Isekai sōzō no Susu-me ~ sumahoapuri de wakusei o tsukutte shimatta ore wa kami to nari sekai o meguru ~ Chapter 16

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Nobility 1

“Well, then is it true that this child used a recovery magic?”

“Yes, Guild Master. Kai and I, and all the adventurers who were there, witnessed it.”

“As Elise said. I was seriously injured before and received treatment in the church. Compared with the memory of the time, this boy’s technique is not inferior to professionalism. It’s hard to believe he’s just a kid.”

Now, the three of them were holding an internal meeting of the Adventurers’ Guild, without me as the one involved.

Even though I was present, I wasn’t given the right to speak, and I was ignored from the beginning.

They were discussing it repeatedly with difficult expressions, as if it was such an important issue for the guild.

Incidentally, the elderly man known as the guild master was the head of the adventurer’s guild in this town, the receptionist Elise was the deputy head, and adventurer Kai was a high-ranking adventurer who was trusted by the guild.

I was able to grasp such things after listening to them all the time.

”I understand. I can’t doubt you any more, and if it’s true that all the adventurers saw it, so it’s trustworthy. …. but the question is how to handle this kid, who the is he?”

“I asked him a lot of questions on the way here, but I couldn’t get a clue. He was just asking for an ID card…”

“I’ve asked my companions to track him down. Our scouts are excellent, so maybe if we wait, they’ll bring some results.”

Yes, before I was dragged here, I was asked all kinds of questions by the receptionist.

I was asked about my name, my identity, my family composition, my residence…. and many other questions.

Well, at least I was able to answer the name, but I couldn’t answer the rest because my identity, family composition, and residence didn’t exist in this world.

Although it was possible to lie as well, I was afraid of getting into trouble again when the lie was revealed afterwards, so I just stay honest.

This was a kind of country where pretending to be able to use healing spells would be considered as a felony, I didn’t know what kind of punishment would come upon me.

Anyway, since I just want an ID card, I’d just respond “give me an ID card” for things I couldn’t answer.

By the way, Kai’s companions-someones in the scouting post wouldn’t be able to find my track no matter how hard they try.

The most they can do was to ask the gatekeeper, and get information about which direction I came from.

After all, I don’t have any parents or acquaintances here, so I was born out of thin air.

Without any traces of life, it was impossible for even a professional to track me down.

“Hmm~. But no matter how suspicious existence is, this child is still useful. The power of recovery magic is so valuable.”

“Yeah. It’s better for the guild to take this child in as soon as possible before the nobles and the church recruit him… If this child really learned the recovery magic on his own, once the church finds out about it, he’ll definitely be held up… or killed as a heretic…”

Wow, really? the church was so scary.

It really was true that this type of authority was the same no matter what world it was in. Heresy was either admired as an idol or killed, only these two.

I was glad that I had immortal body in this world.

When in a near-death state, APP would repair it for me without authorization, so it was a relief.

And though it was a last resort, once it comes to an emergency, I could ask for the Dragon God’s help.

Currently, the strongest trump card I had was the [Oracle].

Well, if it was possible, I’d like to rely on my wits and items to solve the problem before I play my trump card.

However, I didn’t expect that the recovery magic would be so precious.

I heard that the church hid the technique as secret, but it was probably too much as expected.

What if someone found out that I had three occupations? It would be uproar.

“Alright, let’s do it then. Give this boy the status of a C rank adventurer, to be taken in by the guild. …….. When it comes to origins, right, just make him as my grandson.”

“Oh, all of a sudden, C rank and make him as guild master’s grandson? It seems that you are quite optimistic about him.”

“It’s not like that, Kai, it’s also for the sake of this boy.,”

“Yes, yes…”

And so, before I could say a word, the conversation was settled, and before I knew it, I was set up as the grandson of the guild leader to get an identity card.

No, I didn’t understand.

I didn’t want you guys to make this decision on your own.

Maybe it was time for me to interrupt.

It was over pretending to be a child

“No, just give me my ID card.”




The three of them looked over at me with surprised eyes as I suddenly changed my attitude and silenced the situation.

……..hmmm, that’s not a very good reaction.

How about bluffing and disguising the app’s log out function as transfer magic?

I could escape by transferring myself, I’m not afraid of anything. If I say that, they’ll change their response, too, right?

…No, it was better not to do that.

I was already involved in the meeting as an abnormality, so showing off the app’s functions was a bad idea.

Same goes with this.

I want to go back to Earth with materials that can be sold for money, go have fun, and then say goodbye to the salaryman life, although it was unacceptable to keep me captive until I die, but it will be hard to end it if I force myself to deal with it.

In any case, it’s better to learn about the world while gathering information right now.

There’s no point in being careless.

That’s right, let’s do it.

When there was silence for a while, the guild master spoke up.

“…Well, I understand your worries for being adopted, but what you’re worried about won’t happen. Becoming grandson of the guild master of this town is not only a guarantee to protect you with the power of the guild, but you will also become son of my son, the lord of this town. This is the surest way to protect you from the eyes of a church, or nobles who only use the people as their tools.”

I couldn’t imagine that this guild master seemed to be a nobleman.

No, saying that his son is a lord means that he has retired from his position, so it is not right?

I wasn’t sure about the rules in that area, so I’ll look into it later.

But then, it seemed that what this guild master said was true.

Of course, that didn’t mean he had no hidden intentions, but at least a few percent of it must be true because he worried about my safety.

Otherwise, it would be too strange to be trusted by Kai, an adventurer who is clearly not a noble, to such a degree.

Besides, the other party was talking on the assumption that I recognized the guild master as a nobleman.

If you want to tell me what was going on, that was proof of how famous and powerful a noble he was.

As long as he wasn’t an insolent, pretentious aristocrat, that was how it should be.

After all, people who were not self-reliant would not be popular, and this guild master is very much trusted.

In other words, it seemed to be a fact that he had power.

“Well… Well, okay. Then I’ll take your word for it.”

“Good, I’ll make the necessary arrangements.”

Anyway, I got my ID card, so I decided to accept it without thinking too deeply about what I didn’t know.

Even though I had thought about it before, it turns out that information is important.

Let’s gather information thoroughly for the time being and then go on an adventure.

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