Isekai sōzō no Susu-me ~ sumahoapuri de wakusei o tsukutte shimatta ore wa kami to nari sekai o meguru ~ Chapter 10

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Story Mode part 2

What the hell happened here?

I looked around, but only huge trees were growing lushly around me.

Well, I was playing a game just now.


“I’m in my 30s and I’m senile? No, I don’t think so…”

It was still too early to be senile, so it was impossible.

As I pondered this, temporarily dazed with relief, my smartphone suddenly began to vibrate.

“Ah, my phone is ringing…”

I couldn’t help but pick it up and looked at the screen because of my company instincts that it was my boss calling.

Thus, the familiar planetary main screen and the message of the game were displayed on the screen.

[Story mode has started. Check the status of your physical ability to be the alter ego of the Creator God and the app function in Story Mode]

When I tapped on the phone to see the rest of the screen, I could see the ability values and skills of the characters used in my story mode as a ‘status screen’, as well as a world map of the planet, and it seemed that my smartphone had a dimension storage function similar to an item box.

I see, that was convenient.

With this, I should be able to know where I was right away.

“Ah, no….. That wasn’t the point, how did I get into this situation anyway?”

It was beyond common sense to say it was a prank. The status screen showed exactly what I looked like when I was a teenager.

When I look closely, my arms and legs had shrunk a lot!

It was amazing to see my body revert back to its teenage years.

I was too amazed to even close my open mouth.

My heart was pounding, and cold sweat was beading down on me.

No way, no, it couldn’t be…….

No, but……….

I didn’t know what I was thinking, but I slowly lifted up my smartphone and said, “Collect” to a nearby rock.

Then, just as I had a bad feeling, my smartphone used a mysterious power that no earthly science could ever achieve, and the pebble disappeared in front of me.

I was afraid that the stone was stored in the dimensional storage of the smartphone.

“Is it really true…? But now I understand it clearly. Now, I am in a game. And this must be the land of the planet I created…….”.

Wow~, I was so surprised that I couldn’t speak anymore.

However, I was actually on a planet that was created with an app because of [Story Mode].

It was fact that I was young again, as well as the messages on my smartphonephone, and this mysterious power.

There was plenty of evidence, there was no excuse for it.

Instead of engaging in a futile internal debate about whether this was reality or a dream, I stared at my consciousness and saw it as reality without deception.

To be honest, I was surprised. I guessed that was what you mean by a complete lack of reality.

“Speaking of which, can I log out?”

Since it was the status of [Story Mode], it should be able to be terminated as well.

I was trying my best to operate the smartphone with trembling fingers, and when I tap on Story Mode, the item [Logout] was displayed in gray.

Well~, even if I clicked on it, the status would only appear [Cannot log out!] error report. It seemed that this feature didn’t work for now.

But it was great that the concept of logging out still seemed to exist.

…….No, was this still good?

Came to think of it, the passage of time was different between here and the real world, and even if I live for years here, only one day had passed over there, it should be possible.

That was why I was thinking that this was a rare opportunity to take a vacation, wasn’t it?

Yeah, it was a vacation. I thought this app was weird, but I didn’t realize it was really an app to create a different world…

Why would an app like this fell into my hands, although there was no clue yet, but I actually did play and had created a planet with the app, so there was no choice but to go into business, I guessed.

Well, let’s gone be by gone.

I’d decided to survive in this world.

“Anyway, the current goal is to reach a place with human population.”

I didn’t seem to have any particular luggage, except for my teenage clothes in a different world style.

I thought there might be a weapon, and I tried to check the dimensional storage of my smartphone, but contrary to my expectations, there was only the stone I had just stored.

No, how was I supposed to fight like this.

Even though it was created by myself, there were many dangerous creatures in this world…….

There had to be a limit to how unfriendly it can be.

On a side note, the only skills I had right now were body strengthening for [Warrior], recovery magic for [Priest], and appraisal for [Alchemist].

I thought that as soon as I level up my occupations, I would be able to increase the skills and magic I used and the effects of my skills would become stronger, so I would have to keep training in that area.

Probably as long as I fought or something I could raise my level.

I tried actually throwing rocks and swinging a branch I found nearby. The rock would fly far away, even though it was thrown by a child. And I would have some idea what it felt like to handle a tree branch as a weapon.

Not only the physical ability, but also the motor nerves seemed to have improved completely.

As expected of warrior, although they didn’t specialize in a specific fighting style, their physical performance was all high.

Maybe that was the effect of the skill as well.

Just as I was thinking about that and lightly swinging the branch, a rustling sound came from behind me.

When I looked closely, there was a rabbit-like creature with long horns like in the game that was threatening me.

It was so cute.

“..I always feel that I understand how to use skills. Okay, appraisal!”

[Horned Rabbit]

So weak.

Hey, was that all there was?

What was the point of being weak in the first place?

I didn’t even know if it was weak against me or if it was weaker than the standard creatures of this world, but…….

Weren’t you too incompetent appraisal-san?

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