Isekai sōzō no Susu-me ~ sumahoapuri de wakusei o tsukutte shimatta ore wa kami to nari sekai o meguru ~ Chapter 177

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I heard about the situation from Bella Shatira and decided to take in the dog-eared child who might be related to the [Creation Breakdown] this time.

I’m sure the lack of language skills will be a hindrance when he meets my friends, but I’m sure the child came to this world for a reason, and with me as his interpreter, he’ll eventually show the will to learn the language.

With this in mind, I left the Elven village and opened the door to the Temple of the Creator in the forest a little further away from the village.

“This is ……?”

“Oh, this is ……?”

It’s true that if a door with a majestic atmosphere suddenly appeared, it would be confusing.

At any rate, I was planning to explain and introduce myself in front of everyone, so I may have omitted too many things.

This was a mistake.

As if to regain my composure, I closed the door and spoke to the dog-eared kid so that we could make eye contact.

“Well, let me introduce myself first. My name is Kenji Saito. Please call me Kenji. Due to some special circumstances, I am able to understand the language of the people of this world and your world.”

“…… Hmm.”

The dog-eared kid rubbed his chin with his finger thoughtfully as if he was examining the information he got from me, and nodded his head.

Incidentally, although the gesture is intelligent, it has no dignity at all because it is done by a child.

However, unlike Momiji, he seems to be a thoughtful person, and I would say that he has a completely different personality and character.

“So, what’s your name?”

“Me? I am 1562cf, an experimental subject, a member of an organization that has come from another world, as you call it, to make a deal with the creator god of this world. I’m a disposable member, by the way.”

Oh, oh.

Suddenly, I was introduced to hard his life is.

I mean, his name is, it’s not even a proper name.

For now, for the sake of convenience, it’s hard to call him 1562cf, so let’s just take CF (ShieFu) from his name and call him Shie.

And the most important information is the part about the deal with the creator god that Sie mentioned.

Since I don’t know what this deal is, I’m not sure if I should keep my identity as a creator god a secret until I hear what it is, or if I should reveal it first and move on with the explanation.

If it was a malicious deal, it would be better to keep it a secret.

However, the fact that the kid revealed the deal without warning suggests that unless he is lying about being a member of the gang, the organization itself, which is the mastermind of the kid, probably he has no malicious intent.

I don’t know about anything within of that organization, though.

Well, let’s keep the details under wraps for now and gradually close the distance, shall we?

There’s no hurry to gather this information.

“Okay, since your name is long, I’ll tentatively call you Shie from now on. Do you have any objections?”

“No. The concept of code names also existed in the organization.”

“Okay, now let me introduce you to my companions. I don’t know how it works in your world, but in this world we have the concept of skills, levels and magic. My ability to bring out doors is one of those magical powers.”


I’m not sure if he’s getting hungry and can’t stand it anymore, but he rubbed his navel and tilted his head thoughtfully.

First of all, as major premise, he can transfer to another world from his own, so perhaps there are similar supernatural powers in his world.

I wonder if this child himself has similar powers, and now he’s probably trying to analogize my abilities based on those experiences.

“I know what you’re talking about, but I’m almost at the end of my hunger, and I want to eat something first rather than mission. I’ll pay for the food by working. Afterall, I am the only one of the experimental subjects who has succeeded in transferring to another world, so I should be able to live up to most of your expectations.

It seems that he already understands the situation of being taken in by me, and as long as he can communicate with me, he can have a reasonably rational conversation.

I was a little wary of him because I heard that he had been rampaging in the elven village, but now I think he will be able to get along with my friends.

However, the reason I took him in was because my interests coincided with Sie’s, so there was no need to force him to work to pay me back.

It’s good to be disciplined, but I didn’t hire this kid to use as a chore.

“All right, then, let’s get inside the door. I don’t know your situation, so I can’t say for sure, but you don’t have to try to work. Just get used to the situation.”

“You’re right. That’s reasonable.”

As I entered the Temple of the Creator, I saw Mizzet still fighting the strong enemy in replay mode, Deus watching silently, and Momiji cheering her on as she lay down with a rice ball.

The opponent that Mizzet is fighting now is, the Nine Tails …….?

It was very typical of Midget to immediately reenact the battle with the powerful enemy from that time.

However, in terms of the battle situation, the Nine-Tails has a slight advantage in terms of ground power.

I guess this is a losing game.

“Oh, I’m dead ”


The sight of Mizzet being pierced through the brain by the blow of the Nine-Tails makes Shie faint.

Oops, I didn’t explain this to him either.

I’m sure it was quite a shocking sight, since he’s a little pale.

I mean, he might has thought this was an execution facility or something.

But it’s too complicated to explain, so I guess I’ll just have to force him to accept that it was just a training session.

And I have no idea how to explain it to this kid.

“Aaargh~~~~! I’m beaten~~!! It’s so frustrating~~!!”

“That’s close. But Kaa-sama even wasn’t serious yet. She had not mustered all her strength.I wonder if I’ll be that strong later if I become a Nine-Tails.”

I approached Momiji and Mizzet from behind and snatched up a salmon onigiri from the dozen Momiji had spread out and handed it to Shie.

No, Momiji, why did you put so many onigiri on the floor? Are you having a picnic or something?

I mean, it doesn’t matter if you a youkai or something, if you slack off too much, you’ll get really fat one day.

“Come on, Shie, let’s get something to eat. Don’t hesitate to eat as many as you like.”

“Oh, thank you?”

I guess he’s still not used to the public execution, or the reverse replay of the death and resurrection, so he sluggishly accept the onigiri.

You don’t have to be so careful, it’s not a dangerous place, seriously.

However, the moment he took the onigiri in his mouth, his mouth relaxed, so I think he must have liked it.

But I don’t know if I should say it can’t be helped, or not?


When he tried to take onigiri that was in my hand a moment ago, Momiji who sensed it was gone, she turned around at the speed of sound began to make noise and rushed.

She came running up to me at a speed that made me wonder was it really the usual lazy Momiji.

“Noja──────────── Onigir thieff!!!”


“Give it back!!”


“You little!!”

And so, battle of beastman vs beastman began.

I don’t know if her level is roughly balance with Momiji, but Shie was able to evade all of the incoming attacks and eat the onigiri.

On the other hand, Momiji seemed to be using a series of hand and foot strikes to somehow get the onigiri, while her face turned red as she continued to unleash a series of strikes.

Oh, you ……, why have you abandoned the concept of effort when you could have evolved right away if you applied a little of that passion to leveling up?

It is really too bad that you are a lazy youkai.

But then, perhaps because of her uncharacteristically passionate attack, Shie counterattacked the defense, which had been so focused on the attack that it had become full of gaps.

“Mogumogu ……. your physical strength may be higher than mine. But you’re too preoccupied with the attack. Mogumogu…”


Shie’s spinning kick hit Momiji in the side of the head and sent her flying to the wall of the temple, rolling like a scene from a gag manga.

It was a one-shot KO knockout.

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