Isekai sōzō no Susu-me ~ sumahoapuri de wakusei o tsukutte shimatta ore wa kami to nari sekai o meguru ~ Chapter 13

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Preparation for adventure part 2

The fight incident with the thugs was over.

Although there was an accident where I unconsciously used magic, I was able to return to my house safely after that.

On the way back, I felt that the girl said something strange, but I couldn’t remember it clearly because I was trying to run away.

Well, I didn’t know if that girl thought the recovery magic was a magic trick or a supernatural phenomenon, but I wouldn’t be troubled if one of the ordinary people saw it.

Even if she told everyone about it, people would still think, “Are you out of your mind?’ And that’s it.

Nothing to worry about.

In spite of everything that happened, anyway, I started by storing the luggage I bought from the hardware store and convenience store, and once I checked [Story Mode], the character had been repaired and the screen went into standby mode.

It looked like an hour had passed.

I immediately selected [Story Mode] and went to another world.

After such a long time, the wyvern should had gone somewhere, because it wasn’t a dragon, it was just a wild animal.

If the prey was no longer there, it would just go to the next hunting ground.

Well, there was no problem with my body.

My body, which should have had its head eaten once, was in perfect condition when I arrived in the other world, as if nothing had happened to me.

When I checked the contents of dimensional storage in the app, I could see the machete that could be used as a proper weapon, so I decided to equip it immediately.

When I swung the machete around, it fit nicely in my hand even though I didn’t learn how to handle the weapon in particular, and I somehow understand how to move to fight.

If my occupation were a swordsman, I might be better at using the blade and making fine movements, but the warrior’s performance was also ample enough to be impeccable.

With preparations in place, I checked my current location on the app’s world map and look for nearby towns.

I’d like to do some more warming up, but I didn’t want to attract the attention of the wyvern a second time by playing for too long.

I didn’t want to go around in a dangerous forest like this at low level, so let’s just get out of here.

Checking the world map, this seemed to be a continent quite far away from the Demon Continent, the place where the largest number of human races were currently residing.

The demon continent was a base surrounded by islands, and those islands were places where Dragon God and his companions who had great powers continue to watch over the continent, and then further out were the numerous islands and several continents where humans lived.

Perhaps the dragon god was monitoring the continent to prevent the demon god’s forces from spreading the miasma to the rest of the world.

This formation that encircled the Demon Continent was what gave that impression.

In the continent where the most humans live and thrive, there seemed to be the ultimate evolutionary form of plants, the World Tree, where not only humans, but many other human races live as well.

It was a bit far from here, but I hope to visit someday.

After confirming the general situation of the world, I checked for the nearby towns and found a town of human species not far from here.

At this distance, I should be able to reach it before nightfall.

I didn’t know what time was in this world now, since the flow of time was different and there was no point in comparing the time with the earth, but the sun was still right above me.

That meant it should be noon.

Then let’s go.

While chopping up the surrounding grass and other materials with a machete, I proceeded to the town in a straight line while checking the app’s map.

Although it was a bit inappropriate to say it was in passing, I used the [Oracle] function to contact the Dragon God.

At that time, I thought it was just a game after all and didn’t carefully consider the Oracle’s function, but things are different now.

Perhaps the reason why dragons didn’t attack humans in the distant ancient primordial era was because I gave instructions in the [Oracle] to [Don’t exterminate humans].

I know that clearly now.

Moreover, I had asked them to “take care of this world”, so the Dragon God and his attendants, who really took that to heart, surrounded the demon continent with islands to protect the world from the demon gods, and are still on guard even now.

I thought that the Dragon God had done this just by accepting the “Oracle” once.

I couldn’t help but think that dragons are really serious about their manners.

There’s not much I can do at this low level, but I should at least say a few words of encouragement.

Someday I’d like to give out some kind of reward.

”Uh, yeah. Let’s see…. I can send [Oracle] in this world too. Open a message and……..

As I walked along, I typed in article after another in the [Oracle]’s message board.

Needless to say, the contents were of course thanks for all the hard work he had been doing, the hope that one day I would be able to give a reward for his hard work, and the fact that although it should had been known already, the human [Brave] was very powerful to seek help in war against the Demon God, and so on.

And finally I told him that I had landed in this world and sent him a message.

I didn’t know what Dragon God was thinking, but he is a serious person.

I was sure he’d do something.

I’d leave the rest to him.

After such thingkings, the town finally came into view as I was progressing while killing the wild Horned Rabbit that occasionally popped out with a machete.

This happened when I had each of my occupation levels raised by one, and I had reached level 3.

“Oh, I see it! That’s the town of this world! …The civilization has been completely established, and the structure of the city wall is built quite solidly.”

It could probably be said to be medieval, having that kind of appearance.

With my heart full of expectation, I set out for the town at a fast pace.

That day, the whole world shook.

Because the Dragon God had received a new oracle.

The Dragon God, the god of the Dragon Clan who had taken on the task of guarding the world by receiving the [Oracle], has been in charge of guarding the world since the ancient times.

The Dragon God contacted the World Tree, also known as the Goddess of the Harvest, the Goddess of the Elves, etc., who is also known as the Goddess of Plants and is in charge of nature, and did her best to protect the world.

To the Dragon God, the Creator God was like a father figure.

There is no doubt that the miasma of the demon god and his attendants, who betrayed father, spread to the continent and plunged the world into a crisis, father listened to my wish and brought the miracle of occupations to grant salvation.

The creation of the human race was also a hint of this.

Father understood that there would one day be a traitor from among the dragons guarding the world, and perceived the existence of a demon god and his dependents that even the strongest dragon god could not suppress.

It was for this reason that Father created mankind to reproduce and empower them in preparation for the day to come.

Then, when the world was in crisis, he sent people such as “Braves”, “Saints”, “Swordsmen”, and “Sages” to fight alongside the Dragon Clan.

The Dragon God quietly trembled with emotion in a place where there were no dependents of the Dragon God.

He deeply felt that the creatures such as himself and the World Tree were protected and cherished by the father who is the creator god.

He recalled the miracles of Oracle, encounter with braves, encounters with humans, and the many miracles that his father brought to him.

Whether it was the humans that his father asked him to protect or the world, to him all of them were beautiful things.

And his father told him, who is the guardian of the world, “You have worked hard.”

When he thought about it, the eyes of the Dragon God were filled with power.

He said, “I can’t stay like this. I must immediately convey this oracle to the Goddess of the World Tree as well….”

The Dragon God, who possessed the greatest power as an individual, began to move in response to his father’s expectations.

However, how this decision would the affect the world in the future, a matter of which there was no way of knowing for the creator god in question, Saito Kenji

If he later saw the Dragon God’s excessive reaction, he would surely say:

“My gosh! What have I done …”

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