Isekai sōzō no Susu-me ~ sumahoapuri de wakusei o tsukutte shimatta ore wa kami to nari sekai o meguru ~ Chapter 171

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It has been about a week since the battle with the Nine-Tails, in which the fate of this country and my own pride were at stake.

During that time, I had been running around here and there as a post-event explainer, explaining to the Togami family that the Nine-Tails had regained her full power as land god and that her daughters were no longer harmful youkai.

It took a lot of effort to convince the Togami family, who were skeptical at first, as well as the secret society-like people who were standing around at the request of the government, but the situation was finally under control with the help of the Nine-Tails family, who were clearly different from before, and above all, the support of Genzo Oldman and Miss Kuroko, who said that everything would be all right. The situation is finally under control.

They all seemed to have come to the conclusion that this family of foxes was no longer worthy of being hated as an enemy, and that as long as there was someone to manage them and keep them together, they would not be a problem.

Yes, the important thing is the person who manages and organizes them.

How do we find that right person?

That’s easy.

There’s an uncle out there who has the power to hold them down even if they go out of control, and who has bound their souls with some kind of contract that earthlings can’t understand, right?

Yes, that’s me.

I didn’t run for the position myself, but somehow that’s what I ended up doing.

Well, it was a reasonable argument, so I accepted it without any resistance.

“I’ve been a land god since time immemorial, and I can’t believe I’m dressed like this ……. What is this maid outfit? I can’t believe I’m operating a store wearing such a naughty outfit.”

“Ara~raa, ma~ma!! It’s looks good on you, Haha-sama! Yatsuha is happy to see your sunny appearance in her eyes!” (Yatsuha)

So, what is it?

As a matter of course, I need money to manage them and keep them together.

No, I have money, but that’s not the point.

It’s not about that. It’s about taking responsibility for their lives.

If I am responsible for, it means I have to give them some work to do, and I have to manage them.

This is just my standard, but based on the premise of a “healthy life” of working moderately, earning money, and living a happy and prosperous life with the family, I asked the girls to run the otherworldly coffee shop that I had been working on with the Togami family and my company.

As a first step, we created this otherworldly fox paradise cafe, Tamamo Store, where the entire family wears maid uniforms.

The perfect female manager, Tamamo Gozen, is a complete cutie with the ability to break through the sky, wearing a frilly, squishy maid outfit that charms anyone who sees her.

Originally, I was planning to sell items from the Temple of Creation and items from other world for people here, but I’ve refurbished the shop to accommodate them.

Incidentally, this is not the case with Momiji, as she is a NEET youkai who has transcended the concept of working.

I’ve decided that she’s not capable of serving customers, so I’ve asked her to continue accompanying me on my journey.

“Huh? Kenji, I didn’t know you like dresses like this. Would you like me to wear it for you sometime?”

“Mizzet, ……. Yes, please do.”

It’s a wonderful paradise.

This is heaven. …….

But just as I was letting my guard down, the presence of someone clothed in ultra-low temperature magic appeared.


“Oh, no, Kuroko-san, you misunderstood. This is what is called a sense of accomplishment for saving them, and I’m not treating them with any ill feelings. Really!”

It’s a lie, of course.

But I’m not going to tell her the truth.

The uncle’s filthy mind is quick to give excuses like this.

“It’s okay, then. …… I really did ask you, didn’t I?  Saito-sama’s success has been recognized by the entire Togami family, and my parents have asked me to go out with you with a view to getting engaged.”

Since the Battle of the Nine Tails, I’ve been receiving ardent approaches from the Kuroko in this way.

In the past, she used to be reserved, but it seems that something triggered her to break through and become a little more positive.

This is a good thing, but please don’t let it put Mizzet in a bad mood when you bring up the subject of engagement, mainly because she will step on your foot or kick you in the shin.

Well, it seems that Mizzet doesn’t really dislike this although she acted like that.

“But, greenhorn… I mean, Saito Kenji. No, no. Greenhorn should also okay. Didn’t you have something to do right away? You’ve been glancing at the strange board for a while now and asking yourself if you can log in yet.” (Tamamo)

“Oh, that. I’ve just solved that problem.”

Logging in, of course, meant logging into the other world, and it was due to concerns about when the story mode would be available.

I’ve been looking at the app for a while now, but it seems that this update will take a long time, and until just now, the app had been in the process of updating the era, so I couldn’t go back to the other world.

I guess it took a long time for the app to process it, since the creator god of the beginning had implemented the EX occupation.

I don’t know how the upcoming chapters, …… and perhaps contact with other creator gods will play out, but I’ll have to be on my toes.

We have to understand that we are dealing with a different dimension than before.

Whether it will be beneficial or harmful, we don’t know.

But at the very least, there is no doubt that the collapse of creation is lurking somewhere in this timd as well.

“Well, whatever the case may be. At any rate, today marks the opening of the Otherworldly Cafe, Tamamo Store!”

“Um. Greenhorn, since I’ve been taken care by you, I’ll gladly take the job. But these clothes, can’t you do something about them?”


“I see. Haa …… ” (Tamamo)

I think it suits on you.

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