Isekai sōzō no Susu-me ~ sumahoapuri de wakusei o tsukutte shimatta ore wa kami to nari sekai o meguru ~ Chapter 150

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As the entire city is covered in a strange space, the perspective changes from the human side.    

The Great Demon of the Nine Tails is the source of everything in this incident. The sisters, the daughters of the demon, are trying to summon their mother, the land goddess Tamamo Gozen, who is their superior being.  

The location is the innermost part of a certain shrine where the art of seal has been applied.  

In a rocky cave that had been gouged open by someone’s mighty power, the fox sisters seemed to be carrying out their ritual.

“Mother, can you hear me? It’s Yatsuha. We would all like to perform the resurrection ritual in the presence of Mother, are you ready?”

As the eldest, Yatsuha tells her, a languid female voice is heard from deep within the sealed shrine.

“I can hear you even if you don’t speak in that ridiculously polite tone. I’ve always told you to relax because you’re always so formal. It’s not like it’s a business call.”


The eight-tailed fox, Yatsuha, who is said to be the closest to the nine-tailed fox, throws her voice to her mother.    

However, the nine-tailed fox is somewhat fed up with the stiffness of the situation, and complains about her daughter’s attitude.

From the perspective of humanity, this great demon is an object of fear and despair, but it seems to have a surprisingly loose personality.

“That’s not how it works. We are your daughters, but at the same time, we are your dependents. If we don’t have a good hierarchical relationship, our sisters may be adversely affected…. Especially the youngest one, Momiji, is so cheeky. Well, that’s also the cute part of her.”

Yatsuha side also began to complain about the excessive looseness of their boss, Tamamo Gozen.

It was a peaceful scene for the youkai(s) that were shaking Japan, but for the sisters, this seemed to be the norm, and they all let out a giggle and a smile.  

Apparently, this is what their mother was like from the beginning.

“All right, all right, that’s enough. Besides, the little girl is usually timid, but she always has a lot of nerve in strange places. I’m a mother and I know that better than anyone, not to mention you. …… And then about the resurrection. Well, let’s destroy this seal now.”

The moment Tamamo said so, the multiple layers of sealings creaked and shattered.  

It’s as if she hadn’t been shackled from the start, and even Yatsuha, who was about to perform the resurrection ceremony, showed some surprise.

“That’s great, Mother. It seems that you did not need our help.”

“Of course. This moldy seal would never have worked on me. If I had wanted to get out from the beginning, I could have done so at any time.”

After emerging from the seal and reappearing in this world, Tamamo’s shoulders jerked and she looked around.    

Her face looked dubious, but happy at the same time.

“That chibi, she has mastered the art of hiding from me, hasn’t she? I couldn’t feel her existence at all, as I thought …. ”

He brushed back her long blond hair that reached her waist and talked about her daughter’s growth with a somewhat happy expression.  

But when the sisters around her heard her words, their expressions were dark and seemed to be filled with anger.

“Hmm? What’s wrong with you guys? It’s good to see that the little has grown up, isn’t it? Isn’t it nice that the little guy has grown up enough to be able to escape my detection?”

“No, Momiji, she didn’t learn how to hide from you, Mother. She is being held captive by a certain human man. …… Based on Futaba’s information that she has evolved without Mother’s permission, she is probably being forced to go along with some kind of experiment.”

The sisters of the youkai foxes swelled with anger at the thought of their youngest sister is in a terrible situation.

However, Tamamo peered into Yatsuha’s expression as she said this regretfully, narrowed her eyes and muttered, “Hmm …….

“That chibi is going to be an experiment with humans … Kuku, this is finally getting more interesting.”

“What are you talking about, Mother? Momiji is in trouble, you know?”

Yatsuha is upset with her mother’s attitude, as if she has no feelings about the crisis of her youngest sister.    

This is a rare behavior for Yatsuha, who is very strict about hierarchical relationships.

Tamamo grinned at her own daughter, who exuded an unusual personality, and continued as if she were sure of what she was saying.

“So, that f*cking b*stard seriously did this to my daughter? That’s interesting, human. No human could ever have such an impact on my daughters. I used to think that human beings were just pests that could do no good. Well, well, well. It seems that the world has not been abandoned yet.”


She had never seen her daughter act or change like this before.  

To think it was a sign of evolution and growth.

As her dependents, they weren’t allowed to evolve without their boss’s permission, and they cannot grow or change beyond what they have set for themselves.  

If Tamamo, the Nine-Tailed Fox, says that something is white, they will recognize it as white, even if it is a black, which is the limit as her dependents.

However, in reality, Yatsuha acted in a way that could be considered as “taking a stand” against her.  

“Kukuku… That human must have seduced my daughter and stimulated her dormant passion. Most likely, that chibi fell in love with that human and followed him willingly. That chibi has always had a tendency to stray from my control. I had my eye on her because she would run away when I told her to attack humans, and she would not fight for whatever reason, but I never thought he’d side with the humans. Nuhahaha…..!”

Tamo laughed, looking sincerely funny and happy.  

She couldn’t help but love the growth of her little girl, which she hadn’t intended.

“Interesting, interesting human! This makes me even more excited to meet you in person!  I wonder what kind of comedy you will bring to my daughters next!”

“Mother …… your tails……!”

A change came to the tails of Tamamo, which continued to laugh in an even better mood.  

Her originally golden body hair glowed faintly, and she was covered with what looked like particles of light, creating a sacred atmosphere.

“Oh, I was feeling so good that I almost went back to being a Land God. It’s not good, it’s not good….”

But that didn’t seem to be what Tamamo intended, and she consciously suppressed her glow.

“Hmm, that was a close one. Well, that’s okay, let’s head to the place where the humans are. If we rough them up a bit, the human man will show himself sooner or later.”

Feeling unprecedentedly high even after living for thousands or tens of thousands of years, the Nine-Tailed youkai Tamamo Gozen turned his attention to the Togami family, the center where powerful people gather.

Why had the Nine-Tailed Fox, the God of the Land, come to be shunned by the people as a Great Youkai?

And why does Tamamo rejoice in the changes and growth of her own family members?    

The mystery will not be revealed until Kenji Saito, the human man she is expecting, returns.

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