Isekai sōzō no Susu-me ~ sumahoapuri de wakusei o tsukutte shimatta ore wa kami to nari sekai o meguru ~ Chapter 163

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A few minutes after the duel between Togami Genzo and the Nine-Tails began, the current Onmyouji, who had been concentrating on evading the attack by using every means at his disposal, was dealt his first painful blow.

“Guh…. it turns out that I can’t overturn the difference in strength …”

“It’s not surprising, since you and I have different levels of existence. If there’s any chance you can make a blow, it is when I don’t use my hands, eyes, legs or tails. ”

What the Nine-Tails was saying was quite right.

In fact, the odds of Genzo even being alive at this very moment are low, and it is a miracle that he is able to remain in good health after using all the skills of Japan’s best Onmyouji, who is prepared to die.  

However, that situation was overturned just now.  

The blow of the Nine-tailed sword had gouged out Genzo’s flank and opened a huge hole in his body.  

No matter how much the body is strengthened by spiritual power, if it continues like this, he will eventually run out of energy as the blood flows out, and he will die while continuing the battle.

“…. Haa. Seems I can’t earn enough time anymore.”

“…. Oh, have you surrender already, old Onmyouji? You may not realize it … but you actually fought well. It is a great honor for you to be the only one to buy a few minutes of time against me. You’re the strongest Onmyouji of all time, by far, you should be proud.”

In response to Nine-Tails’ words, a bitter smile appeared on his face.    

Yes, even those who have reached the pinnacle of Onmyoudou, which has been recognized as the strongest in history, are no more than ordinary people to this great youkai.

It’s just that the difference in rank is too great.

That’s the thought that comes to his mind.

“But I’m still not done yet. After all, it seems that you only know people on the surface.”


“The path of human is nothing but the path of accumulation, of study, of growth, and progress. You have no idea how strong human being are can be… Yeah, you have no idea. That’s why it’s convenient.”

The old man smiled fearlessly even though he has wind pierced his body.

As if he had been waiting for this moment, he pointed his crimson right hand, wet with his own blood, towards the sky.

Then the chanting began.

“What are you going to do?”

──── O thee the ancient demon.

The root evil of the faraway land that separates the dimensions.  

An adversary of the Great God who has evolved through hundreds of millions of studies and pain over thousands of years.

The Demon of Wisdom, rejected by the world, by people, and by life.  

However, O clan of Gods, which delights in the world, loves people, and appreciates life!

For the price of all my power, be unleashed upon this land.

Come out, Great Demon God of the Otherworld.    

Urayonmyodou, ──── Rashomon!

“What? What is this?”

“This is my last move. This is the last of the secrets of Onmyoudou, awakened by my connection with a mysterious man named Kenji Saito. This is the ultimate Onmyouji technique that I myself have created, based on a miko’s divination that is said to connect souls to three dimensions. It’s called Urayonmyodou, Rashomon. Now, can you defeat this Great Demon God?”

 ──── What do you think, Nine-Tails?

 ──── Human growth is still in its infancy, isn’t it?

The old man laughed and closed his eyes.

He’s not dead yet.    

He still had some strength left.    

But it was only a matter of time.    

It had used too much energy in the summoning technique performed by the strongest Onmyouji master of all time, Togami Genzo.    

Having offered it as payment, he had very little life left in him.    

But Genzo couldn’t die.    

Because he is the one who maintains Rashomon, and if he loses consciousness, he will immediately repatriate the Great Demon God.  

A moment after the summoning technique was completed, a change came to the world.    

The sky, which had been as dark as night, was illuminated by a violent bolt of lightning, and dark clouds loomed.    

In the sky, a huge geometric pattern like a magic circle was drawn in layers and began to rotate.  

It was truly a natural disaster.  

It was the most powerful summoning technique, befitting the backstage Onmyoudou that the strongest Onmyoji would perform for the price of his life.  

The air trembled and the earth shook from the sheer energy.    

Even a Great Youkai like herself couldn’t stay calm on this, and it could be seen that she was flustered.

“Yatsuha! Work with your sisters and concentrate on defense! …… There’s a tremendous amount of strange power wafting from this old man’s technique.”

“Yes! Mother!”

The sisters, who have been enjoyed seven-on-one fighting against the mercenary, moving precisely in response to Nine-Tails’ instructions and quickly stopped their act and went on the defensive.

“Ohh.. I’m saved….. Old man, I thought I’d die.”


“Hey Old man? Oh, you’re not dead yet, I see. You’re also focusing on recovery now.”

Harry slipped out of the siege and called out to him, checking his body for injuries.  

It seemed that he was also in a great deal of pain.  

But even though he was a mercenary, he was still an exorcist and had plenty of means to recover. 

Harry looked at Genzo’s unbearable wounds, but kept a watchful eye on his surroundings and focused on his recovery while watching the natural disaster that was currently happening.  

And then the clock ticked.

“Oh? I caught a somewhat nostalgic smell, similar to my father’s magic, where is this?” (Jean)

A silver-haired boy in Western aristocratic clothing appeared.

At first glance, he may look weak, but there are no third-rate people here who would be fooled by such an appearance.

This is because the boy’s eyes, which seem to be magic eyes, shine with gold, and the magic power contained within his body is unbelievable.  

With just the amount of magical power, even the Great Youkai could be surpassed.

“Ku, ku, ku…. Now you’re done, Nine-Tails. If it wasn’t for the fact that this was a dimensional being discovered through a strong connection with that man, I, would have died of shock.”

The silver-haired boy nodded his head, whether he understood the words of the old man who was talking to himself or not, and guessed the situation.

It’s not sure where he got this information from, but he seemed to have learned the reason why he was summoned.

“Oh, I think I understand the situation… Probably this is one of the worlds where my father lives, the so-called God Realm, huh?… So, the old man over there was beaten to a pulp by this fox sub-god, and he couldn’t do anything about it, so he called me, ready to die. I see, you have great guts. But I don’t hate that.”

The boy smiled and snapped his fingers, causing the body of Genzo who had summoned him to recover greatly.    

To this Demon God, it seemed that saving the life of a single human was no big feat.  

However, while his wounds healed, Genzo’s expression remained pained, as if he couldn’t regain his lost life and spiritual power.

“Okay, first aid is complete. I’m glad I marked my father to see if there was anything interesting. I didn’t think it would be possible to travel between worlds using summoning techniques that cross dimensional barriers. It’s a little difficult to analyze, because for some reason, the interference rights of this summoning technique are built with a different thing than the creation mana in my world. …… Well, it looks interesting, so I guess I’ll be satisfied for now. …… But what’s more important now is… ”

The boy turned to Nine-Tails and said, “I don’t seem to have much time,” in front of her.

──── You’re going to entertain me here for a bit, aren’t you, sub-god of fox?  

──── I’ll take the rest of the price for summoning this Jean-sama.


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