Isekai sōzō no Susu-me ~ sumahoapuri de wakusei o tsukutte shimatta ore wa kami to nari sekai o meguru ~ Chapter 170

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It’s over….

I left her ending to Kenji Saito, the greatest singularity in my creation, the greatest failure of my creation, and it seems to have work.

I am indebted to him every time.

But that’s why it’s worth choosing him.

Of course, there is a reason why I chose him, and it is not because his life in this world, but because his previous life had a profound effect on me, and looking back, that was the beginning of everything.

So now that I have seen the result, I can finally say that I made the right decision in choosing him.

I believed that he would do this for me.

Because in that world that was once destroyed, he was the only one who understood the Singularity’s set of elements and resisted me, the God of Creation, to the very end.

And that he, who can be called the greatest failure in the life of my creation, was the one who taught the hearts of those who live in that world and echoed the words in their heart.

“Hmm… Then again, If everyone isn’t laughing at the end, what’s the point?……That’s what you say, novice creator god.”

But yeah, you’re right.

That’s exactly right.

I think this is the second time I’ve heard him say this.

Because I once heard the exact same line from him in the perishing world.

It is these words that resonate with me as the absolute creator, the creator of beginnings, and even inspired me to give him a second chance.

“And there was nothing false about those words.”

The demon god of the world, the sub-god of the end, and even this time, he fought against destruction with all his might, and finally completed the story without killing the being that was the singularity of destruction.

It was as if he was saying, “This is the true creation that you should show me.”

Of course, other than the singularity, there are other lives that were taken in the battle.

But I was satisfied with all that, and in the end, I smiled and passed on my wish to him.

In this way, the former singularities who had destroyed the entire world on the planet I had created last time were gathered under his care, and from now on, they would deepen their bond.

It is true that the time machine, which is a function of the Temple of Creation, had a large impact on this outcome.

But even so, it is still an achievement that more than makes up for it.

…… No, it’s a little confusing to say that I created the planet last time.

It’s more accurate to say this.

──── Time travel by time machine is a way to re-experience the world of planet I once destroyed, a world that his existence could not save.

──── The events of the world he re-experience are not a lie or an illusion, but the truth of what happened before he created that planet with the power of an app, the completion of a story.

“The truth. Yes, this is a truth that must be overcome. The irredeemable failure of creation, destroyed by me, a fool who once lived as a human being, not as a novice creator god, who defied the creator god, and who had no understanding of the singularities.”

That’s why there can be no more mistakes

Neither I nor he should make a mistake anymore.

This time, show me the true creation, show me its consummation.

Isn’t that right, my supreme failure, Kenji Saito?

“Oops, I guess it’s time for the next chapter. That’s enough reminiscing for now. Now, the next opponent is not going to be easy. Take this challenge with all your heart, Kenji Saito.”

The next opponent is a world with no salvation, a world that, like the planet I destroyed in the past, has reached its collapse and end.

A world in perdition that has not yet been completely destroyed, but is only just barely holding on.

Let’s see how he will deal with this problem.

I’m sure he’ll be able to get over this with the help of his EX occupation.

In fact, I need him to get over this.

“Above all, I am his first fan.”

Please show me the happy ending that the Novice Creator God create as always.

Good luck with that.

I believe in you.

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