Isekai sōzō no Susu-me ~ sumahoapuri de wakusei o tsukutte shimatta ore wa kami to nari sekai o meguru ~ Chapter 162

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“Hmm, something like this……”

Just before Kenji Saito returned to the present, the location changed to the center of the Onmyoji clan’s mansion.

The great onmyouji barrier, which had strengthened its resistance to the strong but letting the small-fry youkai to pass through, crumbled before the single thrust of the Nine-Tailed great Youkai’s hand.

After seeing such an overwhelming scene, the former head of the Togami family, the old man who is renowned as the best Onmyouji master in this world, looked at the collapsed barrier without any resistance and muttered in dismay …….

“No way ……. ”

“That is not impossible at all. If you are am Onmyouji master, you would know that this kind of barrier is meaningless in front of me…… Or has the passage of a thousand years made humans dumber than ever?”

The best Onmyouji master, Togami Genzo, who came back to his sense after being told by his enemy, glared at the great youkai, which had more power than he expected, as if to curse it to death.

After all, since the barrier was broken, this mansion is no more than a bare-bones state without any protection.

If the Nine-Tailed youkai and her family were to start a mass attack in a bunch, it would not have been surprising if their lives had been snuffed out in this moment of stupefaction.

Because he was aware of this as a pure fact, Genzo had no choice but to recognize the difference in power and strength of this great youkai who had intentionally missed an opportunity to slaughter him and bite his teeth.


“Haa. That’s a foul play, old Genzo. It’s true that Evil God is always a nuisance, but is this really something that can be described in such terms? It’s impossible that a single blow, with bare hands, could stop a barrier that could hold off even the Demon Lord of my home country for three days.”

Harry Taylor, who saw the figure of an Evil God for the first time, was also slightly resigned to the power he clearly felt.

He had studied the history of the great men of the past, and was well aware of how extraordinary the existence of the Evil God was, and he had not let his guard down.

On top of that, he went into this battle with the belief that his current abilities would be enough to make him a force to be reckoned with.

However, when he faced the reality, this was the result.

The difference in ability was so great that it was impossible to even compare, and even the feeling of the gun in his hand disappeared.

However, he is not just a mercenary, he is one of the strongest free exorcists in the world.

It’s not like he’s going to give in just because he’s about to be defeated.

But maybe it will be the end for him.

He might be able to buy a few seconds of time, and then it would be over.

“Haha~ This may indeed be the end of this country ….What do you think, old man?”

“I don’t need a young man to tell me that, I know that. Rather, you’re the one who needs to get serious. I know you’ve been saving your strength for a time when you need to escape……”

Genzo’s guess was right on the money.

He is the strongest mercenary in the world, and he has the means in his hand to temporarily reverse this situation.

However, since it existed as a last resort when the situation was at its most desperate, he only planned to use it as a means of escape when his life was truly in danger.

“You’re hired mercenary afterall…”

“Whatever you say. Any reward will be meaningless if I end up dying here. But that doesn’t mean I’m just going to sit here and do nothing, trust me on that.”

“Hmm, how is it?”

While he was talking, Genzo had the younger onmyouji and the current head of the family, Togami Saiga, move back to the rear.

Even though they are not as powerful as him and Harry Taylor, he know that it is better to have them than not to have them, but he still believe that there is a certain order to death.

It is not possible for a person to measure the priority or weight of a life, but even so, it is this old man who will die first, and it is he who is most likely to buy some time.

And whether she knew it or not, the Nine-Tailed youkai walked in front of him with all her family members, to block an escape route.

“Come on. Is that the kind of power you guys have?  Show me the will of the Onmyouji of this generation. I guess because you have a way to counter us that you tried to buy time with this kind of barrier, isn’t? Then you should stop slacking off …. Otherwise, you may not have that long until the man you are expecting returns.”

“That’s funny.”

Genzo is somewhat convinced.

Somewhere in the back of his mind, Genzo was certain that the mysterious power of this Kenji Saito would surpass the existence of this Nine-tails.

He doesn’t know why.

He doesn’t know why, but for some reason, he can’t imagine a future where the man’s path would end here.

Whether this is due to his sixth sense or something else, he can’t exactly tell, but one thing is for sure.

He did not brace himself against the enemy that was slowly closing in on him, nor did he glare at him as he had done earlier, but instead opened his mouth with an expression as if someone in a position of absolute superiority were mocking someone below him.

“That’s funny. That’s really funny. Hey, Nine-Tails, don’t you think so? … Of all the daughters that you, the great youkai, have created, you can’t find the last of your family, One-Tail, anywhere…. As I recall, the members of the nine-tailed family can never disobey the orders of the head of the family, Tamamo Gozen, nor can they break the connection, isn’t”

“What do you want to say?”

In an instant, the air is tense.

The air trembles and the space creaks.

Therefore, there is something that can be understood.

It was that this provocation was having a great effect on that great youkai.

“Just a little advice from an old man who is about to be killed by you. Listen to me carefully, Nine-Tails. The man Kenji Saito is not as shallow as you think he is… besides…..”

—-It is you, ……, the Land God of this land, who is watching and guarding the man the most, isn’t it?

“What do you know? And you think I’m a land god?  That’s a ridiculous thing to say.”

“Well… But after seeing you with my own eyes and looking at the literature, I have a thought. The episode of the sealing of the Great Youkai is too convenient and too well organized for our side, even if the Nine-Tails in their current state really went berserk in the era of …… thousand years ago.”

He grinned, his expression showing that he had said what he wanted to say.

“So much for the last chat of my life,” Genzo said as he took out his weapon of choice, his prayer beads.

“Sha, let’s begin, Great Youkai. I’m Genzo Togami, one of greatest Onmyouji Master in this generation will use this life to deal with the ordeal that is you… I will show you that humanity has not yet been abandoned.”

“Hmm. …… You are an infuriating old man. If you know what you’re doing, and you still want to fight, then you must be a terrible human.”

The Nine-Tails sent all of her dependents to move back and face Harry.

She seemed to have taken a slight interest in this Togami Genzo man.

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