Isekai sōzō no Susu-me ~ sumahoapuri de wakusei o tsukutte shimatta ore wa kami to nari sekai o meguru ~ Chapter 149

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The setting is Tokyo, Japan, in the middle of the night.

It had been 20 days since Kuroko’s arrival in the other world, or 2 days after converting to this world, when evil spirits of all kinds of ayakashi were rampant in Japan, affected by near resurrection of the Nine-Tails.

“…It’s finally begun. So many powerful youkai and ayakashi have appeared in succession. It won’t be more than a few more ticks before the Great Youkai will return.”

“Hey old man, you can’t protect things you want protect with that kind of grim face. Smile when you’re in a pinch … It’s the basics of mercenaries.”

In the house of the Togami family, Genzo, the best Onmyouji master in Japan, and Harry Taylor, the strongest mercenary exorcist in England, talk to each other.  

The house is surrounded by multiple layers of seals that protect those who are able to fight from surrounding place that has been turned into a kind of other world due to to the overly strong youkai.

“I was expecting a difference in strength between us, but seeing this scene in person, I can’t help but feel bitter. That Great Youkai hadn’t even fully recovered yet, and it had already covered the entire city in strange space. What kind of magical power is needed to do that?”

Yes, the entire city of Tokyo has now been quarantined to another dimension by the magical power of the Nine Tails.

Not only can electronic devices can be used to communicate between the outside and inside of this space, but the intimidating feeling of the extraordinary magical power will cause ordinary people to go mad.

Rather than being a special ability, it would more correct to say that this space was the another world that the Evil God Tamamo Gozen personally owns.    

But fortunately or unfortunately, for some reason, only those with power – or more accurately, those with a lot of magical power or similar energy – are isolated in this space, while ordinary people are still spending peaceful nights in the real world.

As a result, it seems that it leads to the protection of the citizens, and there is a section where the two are relieved, but that is only the order of death has changed.

By that time, there was an overwhelming difference in strength.

“Nine-Tails must have identified who she should fight and who should be killed. In other words, the strongest person who can be a threat to her should die first.”

“That’s might be true. But the point is how we buy time for the Miko who is the biggest threat to Nine-Tails in this war. Doing this while protecting the citizens will be a little difficult.”

While continuing the conversation, the two continue to kill the small fry youkai that invade from outside the barrier.

The multiple layers of seals were useful for identifying and repelling the more powerful youkai, but weaker youkai tended to bypass them.

Since the original strategy was to buy time, the aim was to avoid fighting the strongest enemy possible and to bring the battle to an endurance battle.  

And while dealing with the tidal wave of weak youkai that often come to his doorstep, Genzo said to no one in the scene

“At first glance, the situation looks hopeless. But look at me, Great Yokai. The power of Onmyoudo, which I, or rather, the humans, have been studying for the past thousand years without you. I’ll let you taste it for yourself. I’ll do it …. I’ll leave the rest to you, Kuroko and Saito-dono.”

Genzo calmed himself as he thought of his granddaughter in preparation for the coming battle with fate.

“This is telekinetic team, telekinetic cannon is ready!”

“Good job! Target the entire front of the enemy! No need to aim for the number of enemies! …… ready, fire!

This is the Tokyo branch of a secret society associated with the government.    

Kuroko’s best friend, Mikado Saionji, who is already an ace psychic despite being a high school student was fighting back against the approaching quantity with the same quantity.

If we assume that the Togami family as a whole is an elite unit of a few elite Japanese psychic, then they are professionals in group warfare, supplementing their strength with numbers.  

Although there were no convenient technique like Onmyouji barrier, they were able to stop the overflowing youkai by turning their numbers into shields, swords and spears (defend, attack and support).

Taking advantage of the large number of troops, some went into battle, some supported the rear, and some took a break, achieving stable results.  

If they were fighting small fry, they might be much more efficient than the Togami family or Harry Taylor, who were all top-notch.

“The main monsters that appear are mainly skeletons and demons. Aside from their strength as monsters, it’s nice to know that they can be physically attacked with telekinesis.”

The main method of attack for Saionji is physical attack using telekinesis.  

The usual method is to bend, twist, and crush the body itself.

Therefore, she was relieved to find out who she was dealing with this time, as she is not very good with spectres and evil spirits, such as ayakashi.

“What a mess. It’s absurd of the Togami family to ask me to stall for about a month until that Kenji Saito guy returns. Well, I guess it’s a good opportunity to see with my own eyes the power of the man that Kuroko fell in love with and recognized.”

While complaining so, she turned her attention to the battlefield again.

It is still a long time before Kenji Saito, the key person in the battle of the Nine Tails, returns to Japan while various thoughts on the human side intersect.

The evil spirits of all kinds of ayakashi are spreading in the night world, and it will not be over until he comes back to this place with a grown up Kuroko Togami and hope.

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