invaders he had yet to catch.

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