Isekai sōzō no Susu-me ~ sumahoapuri de wakusei o tsukutte shimatta ore wa kami to nari sekai o meguru ~ Chapter 152

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After a month of adjusting the environment, the training ground for the Kuroko-san was finally ready, so I went to call the two people who were training day and night in the temple.

“Yo, Momiji, how’s the training going for Kuroko-san?”

“Noooooooooooo! Stop it! Stop it, you Onmyouji girl! I only have one life left!”

What kind of situation is that?    

For some reason, when I returned to the temple, I found Momiji had become the target of Kuroko-san’s Onmyouji magic in the garden.  

She was being chased by a bird-shaped summoned beast made of magical power that was flying around the garden in front of the temple, and she was frantically running away from it.

The fact that there’s not a single scratch on her suggests that she’s attacking with the intention of stopping her in her tracks, but how can she fighting well against Momiji with a level difference?

Even if it is appraised, the level is still about 30, so I wonder if there is a mechanism for the skill.

When converted to an Otherworlder occupation level, the power of Momiji is about 35, but considering that the level 30 Kuroko-san is creating an overwhelming battle situation, it seems that she may have sprouted a new skill that works well with Onmyouji Technique.


[Otherworldler: Kuroko Togami]

Otherworldler Lv: 30
Skills: 5x magic power, 2x experience value acquisition correction, 2x skill acquisition correction.

…. Is it this thing so called the kuchiyose jutsu?  

Thanks to this skill, the bird-shaped summoned beast is squeezed, and it seems that it’s attacking under its own will.

There are no skills like this in this world to begin with, and as far as I know, the only ones that exist are things like “summoning magic” that contracts with living creatures.

If that’s the case, then this is a newly developed new skill that is influenced by her technique as an Otherworlder on the side of this world.

This is a new discovery.    

As was the case when she acquired the new occupation of otherwoldler, the world side is sometimes updated.    

In a more detailed appraisal, it seems that this skill is the art of freely copying a spirit-like being that has no substance, and using it in exchange for magical power.  

The main difference between this skill and the existing skill of “summoning magic” is that summoning is a contract with a living being, while kuchiyose is the duplication of an unworldly being.

Some youkai, for example, could be considered “unworldly.    

Probably, that bird-shaped summoned beast is a bird youkai that Kuroko-san met somewhere.

I don’t know about the fuel consumption or other details, but I guess you could say it’s a skill worthy of her, as she has a skill that multiplies magic power by five.

“Okay, stop it! Good work, both of you. The new training ground is ready, so let’s head over there now.”

“Oh! Is this voice of Ongiri-man? I’m saved!”

As soon as she recognises me, Momiji runs up to me and jumps in, half-crying.

No matter how traumatized you are by the Onmyouji technique due to your long life of sealing, you don’t have to be so scared, you’re still unharmed after all ……

I was convinced, after seeing this, that Momiji was incapable of fighting.  

It is better for her to give up fighting head-on and live peacefully, running and hiding when it is dangerous.

“Ah, Saito-sama! I did it! I’ve finally awakened a new power!”

“Oh, I saw that. It’s an amazing ability.”

In fact, I have to admire her effort, because she spent almost two months in this space with no entertainment.    

I’ve done that before, but this is even more intense training than that time.    

After a short break, I evaluated Kuroko-san’s progress based on the results of the appraisal, talked a little about the new training ground, the dungeon, and then decided to head there.  

She seemed to have become much more tolerant of improbable developments after using the facilities here, since she had taken the dungeon story as “Oh, so it’s a new and different space.”

I’m grateful for that, though, because it means I’m less likely to be suspected.

As a side note, we decided to leave the Momiji at the temple since she would be a burden to the training in the dungeon.  

The stock of onigiri has been running out lately, and she’s not feeling very energetic, but it’s not like she’s going to die, and I’m thinking of going shopping soon, so she should be fine.    

She agreed to stay temple alone, and quickly prepared a futon to sleep on, since she could relax and not participate in the battle.    

I wanted to tell her that she would gain weight if she ate and slept all the time because she didn’t have any training, but I honestly don’t know what the biology of youkai is, so I won’t say anything else.  

Maybe all the calories are being converted into magical powers

And now I go outside after saying goodbye to Momiji who was curled up lazily on the futon.

Outside is Jean who greeted me and Kuroko-san, who I brought with me, then briefly introduced her to him.

“Hm~, so she’s the toy you were talking about? I see….”

“E-tto, what’s the toy mean? You are….”

“Oh, you can call me Jean. Despite my appearance, I am much older than you. But you can call me whatever you like!”

Jean observed the Kuroko-san all around and shook his head in some kind of agreement.  

I don’t know what it is, but I wonder if there was something about her that bothered him.    

Also, as I said before, she’s not toy, she’s companion.    

It’s useless to pursue the difference in perception, though, so I won’t put it into words.

“I see, it’s Jean. I look forward to working with you. You look like a boy, but you are older than me, is it possible that you are also like Saito-sama?”

“Oh! You’re sharp!”

I see, I understand how did this come.

It was true that I had become younger, but it was because she thought that this world was a virtual world, as well as Temple of Creator God and this Dungeon. So she thought it’s normal if I could change my appearance.

Therefore, she was able to accept Jean’s elf-like appearance without feeling any discomfort.  

Hmm, that’s very convenient.  

However, I don’t know what Jean means when he says that she is sharp.  

I don’t know, this guy looks like the main body, but is he controlling an avatar like me, or some kind of alter ego with similar abilities?  

I don’t know, but that’s okay.    

It doesn’t really matter if this guy is an avatar or not.

The behavior of this guy is somewhat deviating from the average person, and he’s a bit twisted, but I don’t think he’s a bad guy.

If that’s the case, there’s no need to pursue him.

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