Isekai sōzō no Susu-me ~ sumahoapuri de wakusei o tsukutte shimatta ore wa kami to nari sekai o meguru ~ Chapter 147

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Bella Shatira, whom I met again, took me to Lara Shatira, the chief of this village.  

The road was so civilized that it was hard to believe that this village coexisted with nature, and we could see how many outstanding wizards there were.  

Escalators and elevators were the norm, and the rooms were lit not by lamps but by fluorescent lamps made of magical tools.  

Contrary to its appearance, its contents are quite modern.

“It’s amazing, isn’t it?”

“Yes, it is. When Kenji was negotiating with the gatekeeper, I took a look around and found that the magical civilization of this village is several hundred years more advanced than that of Galhart.”

If you look at it as a magical civilization, the elves indeed have been studying it since the primitive times when there was no concept of occupation.

That’s a big difference.

“Here we are. This is the room where my mother is. It seems she had a meeting with the Brave, but now she’s made time for us.”

With that said, Bella then used some kind of communication magic to get in touch with her mother.    

The fact that she is communicating with the spirits with her hands over her ears suggests that the elves have a similar ability as a race to the “magic perception” skill of the [Spirit Users].

As I recall, Argus mentioned this during the Demon King battle.    

Then, I went through a huge wooden door guarded by gatekeepers, and inside I found a huge atrium room with a magnificent view of the outside.  

The room was on the top floor of a huge tree, so the ground looked very far away.

“Welcome travelers ──── No, God’s chosen warriors. I am the chieftain, Lara Shatira. This elf village welcomes you.”

“What? God’s chosen ……? It turns you’re such a big human race! I’m surprised ……. ”

Bella was surprised by the words of her mother, Lara, but it was me the one who was rather surprised.

I’m sorry that I thought that this remote village lacked access to information.

I’m surprised that she knew that Mizzet is a legendary Paladin.

“I’m not the well-informed person you think I am. …… It’s just that I can see it. I can only see the …… immense power of mana that you have.”


….. What?    

It’s not magic power, but mana?    

Does that mean that she understands some of the power I have as a Creator God?    

Oh no, I got caught.

It seems that the other side did not see through this avatar as divine, but still, to be able to see through the mana she was indeed worthy of being a High Elf.

She was the first higher race to evolve in the primordial era.

There are some sub-gods, higher-ranking jobs, and higher-ranking races that are strongly influenced by mana, so perhaps we were accepted as one of them.

But since she didn’t know which category we fell into, we might have been described as “God’s chosen warriors” as those who wore the miracles of the Creator God on their bodies.  

So that’s it, the word “warrior” refers to me, not Mizzet.

This is probably the reason why she is being strangely polite to the traveler, even though he is in a higher position as the head of the elven tribe.

“Well, Bella told me the reason for your visit to my office. …… I understand you are interested in exploring the dungeon.”

“Yes, I am. I have some idea of the origin of this labyrinth. I’m sorry for the delay, but my name is Kenji Galhart, and I’m a human traveling with Mizzet next to me.”

“I’am Mizzet Galhart.”

I hadn’t intended to talk so much before I met this person, but it seems that I’ve gained a lot of trust from her, so I decided to give her some light information about the dungeon.    

This was a kind of apology.

I don’t have any intention of conquering the labyrinth so far, I just want to use it as a training ground for Kuroko-san.

On the other hand, the other side would like to welcome me as a member of the dungeon conquest and solve the problem as soon as possible.    

In other words, providing this information is my way of making amends for not being able to participate in their activities.

“The mystery of the dungeon….?”

“Hey, how do you know about that? Even my mother desperately searched for it, it was a miss …. No matter how mysterious human you are, isn’t it overkill?”

It’s not unreasonable to think so, frankly.  

It is a natural reaction.

“It’s okay, Bella. Let’s listen to these people first. And I feel that they are trustworthy people. …… I don’t know why, but he gave off a familiar aura. It same as miracle I felt with Dharma, the Hero of the human race, long ago when I was still an elf …… I’m sure it was the will of the God of Creation that brought you to our village in this crisis.”

Lara’s face was calm and strangely convinced.

She didn’t know our origin, but she trusted us a lot.

Is that how strongly the memories of those days remain in her mind?    

Even though it was thousands of years ago, the memories of that time still remain vividly in her mind. ……  

As I said, humans are strange creatures.

“I’m glad to hear that you understand. Now let me tell you my guess. I’ll tell you tge story of the sub-god of the end, who is probably the master of this dungeon. “ 

I looked around the place and carefully spoke about the existence of this sub-god, his abilities, and his intentions.  

But at this time, no one in this place was aware except me.

The existence of a faintly miasma demon hidden behind the top floor of this large tree.

Now, I wonder what the other side will say when they hear about this.  

I didn’t think that the demon’s hand was reaching out to this village, but for a faint miasma, this guy is pretty clever.  

Because this intruder impressively mingled with the soldiers who are the chief escorts, he was so clever that she escaped the sight of Lara Shatira, the living legend, and the Brave.

If this avatar didn’t belong to the Creator God player, I would never have noticed it either.

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