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Imperial Calendar – Year 89/3 month. The Campus of the Knights Academy of Materia

The list with the names of the approved candidates had been published. A young red-haired boy named [Huntis Harmillion] was surprised, as his lips trembled as he looked at the bulletin board.

“This is a lie ………. How is this possible? ……..”

The list covered the bulletin board, in the upper left corner, a name was written.

[Huntis Harmillion] this name appears in the upper left corner —— In the third position.

Approved. A third place is a good result.

Generally speaking, this should be a scene that makes anyone very happy. But Huntis had a look of disbelief as he observed his name.

“Am I not the first place ……?”

Yes. The goal of Huntis is not just to be approved.

His main objective was to be the best.

The Holy Karurona Empire, famous for its “Coats of Arms Knights”, all boys and girls throughout the empire were eager to enter this academy.. Of course, passing this exam is not an easy thing. And much less achieve first place.

But for Huntis, this challenge is by no means enermous thing.

In fact, if he takes the entrance test one year earlier or later, he can undoubtedly achieve the first place.

Because his score is much higher than the highest score in the past years.

However, genius appeared this year.

It’s the genius whose achievements even surpassed Hantis.

And there are two at once.

“You’re a sl*ve nation!”

A voice echoed from behind him.

Huntis looked back and saw a confrontation between two people.

One of them was a boy, no, rather a teenager. It looked like he had taken the exam. The young man has a robust physique and seemed to be angry. Maybe it’s just that he looks older, or maybe it’s because that person has failed off the test many times.

On the other side is a petite girl who is much smaller than the young man. She should be about 14 or 5 years old.

Only her back can be seen from the position of Huntis. But the black hair flowing in the wind has already shown her identity.

She appeared to belong to a group of people named Yamatai who were brought here as sl*ves from a foreign country in the east. Therefore, they have the nickname “sl*ve nation”, and because of their skin color, they are also called “yellow-skinned people.”

“Although I don’t know how you did it, you must have cheated to get that kind of score!”

“Cheated? Do you have anything as proof?” ……”

Responding to the young man who said in an intimidating voice, the girl provoked with a challenging sentence.

“You jerk!”

A large vein could be seen on his forehead, as he roared, he drew a battle ax that was on fire from empty air. Filled with fury, he rushed to close the gap with the girl. Armed with his battle ax he began to attack.

(It is dangerous!)

Huntis could not help yelling in his heart, but he knew immediately that this worry was unnecessary..

She dodged the attacks – Moving at the perfect timing then launching an attack, and young man’s body took it without being able to retaliate

(She is strong……!)

At the same time that Hunts was surprised, he also developed a sense of competition for her, and then at the next moment-

He was mesmerized.

The girl started spinning and then sent him flying into the sky. Somehow, two beautiful swords appeared in her hand.

A clear blue glow emanated from the swords – as if they were water.

Her black hair brushed, while the boy was turning, and their weapons striking each other caused great winds. With surprising speed and the constant clashng of winds, a whirlwind was produced. All this had happened in an instant. At the same moment, she winked; the girl mercilessly wanted this guy to ask for forgiveness.

All of this had happened in an instant.

It is a “Dance”. That was what Huntis thought.

Just calling it “Attack”, it’s too boring way to express it.

Sword Dance.

Elegant and beautiful, but also very powerful.

Huntis was fascinated, that girl’s sword technique is beautiful.

The girl jumped, and came to Huntis’s line of sight.

Her is really beautiful.

Her face was graceful, but at the same time delicate.

She seems to have the characteristics of a noble. She had a strong presence, and her lips are pink. The color of his pupils is like obsidian, but loneliness can be seen in her gaze.

Although she is a “Yellow Person”, the color of her skin is white.

At that moment, Huntis felt an intense sensation in his chest.

She landed on the floor. The young man while he was in the air, a gust of wind blew and destroyed his clothes, leave him only with his underwear. Surprisingly, he didn’t seem to be hurt.

“I will remember this!”

With those final words, the young man left quickly.

“What a nice show, as expected of Saya Sakurai.”

Someone from the crowd praised her.

(Saya……Sakurai, Then she is……)

Huntis recalled the published list, her name was written above his.

In other words, she is the second place on the list. Outperforming the prodigy Huntis.

“…… Who are you?”

The girl who was called Saya suddenly turned her head. Standing in front of her sight is a handsome young man with a neutral look. Overall, his slender figure gives a gentle impression. However, it is easy to see from the way of walking that this guy is not a common person.

The other party did not respond to Saya’s question, but instead turned his attention to Huntis for some reason.

“And you are Huntis Hamillion, right?”

Suddenly his name was called, Huntis can’t help but surprised, and looked at him with suspicion.

“Yes. I’m Huntis……But who are you?”

“My name is Reece. Reece Regalgent.”

The young man replied. Huntis stared at him, recalling that his name was written on the top left corner of the published list.

That must mean that he is the person at the top of the list-

Then, the young man who claimed to be Reece turned his gaze to the two people standing behind him. One of them is a blond girl who seems to be an upper-class noble lady and a giant boy with over two meters tall.

‘‘And They are Arurena Arato and Mustoria Mufare.”

“Nice to meet you.”

“Here as well.”

“Arato Arurena and Mutoria Mufare……? You are the fourth and fifth……?”

Saya Sakurai joins in as well and asked while looking around.

“Yes, now that we have gathered here – No, all of you in the top five……Actually, I have a proposal I want all of you to listen to.”


Huntis had a face of doubt. Reece put on a cordial smile, and he said:

“If the five of us formed a team, do you think it will go well?”

Now, in the Year 89 and 3rd month, as planned, these five people formed a team.

The Knights Academy of Materia have rewritten all of the students records. There’s no doubt that the strongest team in the history of the Academy was created.

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