Isekai sōzō no Susu-me ~ sumahoapuri de wakusei o tsukutte shimatta ore wa kami to nari sekai o meguru ~ Chapter 156

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The laser gun is aimed at me and a beam of light is released with no motion.

Oh no, this could have killed me early.

Perhaps because my brain is already convinced death, everything around me seems to be moving in slow motion, and just my thoughts only accelerate.

…… I’ve died many times, but it’s not good to die instantly here.

I don’t really care if I die here or anywhere else, because I will revive again and again.

However, Kuroko-san and Mizzet are different.

The restoration of an avatar requires a cool time depending on the degree of damage.

If they are wiped out before that revival, they will both die a real death.

This might have been a mistake on my part.

I regret that I should have taken more precautions, but time cannot be repeated.

If I’m lucky enough to hit the right spot and avoid instant death, I’ll be whisked back to the real world in no time, but I’ll have to pray to the heavens, which may or may not happen.

When I thought so, something that moved at high speed in the world of slow motion stood in front of me.

Something dispels the incoming laser with a fist like a fly swatter and wipes it out.

Even the eyes of an operating avatar can’t catch it until it’s right in front of me, what kind of speed is that?

Hei, Jean?

“I thought that surprise attack would be a killing blow, but my calculations were off. I had no idea that there was such a strong man sleeping in human. That move, it’s a few steps above the being called Brave!”


The Sub-God of the End, no, Deus Ex Machina, as he called himself.

At Deus’s question, Jean turns his head in silence and has nothing to say.

I wonder what happened, the atmosphere is a little strange.

If it was usual him, he’d be able to say something lighthearted as soon as he stepped in to help out, but…

No, I have to thank him for that.

“Sorry, thanks Jean.”

“…. Jean-san?”


I thanked him quickly, and he turned his head and muttered something in a low, chilling voice.

What’s wrong with him? After all, the atmosfer is different than usual.

I wonder if he’s mad about my blunder.

No, I can only say I’m seriously sorry about this.

I didn’t expect him to attack from a distance with no motion, so I’m sorry.

But Jean’s anger was getting worse, it was the fierce miasma that flooded the boy’s body with power.

Bad, did him really get angry!??

I mean, it’s so intimidating, I can’t even stand up. Just how much this miasma!

“… F*ck you! You deserve to die for your disrespect to my father. Do you now know what you were about to do?”

“Je-, Jean, you. ”

It seems that Jean is not angry with me, but with Deus.

However, who did he call father?

Is that me?

Oh, I see.

That is not wrong either.

I’ve seen glimpses of it all my life, and now I’ve finally found out who Jean is.

Since the ancient times, the primordial dragon has been separated from the Dragon God and has been shunned as an enemy of the world.

No, Demon God.

Now I finally understand his inexplicable behaviour.

He has been treating me as family for the last two months, looking me in the eye.

“What, is that? What a tremendous amount of power, It’s several times, no, ten times greater than Brave. It’s going to be a bit of a challenge for me to fight this head on with my growing body.”

“Shu up! You newborn sub-god! Don’t you think it’s disrespectful in front of the Father, even more so in front of me?────I’ll kill you!”

Jean emittes dark energy, which is compressed to the point where it is visible to the human eye and becomes a thick miasma, and turns it into the shape of an arm, grabs him by the neck and fishes it up into the air!

The sheer force of it caused Deus’s body to scream and cracks to appear in his inorganic form.

It’s not good, he’s going to kill him.

I have to stop him somehow.

I feel sorry for the World Tree and Jean, but I have no intention of killing the sub god of the end.

It’s natural, since I haven’t finished with him yet.

Something inside of me screams that if he just kill him for nothing, there will be no way to get him back.

“Wait, wait, Jean, …… ”

Damn, I can’t squeeze out my voice well.

How intimidating!

Is this the real Jean?

It seems that the power of the sub-god of the end, who has just been born and has not even taken in the world tree yet, can not compete with him.

“So you’re called Deus Ex Machina? You’ve made three mistakes. The first is that you did not understand the will of our merciful Father, who is merciful even to you. The second is that you suddenly attacked him without giving him a chance to speak. The third thing is that ──── you have seriously irritated me.”

In the moment, the pressure of the Jean, which I thought peaked here, swelled even more, until the difference in strength was imperceptible.

Deus’s body was already screaming and shattering with a sickening creaking sound.

You can’t do that, you can’t.

I know why you are so angry, but you can’t kill him.

Killing doesn’t solve anything.

And above all, it’s my job as a parent to discipline my child.

“Wait, ……. Wait! Wait, Jean!”

In order to counter the pressure of the miasma, I stood up by making full use of [Stealing Magic] around me to reduce and absorb the miasma.

I’m sure Jean didn’t think I could get up, either, so he stopped for a moment with a look of astonishment on his face.

Yes, that’s it.

“Thank you for saving me from a dangerous situation earlier. You saved my life. But it’s my job to take care of it from here on out. Can you give me some space?”



To be honest, if he say no, I’ll get stuck.

Here, if my actions so far are not worthy of evaluation for Jean, I am afraid that I will be refused.

“…. Ku, hahahaha.”

What’s that? You’re laughing all of a sudden.

“Hahahaha! That’s right! That’s kind Father I know! No, no, no, ────I’m sorry, I just got a bit excited. Please, please, do as my Father wills.”

And with that, he diffused the pressure, and with his miasma arm, he released his freedom to the creatures in the field.

I don’t know what’s going on, but I’m glad he respects me as Creator God.

Well, here is the crucial moment.

Let’s go with the second round.

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