Isekai sōzō no Susu-me ~ sumahoapuri de wakusei o tsukutte shimatta ore wa kami to nari sekai o meguru ~ Chapter 155

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We reached the innermost layer where the sub-god of the end could be seen.  

At first, the roots of the World Tree covered the entrance with a tight control, but when Jean manipulated something, the roots that were controlled by the sub god of the end began to move by themselves and opened the way for us.

“I see. So this is so called misused of mana.” (Mizzet)

“You know well. Nah, it’s what people call the miasma.” (Jean)
The power of the Sub-God of The End that erodes the World Tree is probably the same or lesser power of life interference than mine.    

This means that it also means the use of mana.

Because the various miraculous powers of the Creator God Player are also mana-based.

So, if the demons who can hack and misuse the mana from the outside can master the way, they can open the root of this world tree that the sub god of the end has closed.    

Of course, a mere demon could not have done this, and Jean, a demon with all sorts of crazy abilities, was the only one who could have done it.

It can only interfere with mana illegally, so it can not create miracles by itself.    

But it is possible to twist existing miracles to your own advantage.    

It’s a wonderful ability, if you know how to use it.

“But it’s strange, weren’t the Brave party ahead of us? But I don’t see a single person.” (Mizzet)

Yes, that’s right.    

There was nothing in the hall, which seemed to be the innermost space in this labyrinth, except for the roots that were stretched tightly across the room.

As we don’t know how far the existence of the sub god of the end is assimilated to the world tree, we don’t know what he look like, so it’s no wonder we can’t see the figure.

But the Brave party is at least human.

It was strange that they couldn’t be found anywhere.

“No, I think they probably returned to the elf village by transfer. The ability to transfer around the world is one of the main skills of the Brave. After all, human beings are inconvenient, they need meals and breaks.” (Jean)

“Oh, I see. That’s make sense.”

Is that really the case?

Well, it looks like it might have been.

I had neglected app’s description about Brave because I was not able to take up Brave occupation myself.

I’m beginning to think that one of the most typical skills of the Brave is the ability to teleport.

The reason why Mizzet is so convinced is because she understands that typical ability of the Brave is transfer around the world.

I’m glad I didn’t raise the question myself.    

I’m not really knowledgeable in High-Rank Occupations, and they almost found out that I’m a Niwaka.

No, it’s not.

I’ve got all the skills in my head for composite occupations and basic occupations.

It just when it comes to High-Rangking Occupations, I had no chance.

While repeating such meaningless self-questions, I stepped into the innermost room, where a fierce battle had just been fought.

The size of the room is quite big.

It could easily hold three school gymnasiums, that’s how big it is.

“It’s kind of sacred.”

“That’s right. Because this is a place that can be called a shrine of a World Tree, created by a power equal to the miracle of the Creator God.”

“Eh? Creator God? Ano…?”

Jean shook his head at Kuroko-san who didn’t know what it was.

He knew from the start that she would not be understood, but he explained it anyway.

Well, that wasn’t a topic that could be explained in the first place.

As we all entered the room, we heard a call from the ceiling.

On closer inspection, there was a puppet floating in the air with an inorganic body, like a humanoid robot.

The shape of the form is probably female.

If the texture were not so inorganic, she would be quite beautiful.    

Jean didn’t seem surprised, but I have to admit I was very surprised.

“Good morning, humans. Welcome to my playroom.”


“Hmm? There you are.”

As surprised as I was, Mizzet immediately drew her sword and takes a stance.

Kuroko-san was bewildered by the sudden appearance of the mysterious robot and could not hide her confusion at the different inorganic opponent.

At any rate, until now we’ve only been dealing with plants-textured dragons and monsters, which have a surprisingly comical appearance.

If a sci-fi guy suddenly appears, you’ll doubt the game designer’s sensibility.

That’s what this surprise is all about.

“Yes, here I’m. So who are you? The humans called Brave attacked me as soon as they saw me. But are you also for that purpose?”

The sub-god of the end floats leisurely in the air and asks.

The truth is, we don’t want to fight, and it seems that our opponents don’t like that intention. But it just looks that way, his aim is to fight from the start.

As proof of that, even as he asks these questions, he is once again blocking the entrance with a root, transforming one hand into a chainsaw and making sparks.

“That’s chainsaw of yours … Well, even though this world may have a different perspective.”

“Chainsaw? Is that what this weapon is called? I created this item myself because it seems to have more attack power than a sword. Hmm, the wisdom of humans also has some parts that cannot be underestimated.”

Apparently, the idea for that chainsaw came from appearance of a sword that he created himself, converted from its original state to an easy-to-attack form.

Somehow, the ideas that come from pure murderous intent are scary.

“Well, anything is fine. I’m Deus Ex Machina. I’m a creature of unknown origin who somehow fell into this world. I’m not sure why I’m alive or not dead, but I don’t know much about that. …… I’ve decided to try to eat the world for now. Then everyone, nice to meet you.”

While saying ‘nice to meet you”, this time he transforms his other arm into a shape like a laser gun and starts attacking with no motion.

にわか (にわか, niwaka) is a Japanese slang word that describes newbies in a negative way. It is often used to criticise pretentious beginners who behave as if they have a lot of knowledge and experience.

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