Isekai sōzō no Susu-me ~ sumahoapuri de wakusei o tsukutte shimatta ore wa kami to nari sekai o meguru ~ Chapter 146

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“Why, why….. I’m pretty sure you’re a human, aren’t you? Isn’t that strange?”

“Well, I also have complicated circumstances.”

There are various things.

Bella, who had managed to regain her senses despite her confusion, commented on the situation, but I didn’t know what to say to her.

I can’t just be stupidly honest and say I’m a Creation God player, because she won’t believe me.

I mean, it’s going to bring unnecessary confusion.

Well, that being said, this is a good thing.    

This is because this Bella is Lara Shatira’s daughter that I was told to see.

Although we were only acquaintances for a short time, she understood part of my abilities and must have had a good eye for me to the extent that she went back to her hometown to tell her mother about it.  

So, now that she’s here, I’m sure she’ll at least try to drag me to her mother’s side.

“Anyway! I can’t just leave a mysterious human race like you like this. I don’t know why you’re here, and I need to know why you came to the dungeon at this time. I’ll take you to my mother, you can follow me.”

I did it.    

This was a stroke of luck, I was ready for the visit without any trouble.  

I immediately beckoned to Mizzet, who was touring the village, and introduced her to Bella.  

It would be fine if I went to see her privately, but as someone who is entering the dungeon, I think it would be better to see her together.

“Who’s the girl over there? What’s your girlfriend? Oh, you’re just trying to show me how happy you are that I’m still single. …… I’ll buy that fight.”

No, no, no, that’s not my intention.

The age of elves could not be known by appearance alone, so it was difficult to tell, but I wonder if Bella has been single long enough to be considered a late to marry?

Even now, she is muttering to herself, “Even though I’m still young” or “Just go to hell”.

How could this happen just because I introduced my travel companion?

“No, that’s not—

“I’m his wife. And Kenji is mine, then you’re in charge, right? Now get me through the dungeon, we also still have a lot of work to do.”


No, no, no. It’s true that we’re getting along like that, but she’s not girlfriend or wife yet.

Please don’t make things up on your own.

Look, you’ve already convinced her now.

But I see, in Mizzet’s mind, I’ve already become her husband.  

I can’t escape anymore…

Well, I’m not going to run away, though.

“Keeee! What the hell is wrong with you people?  Do you hate me that much? You’re making fun of me because I’m the daughter of a hero, and of all people, I’m the late married!”

“You are a noisy one. Just show us the way.”


Whether unconscious or aware of it, Bella, who was hurt by Mizzet’s provocation, attacked me with the whites of her eyes.

I didn’t think she would actually attack me.

“P, please stop, Bella-sama! Doing something like this in public is—”



The elven gatekeeper who was trying to stop Bella’s outburst was blown away by a vigorous yakuza kick that made him lose his consciousness.    

Ah, it hit his croctch. Its going to be hurt, definitely.

“Hey, what’s wrong with you? It’s dangerous…. Su!!!”


Then, Mizzet slams her fist into the belly of the late-married elf that attacks her, without question, and sinks her with a single blow.  

I’m scared, I’m scared of girls.

How can you guys start such a bloody battle without any hesitation?  

I’ve never seen such a thing before.  

Mizzet had no qualms about punching the grumpy woman with her fist in her face.

I’ve already know this, still I’m surprised.

“Well, you’ve done it, ……. You passed.”

“Of course. I’m still a top-notch Paladin.”

“Yeah, ugh!”

And finally, after a mysterious reconciliation, Bella fell to her knees.    

What the hell was that all about ……?    

What was the meaning of the exchange up to this point ……?    

I don’t know, I have no idea.  

But as it turns out, she passed the test, which means Mizzet now allowed to go with me.    

It’s a good result.

“I see. So it is.”

“That’s right. I knew what you were capable of from the beginning, which is good, but I didn’t know about your girlfriend, so I gave her the minimum test. If she can’t beat me as an archer in melee combat, it’s going to be tough to get you into the dungeon.”

We were currently being led by Bella to a huge treehouse that could be called the royal palace of the elven village.    

In this tree house, built in a huge tree that is probably the second biggest after the World Tree, there are not only Lara Shatira, who was the owner of the tree house, but also the Brave and his party inside.

In the first place, when Bella saw that I was complaining in front of the gatekeeper, she first tried to test Mizzet’s ability, and if she seemed to be able to use it in the dungeon, she was going to let us to see her mother once.

It seems that she thought that this was a good find when a boy with the power of a paladin, whom she remembered, but who was not supposed to be in the present age, appeared as a grown man.

If he had already blossomed as a Paladin back then, it was hard to predict how much of a fighting force he would be in this day and age, 100 years later.    

In any case, among the human species, the human race has a shorter lifespan but a slightly higher growth rate than the elves.  

He must acquire a great deal of strength, and he can even considered as a potential member of the Brave party.  

However, his companion is different.    

Regardless of the intentions of the village and the gatekeeper, she doesn’t care if Mizzet participated and was killed during the conquest. However, if she decided to join the Brave party, it’s different story. Bella seems to think that Mizzet will be required to have the appropriate ability.

That’s why Bella said she tested her first to make sure she had the minimum strength.    

If she even couldn’t fight back as a warrior without a weapon here, it’s not even worth of visiting.

As a chief, the schedule that her mother had was very busy, morever since this was an emergency situation, she probably wanted to accompanying us.

If it had been any other continent, if I mentioned Mizzet name the Legendary Paladin, everything will be smooth.

But this is a village.    

It’s a small village, not even a city.

The legend of Mizzet does not reach here. It’s different with other continent that is the stage of the Demon King battle across the sea, or the Garhart territory and its country.

Therefore, it was a pity that we got a pass in this way.

However, since I’m going to use it as a training ground for Kuroko-san later, I can’t be a part of this talk about passing the test or the Brave party.   

No, I’m here.

I’ll keep this to myself, I guess.

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