Isekai sōzō no Susu-me ~ sumahoapuri de wakusei o tsukutte shimatta ore wa kami to nari sekai o meguru ~ Chapter 12

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Preparation for adventure part 1

When I operated the loot through the app, it was easy to take out the horned rabbit.

Like this, it suddenly appeared out of nothing, lightly.

“Hey hey, is this for real…”

Lying across my room was a dead horned rabbit and a stone.

Faced with a sight that was clearly out of reality, I became speechless.

Of course, since I could take it out, it seemed that I could also collect it, and just like when I was in the different world, if I raise my smartphone and meditate to store it, the loot was stored in the app…….

Apparently, dimensional storage can be used for both earth and other world well.

“No, in other words……can I bring the things I got on Earth over there as well?

I immediately tried to store kitchen knives as an experiment.

And I succeeded in storing them.

There seemed to be no barrier between the world and the materials that could be stored.

“This is.. really works.”

It was hard to get weapons on that side of the world, but if you buy survival knives and other things on this side of the world, the adventure would be a lot easier.

And depending on the amount of loot you acquired in the other world, there might be things that have value in this side of the world as well.

For example, gold, silver and other such treasures.

If I could make a living from this, I’d be able to free myself from living as a salaryman, right?

With a faint hope, I immediately made preparations to go out and went directly to a nearby hardware store.

Of course, it was to prepare for the adventure.

The first thing I wanted to buy was a powerful LED flashlight and a large kitchen knife.

Originally, I wanted a survival knife, but unfortunately, they didn’t provide it.

Survival knives are not practical in modern Japan, and even if they have one, it’s just for hobby, and it’s only sold in military stores.

On the way home from the hardware store, I bought about 1 dozen of natural water and rice balls from a convenience store.

No one else would ever take a risk on an adventure with just these rice balls, but I have dimensional storage.

No matter how much luggage I had, It didn’t feel heavy at all.

Then, when I was ready to go home, I heard a noise from the alley.

“Wait, what do you guys want!?”

“Hey, isn’t that a bit cold? I said we’d take you to a nice place.”

“Yeah, yeah, after all, you’re cute, so consider it our treat.”

“Please, please let go of me!”

It seemed that the thugs were pestering the girl.

The girl seemed reluctant, but the two thugs surround her and won’t let her escape.

It’s a shame that they still do this in this day and age, but should I call the police?

Thinking about these things, I was staring at the thugs while reaching for my phone when the activation of my skill suddenly flashed into my mind.

Although I didn’t want to fight in the first place, the reason it was triggered probably because I wondered how strong those guys were.

[Thug 1]

Very weak.

[Thug 2]

Very weak.

“Uh! …Hey hey, no way!?

For some reason, just like in the otherworld, I got a messy appraisal result that could only be seen as a licking of the player.

Whether it was a dream or an illusion, apparently I can use my job skills in this world as well.

But maybe it was because I was so surprised by the results of the appraisal that I shouted out loud, or maybe it was because I had my hand on my phone as if to call the police, my existence had caught their attention.

Including that girl, all of them were gazing at me perfectly.

“Hey, hey, old man. Aren’t you a little too cool for that? That kind of thing isn’t popular nowadays. I mean, what is that phone, and where are you trying to call?  You’re underestimating us huh?”

They misunderstood me, who was shaken by the results of the appraisal, and insulted me with their attitude, then one of them took out a knife like object from his pocket .

“Hey, hey, don’t point out a knife at a place like this, it’s dangerous, isn’t it?”

But unbelievably, I didn’t falter at all when it was obvious that he had taken out a knife.

The main reason for that was that I felt that “I’m stronger than you”.

After a little thought, I put the smartphone in my hand into my pocket and walked towards them.

“Oh? Hey, that old man really wants to f*ck!”

“From time to time, you’re such a self-righteous b*stard. I’m off to hunt that oldman!”

Of the two men, the one without a knife came at me.

I calmly watched the his action and tripped him with my foot as I brushed past him.

He didn’t expect me to counterattack him, perhaps, but he had too much momentum and went crashing face first into the ground and spinning around.

Wow, that looked painful.

On closer inspection, his teeth were all broken.

“Aaahhhhh! It hurts! It hurts!”

“What? What the hell are you doing? Don’t let this old man get away with it!”

“It hurts!!!

“Shit! Go to hell!”

The guy without knife were bleeding in the head, and this time the rest actually came at me with his weapon.

Still, it didn’t feel like a threat, and I responded with calm thinking.

I passed by the man who was waving the knife around, and kicked him from behind.


“Wow, you’re really weak…

I couldn’t help but let my true feelings slip out.

No, he was really weak after all.

I didn’t know why, but he wasn’t no match for me at all.

But there was something that I understand because of that.

Before the battle started, I still had my doubts, but it seemed that I could not only use my skills, but they even reflect my character’s level.

My current evasion and attacks were clearly not amateurish in their movements, and it was so powerful.

It was as if I had been possesed by a warrior who lives by fighting, and that was the extent of the power.

Perhaps, I was very strong.

As I realized this fact and put my hands together to check my physical senses, I heard a voice from behind me.

”Ah, um! Thank you very much!!”

“Ah, you’re welcome. After all, I just had a little something i wanted to confirm.”


The girl looked confused. But it can’t be helped, even if I tell the truth, I’ll only be seen as crazy.

I changed the subject appropriately.

…But, on closer look she really was a beautiful girl.

Even if the thugs were 100 percent to blame, She was still a beautiful girl that I can understand why those guys want to call out to her.

The girl, who looked like she was in high school and was wearing a fashionable uniform, stammered to show her appreciation.

“I really don’t know how to express my gratitude,” she said.

“No, it’s really okay. It’s an easy win anyway.”

“But the cut on your cheek…


I touched my right cheek with my hand and found that it had been slightly swiped by the haphazardly wielded knife, and that it was dripping blood.

There was blood on my right hand.

The first time I received a fresh wound in reality, the shaken me couldn’t help but activate the skill.

“Oooh! “Pain, pain, fly away!”?

Filling my head with the idea that I must find a way to heal my wounds, I activated my recovery skill.

However it seemed to be a mistake.



It was awkward.

“…ah, ah, that, wait…”

“…hahahahahahaha, that’s what?

I realized that was a mistake to launch the skill, but it was too late.

The wound on my right cheek was wrapped in the faint glow of the recovery magic, and the wound that was cracked completely disappeared.

It was completely healed.

And the paranormal phenomenon was completely exposed.

Although trying to muddle through, it was probably just a futile effort.

“That, what just happened was…

“Oooooohhhhh! Bye! I’ll leave them to you!”

I ran away from that place in a panic.

Come to think of it, I didn’t have to run away anxiously, but common sense wouldn’t work for me who was panicking by mistake of an unexpected wound healed and being seen.

In short, the only thing on my mind was the idea of fleeing from where I was.

Then, I rushed out of the back alley at a walking speed that I couldn’t think of as an uncle.

“JK-san, please take care of yourself!”

I ran away, leaving behind the girl who was watching my suspicious behavior.

Then, just as I was running through, I heard a strange voice.

“…I didn’t expect to find you in a place like this.”

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