Isekai sōzō no Susu-me ~ sumahoapuri de wakusei o tsukutte shimatta ore wa kami to nari sekai o meguru ~ Chapter 159

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I picked up my phone, which suddenly started beeping with a vibration, and checked the screen.

As expected, the message was the same as the previous battle against the Demon King.

It was a message related to the Creation Breakdown, after all. I thought so.

[Congratulations! By resolving a crucial problem in this era, we’ve averted another “Creation Breakdown”!  This concludes “Story Mode Chapter 2”. Thank you for your hard work.]

Yes, chapter 2 is finished, got it.

However, the problem here is that if we travel through time in this era, the next time we’ll reappear in this dungeon a thousand years later.

I thought so.

After all, the time machine’s time travel blocks are set to one hundred years, one thousand years, and ten thousand years later, and the last time I jumped, I jumped one hundred years later.

If that is the case, then the next time destination has already been decided.

On top of that, I wondered if this dungeon space that had finished its role would still be there in a thousand years.

If there isn’t, I’ll have to move from Japan to this place where there is no space, and I may be buried alive.    I would have to escape as soon as possible.

So, while checking the result screen for the time being, I activated my magic perception, knowing that there was no difference from the last time.

And then I asked the floating spirit, who was able to communicate with me through magic perception, to send a message to the World Tree.

The reason for this is to protect the dungeon.

If I ask the World Tree to maintain this space, she won’t bury me alive in the place where I appear after regaining her power.

Now, I think we’re all set.

Let’s get out of here.

As the chapter ends and the transition time is approaching, I evacuate Kuroko-san and Mizzet to the temple, and I myself escape from this dungeon with Deus.

I’m back in Japan.

All the members who had been evacuated inside the temple were further quarantined to the dimensional storage to separate them from the rapid time alteration that was happening inside the application.

Only Deus, who hadn’t yet given a clear answer to the contract, refused to be placed in the dimensional storage until the end, as if he didn’t want the matter to be postponed without a resolution, but if the time inside the application accelerated without being placed in the dimensional storage, a time lag of 1,000 years would occur, so he was thrown in without question.

It was an emergency situation, so I had no choice.

“But the sky is awfully dark. …… ”

The digital clock showed that it was only 2 o’clock in the middle of the day, but the sky was covered with darkness and there was no moonlight.

Or rather, the electric lights had gone out, and instead a pale blue ball of fire lit up the night road.

Clearly, this was an abnormal situation.

Even though it had consumed about three months in the other world, it must have been less than two weeks in this world.

No matter how much the Nine-Tails is on the verge of revival, isn’t the destruction of Japan fast approaching?

I tried to turn on the TV, but there was no electricity.

It’s pitch black in the room.

I’ve been using my magic power to create light bullets and keep them there to use as fluorescent lights, but what the hell is going on with ……?

If this is the work of the Nine-Tailed Family, how is it possible that Oldman Genzo and the mercenary Harry Taylor could not endure for only two weeks?

No, we can’t say it never happens, and it could happen if the timing of the Nine-Tails’ resurrection is early.

But it’s not as if the two of them haven’t thought of that, and unlike me, who just came into their lives with a sudden burst of power, they’re professionals in their field, so there’s no way they could fail due to an accident or two.

I had promised them that I would endure for a month.

“If that was the case, they would have been able to cope with it in less than two weeks. So I guess we should assume that this is not Japan being destroyed by Nine-Tails’ ability, but only this city being caught up in it. I don’t know the details, but …… ”

I took a deep breath, relieved to have come to that conclusion.

The situation was more serious than I had thought, but there was still time.

It’s times like this that I wish I could ask for Jean’s help in analyzing the situation, but the substitute Jean died on its own and was replaced by another one.

However, there is no point in complaining to those who are not there.

“Let’s check the results for now.”

In fact, I would like to stay here and watch the accelerating different world while checking the [log], but that’s not possible.

It’s a clear anomaly right now, so I’m going to prioritize what I need to do and check it out.

The first thing I need to do is to select the rewards I can get from the app.

If it’s the same as last time, there should be three choices here, but let’s see, …….

[If you are a good creator god who has completed Chapter 2, the app will give you one reward. There are several candidates for the reward, but again, you can only choose one, so please choose carefully.]

[The list of rewards is as follows:]

1. The right to ask a question (one time only).

2. Experience bonus to your character (worth 50 points of basic job level).

3. the ultimate weapon that does not depend on the creation mode (Immortal Attribute).

“I’m not sure if this is the same as last time or not…”

Last time I earned the right to ask a question, but this time it would indeed be a bad idea to ask.

If I want to pursue the previous question in more detail, I have no choice but to clear Chapter 3 next time.

Anyway, what I want right now is strength.

So, by a process of elimination, it’s either second reward or third reward, but choosing present three here is too much of a gamble.

It’s obvious that the ultimate weapon with the indestructible attribute is powerful, but there is no indication of what kind of weapon it is.

Is it a sword, a gun, a bow, or something else?

If I’m lucky enough to find a weapon that works well with me, it will be worth choosing, but if I fail to make a bet here, it won’t be on my list.

In comparison, if it’s the second reward, I can expect a definite enhancement.

In addition to the fact that my current professions are paladin and akuma, if I use this right after filling the remaining empty slot, I can power level my level 1 basic profession.

It’s the best reward I can get.

“Well, I’ve decided on the reward I’ll receive, but the question is what to do with the one remaining slot. …… What?”

When I opened the character screen in the app and checked the occupation section, an unusual item appeared there.

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