Isekai sōzō no Susu-me ~ sumahoapuri de wakusei o tsukutte shimatta ore wa kami to nari sekai o meguru ~ Chapter 100

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The end

The roar of lightning across the crumbling courtyard of the Royal Castle.

The “Death Sentence” aimed at the Demon King descended as black lightning from subspace and burned his body to the ground.

I don’t know if it was fire or lightning or something completely unknown, but the attack peeled off the scales of a primordial dragon, which has a great resistance to magic, like a paper and inflicted enormous damage.

Although he did not die instantly because he had powers far beyond that of my avatar character, he was undoubtedly pushed to the point where he could not move his body.

“But my magic was also completely empty. …… If this doesn’t work out, it’s all over.”

In a tension-filled atmosphere, we wait with bated breath for the black thunder and lightning to die down.

Then, after watching for some time, the lightning subsided and ended at about the count of six.

So that’s it, because a countdown is required, so the attack time is the same?

Maybe if the countdown time is set to be longer, the attack will last even longer.

“Guaaaaaaa…. How, how is this possible. This attack is, what’s going on… You’ve even penetrated my resistance too ……”

“Accept your fate, Demon King! My Kenji is invincible, so it’s no use fighting back!”

Mizzet pointed her holy sword at the fallen Demon King and urged him to surrender.

If she was a rebellious girl in the past, she would have killed him out without saying a word, but it seems that she now has the option of listening to him.

On the battlefield, that can be a kind of naivety, but it’s a very good tendency in the sense of growing up and not just judging someone on whether or not to be kill.

But the Demon King, who was being urged to surrender, did his best to hold up his upper body and stare at me.

“Unacceptable ……! How can I accept that! Why are you the only ones who are always so lucky! Is that luck because you are loved by the God of Creation? Or is it because you humans are the only ones created as a race of destiny? How can I agree with that, something like that ……! Unforgivable…. No, it’s impossible to forgive you!”

Whipping the body, which was no longer able to move, he forced himself to crawl in an attempt to bite his target.

The earlier attack seemed to have damaged even his brain, and the Demon King’s eyes already didn’t see Argus, the Swordsman, or Mizzet.

But for some unknown reason, the deadly figure was only staring at me, slowly moving towards me at a determined pace.

I don’t know if it’s because the figure continuing to move by sheer force of will makes me feel of heartache, but there is one thing I understand.

“So, you know, who am I?”

Driven to the extreme, the Demon King’s wish, which he still has to fulfil, finally realises the true identity of the God of Creation at the soul level of instinct and intuition.

To have reached until this extent, that’s really pity.

After all, it is my responsibility to create irresponsibly and to let it go so far.

If he’s hopelessly remorseful as one who expressed approval of the powerless dragon, The Demon God, then I can’t ignore this guy’s wishes.

Come to think of it, all the demons I have encountered so far have negative feelings of inferiority and jealousy, and live off the support of the ritual of demonisation.

I wonder what I’m doing now, but if that’s what he want, if I’m the only target of his attack, then I’m willing to grant his wish.

I used my hand to stop the three who were hesitant to make a move to end the Demon King, who was approaching with only his senses, and I approached him.

“…… Your thoughts have already been conveyed to me.”

“What’s point all of this? Do you know how much anguish the powerless dragon you created had to endure? Why should there be a gap between the Dragon God and him! Why distinguish between the good and the bad! Why!”

There is nothing in his eyes already.

The Demon King’s body began to crumble, his eyes became white and his pupils disappeared.

The strength to eat my avatar was gone.

“I make no excuses. The reason for your suffering is all because of my lack of power.”

Even though I didn’t know it at the time, this world was not a game at all.

Morever, I didn’t realise the obvious, that there was a superiority of races.

It would be irresponsible to say that if I had not created them, they would not have been born.

But it is impossible to create two people with exactly the same power, and then it is impossible to create a race with the same power.

Besides, I don’t know about those who haven’t I met, those in the world I haven’t visited yet, but there are probably others who have grievances too.

But even so.

Even so there is one thing I must ask.
Or rather a question.

“Nah, even so there is something I want to ask you. In your eyes, does the powerless Primodial Dragon have any regrets about being friends with the Dragon God? Do you yourself regret being born a primordial dragon?”


This is what I am questioning.

I know they feel irrational about the world.

I also know that they are jealous of those who are given preferential treatment.

But somehow it didn’t seem to me that the Demon God or the Demon King really hated the Dragon God.

When I was looking over the world in the app, I thought to myself when I saw the Demon God who had turned against him.

Why did he retreat of that day?

Demon King was in verge of death, and yet he was a fellow who follow him to this point, but to a certain extent, the Demon God power that has driven the Dragon God to a desperate situation will only retreat due to serious injuries.

I can’t be sure, but the demon god must have had something on his mind at the time.

Then the demon king speaks.

“…… So, you saw everything through.”

“There is no such thing.”

No, there really was no such thing.

After all, there are all things that I don’t understand, and I hadn’t even realised there was such a behind-the-scenes story until I listened to him.

But somehow I could see the jealousy and anger, but I didn’t see any regret.

That’s all.

But as if he had realized something, the urge to bite me earlier died down.

He probably no longer even had the strength to speak.

Then the demon king moved his mouth, which was unable to move, and muttered something in a low voice.

“…… Have you loved …… us?”

“Of course I have.”

“… I see….”

──── Ah, thanks God.
──── Well, then, please take care of him.

The Demon King left words with a faint voice that faded away with the wind, and decayed away.

“Of course. I will definitely fulfill your wish for you.”

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