Isekai sōzō no Susu-me ~ sumahoapuri de wakusei o tsukutte shimatta ore wa kami to nari sekai o meguru ~ Chapter 168

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Kuroko-san stood up shakily and made a praying gesture with her prayer beads in her hand.

“I still believe in you, …… Saito-sama. I’m sure you’ll able to do something, and everything will be fine in the end. However, I finally understood the truth when I heard it from my grandfather, who was lying there without strength. …… Tamamo Gozen, the Great Youkai of the Nine Tails. I can’t forgive you.”

She said.

She tells me that she was raised as a Miko to seal the nine-tailed youkai according to the Togami family tradition that has been passed down for a thousand years.    

Her grandfather, Genzo Togami, was worried about her and had been searching for a solution for a long time.    

While everyone around him understood that there was nothing that could be done and abandoned hope, that old man was the only one who never give up, and even gave up his own life to try and summon the Demon God using a technique he had devised.  

And then she heard from her fallen grandfather that the Nine-Tails were born as a necessary evil in order to test humans and encourage their growth.    

It is an inevitable thing and brings damage at the turning point of the age, but if human beings show the heart of growth, they will definitely fight and and succeed in the end.

“I understand that you, the Nine Tails, have not been afflicting humans for nothing all along. …… But, but!  The people you have afflicted, the people whose lives you have taken, will never return to this world!  How can you allow them to be sacrificed for the sake of human development and growth? It’s not acceptable!” (Kuroko)

It would be so, I suppose.  

If it was a stranger who was sacrificed, we could laugh and say, “So it was.”

But for those who have suffered and even lost the lives of those close to them and those they care about, there is no way they can tolerate being sacrificed for such a thing.

It’s a natural decision, as there are probably people close to you who have actually lost their lives in this battle.    

It’s the same for me.    

If Mizzet, Kuroko-san, Momiji, Deus, or Genzo had lost their lives, I’m sure they wouldn’t have been able to forgive this nine-tailed guy.  

It’s the same for all of them.    

That’s why I understand what she’s saying so painfully well.

“I, I will! I will defeat you! …… so that you can never again say such nonsense as testing humans! I’ll beat you to death! This time I will take your life! With my miko power!”

She shed tears and glared at the Nine-Tails as she pleaded.    

An extraordinary aura begins to dwell in her eyes, and her power grew to an uncanny degree.  

It seems that she is about to invoke the power of the legendary miko, an ancient form of divination.  

“… Oh, that will be good, Onmyoji miko. You have every right to do so, and you can do it.


“I’m not begging for life now, but can you please let my daughters go? They are innocent. As you can see from that stupid girl. As long as they get out of my control, they are really kind-hearted people.”


Perhaps realizing his own fate, the Nine-Tails changed her agitated expression to one of compassionate emotion in her eyes.

Oh I see.

I understand now.

I guess this is what the creator god of this world had originally designed, the ending of the story.    

But ────

“That way of ending is too boring. It’s really cliche, Kuroko-san.”


……….. really, it’s ridiculous.  

If you really saying that, then I wonder if there’s something wrong with your head.

“What do you mean, mysterious man? Do you mean to taunt me with this miko’ mission and my fate?”

“That’s what I’m saying, I don’t understand…… really don’t understand. What’s the point of risking your life to avenge your enemy? What’s the point of giving up your life because of fate? Are you stupid?”

──── Okay, listen up.    

Fate is something you decide for yourself!

I don’t want a story that’s been setted like that!  

If everyone isn’t laughing at the end, what’s the point?

If you’re going to fight a battle that you can’t avoid, you have to keep struggling and searching for the best option until the very end, and you have to be happy with it.

“It’s normal to have deaths in a fight, and it’s hypocritical to bring the fight to an end without causing deaths. That’s understandable. But ……, I can’t feel from you two, that you’ve done all you can do.”

──── I can see from through your heart that you two have given up.

“Kuroko Togami!!”


“I know how much you care about your friends and oldman Genzi, it hurts. ……, but I told you, didn’t I?  I told you to leave everything to me. I said I’d show you a satisfying end. Now that I’m here, you don’t believe me?”

You can’t answer that?   

Well, that’s true.    

She was so heartbroken by seeing oldman Genzo so weak that she gave up thinking.

“Well, it’s okay if you don’t believe me. That’s your choice. But don’t throw away your trust in your family, in your grandfather, who love you so much that he would risk his life for you. Has he given up on you all this time? Has he given up on life? Didn’t he struggle to get by until the very end? If it’s ……, why are you giving up? Don’t put mud on your grandfather’s face.”

For the sake of this most beloved granddaughter, Genzo fought against the nine-tails with all his strength until the very end.

I won’t allow you to ruin his wish.

“And Nine-Tails, no, Tamamo Gozen! I hate you the most! This is just my ego, no, everything I’ve been saying is my ego, but I’ll still say it. If you give up and die … Momiji will cry !! ”


Yes, Momiji will cry.    

That lousy, selfish, obnoxious Momiji cries when her mother is killed.    

You can’t do that, you know.    

Don’t you understand why I have to tell you why you shouldn’t do it, Nine-Tails?

Are you kidding me?  

 I’ll kick your ass.

“All right, all right. I get it. I get that you’re idiots. I’ll let my ego take over from here. I’m going to beat up the Nine Tails so that she can never do anything bad again, and I’m not going to kill her. And I’m going to ask Kuroko-san to keep her mouth shut about it. ……Mizzet.”

“Leave it to me.”

Mizzet who understands my intention restrains Miss Kuroko.

As expected, my partner is very reliable.

“Relieve Momiji. I’ll help your mother. I’ll be a little serious, so please support me properly.”

“… Um. I’m sorry. I entrusted you with that important role!”

Well, now it’s finally one-on-one.

“You know? I’m a little annoyed now. So Nine-Tails, you’re going to duel with me for your pride. That’s contract.”

“Hmm, that’s fine. Since from beginning, I’m…. what?”

Gotcha, idiot.

I have skill of occupation [Akuma], [Contract], you know.

In addition, thanks to the fact that I changed my EX occupation to a Magic God beforehand, I still have plenty of magic power.    

You can’t run away from your promise to me anymore.


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