Invincible Hero of Necromancer – Chapter 9

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Chapter 9 Assassination


“You attempted to enter a meditative state ……”

“Concentration level reached the minimum level to enter meditation, perception successfully contracted ……”

“You have successfully entered the meditation state!”

“Based on your level of concentration, you are currently in a shallow meditative state.”


“Meditation is over.”

“Based on your performance within the meditation process, your maximum mana value has increased by 6 points. Current mana value is 66.”

“Special feedback cannot be obtained for shallow meditation.”

“You have earned the Race achievement [Beginner].”

“[Beginner]: Successfully perform a meditation. Base bonus mental +2. 10% increase in meditation effect while using it.”


After observing the system log, Rod’s heart burst with joy. In his previous life, Rod had also obtained the achievement [Beginner], but did not enjoy the additional rewards brought by the race.

“I remember that in my previous life, the beginner achievement seemed to be only +1 mental and no additional rewards after using it. Now not only is the increased mental raised, but it also enhances the meditation effect after using it.” Rod recalled for a while.

Comparing it with the achievement in his memory, Rod once again realized how high the obtained achievement would provide attributes with the addition of Race. At the same time, Rod also deeply understood how powerful his basic attributes alone would become for himself who was able to obtain a large number of Race achievements.

Shaking his head, Rod forced himself not to think about these regarding achievements for the time being and focused on the line of necromancer apprentices on the ground not far away. In conjunction with the Eagle Eye technique, Rod looked towards the enemy.

In the forefront is a group of skeleton soldiers, the specific number of Rod did not count, think there should be a dozen. The middle of the team is a black-robed man on a horse, covered in black robes, which is the standard dress of necromancers. This person should be the manipulator of this team of undead, necromancer apprentice.

On either side of the apprentice and behind him followed four heavily armed skeleton warriors. The rear of the team is a large group of walking corpses in dense, due to the slowest speed of the walking corpses, can only limp behind to follow. Rod reckoned that the apprentice had also put this large group of walking corpses at the end of the group for this reason.

Rod was quietly observing in the tree, and was in a very concealed position, so as long as the apprentice did not determine that someone was in the tree and watching carefully, he would not find himself.

As the apprentice’s group moved a little closer to the tomb, Rod slowed his breathing to reduce any possibility of revealing his position.


Elliott was thinking all the way back about what he was going to do with all the gold coins he had back at the necromancy academy.

First of all, I want to learn all the courses that I could not afford before, what mysticism depth meditation, and then learn some powerful spells, and after all these are learned, I will become a first-class necromancer, whether it is to participate in the various wars on the continent, or become a great lord of the land, I can achieve that of all….

As Elliott got closer and closer to the tomb he found, his heart suddenly had a bad feeling. Elliott does not understand the origin of this feeling, just know that this feeling makes him very uncomfortable.

Before fully approaching the tomb, Elliott was surprised and angry to find that his original sealed exit was opened again at this time. Elliott clearly remembered that he was letting the undead creatures seal the exit of the tomb before leaving.

Who …… Elot’s mind came up with this thought.

Elliott first suspected that someone had come here, but this tomb had existed for so long without being discovered, and it was not very likely that someone else would find this place by luck alone.

If no one else has been here, then the biggest possibility is that the undead creatures sleeping in the catacombs have awakened. Elliott came to this conclusion.

Elliott felt it in his mind. The undead creatures he had arranged to guard in the passage had all disappeared at this time, they should be eliminated.

There is no time to feel sorry for these undead creatures, Elliott thought for a while in the same place, reason told him, at this time he already has the required gold, the safest way is to immediately leave this place, the rest of the undead creatures for gold and then hurry back to the Academy.

But Elliott’s heart has another voice, he is not willing to just leave. The tomb has a sleeping undead creature, according to his idea, the most likely is that this undead creature woke up, rather than the tomb was found by others.

The undead creature in the tomb has long been predetermined by Elliott. Elliott believes that with the help of this powerful undead creature, he will soon be able to stand out in the academy.

In the end, he still have to go to the depths of the tomb himself, then he will know naturally. Thinking of this, Elliott turned down his horse and began to deploy the undead creatures.

Elliott first had all the skeleton soldiers to the perimeter to guard against possible enemies, and then had the walkers scattered to the outermost perimeter to observe. After arranging the skeleton soldiers and walking corpses, Elliott prepared to enter the passage.

Another bad feeling came, Elliott was sure that there was something inside the passage.

Since he didn’t know the specifics of the passage, Elliott had two skeleton warriors enter the passage first to see if there were enemies lurking inside the passage.

The skeleton warriors are low-ranking undead creatures and cannot convey specific information. After determining that there was no abnormality inside the passage, Elliott was ready to enter the passage to see for himself.


Rod was on the tree watching the deployment of the undead creatures made by the apprentice of the necromancer underneath, and he couldn’t help but secretly feel something dangerous.

Rod had thought of assassinating him lurking in the channel before, but considering that there were too many variables in the channel, he gave up this idea. At this time, the prudent approach of the Necromancer confirmed this. Without this tree, Rod could not think of a suitable place to hide.

Rod saw that the necromancer apprentice sent two skeleton warriors down the passage. This is undoubtedly good news for Rod. What Rod had to consider, in addition to how to deal with the necromancer apprentice, there was the rest of the group of undead creatures how to deal with.

Once surrounded by this group of undead creatures, the ability of those creatures that are not afraid of death will be maximized. With the four skeleton warriors, it may be difficult to get out of it.

Fortunately, the apprentice first sent the two skeleton warriors to the tomb. Although the remaining group of undead creatures is extremely large, as long as he is not surrounded, he can overcome them all even if it takes a little longer .

Rod watched the necromancer apprentice walk toward the passage, in order to improve the success rate of assassination, Rod will be the remaining point of free attribute points allocated to the speed, the current speed attribute is 9.

Since it was an assassination that jumped from a height, the sharp blade coupled with the impact of gravity can cause great damage. The assassination was not based on Rod’s own strength, but Rod’s hit rate.

Although it is almost impossible to miss, but just in case, Rod will still allocate the remaining attribute points to speed. In addition to increasing the speed of strikes and movement, the speed attribute can also improve one’s reaction ability.

The necromancer apprentice came to the entrance of the passage, first looked down, then stretched out a foot, ready to step into the passage.

At this point, while the apprentice’s attention was all focused on the passage, Rod moved.

Rod leaped out of the tree trunk five or six meters above the ground, holding a sword in both hands, and the sword was down. The target pointed by the blade is the apprentice of the Necromancer with half of his foot in the tomb.

The apprentice, as if he sensed something, looked back at Rod, and his body instinctively tried to dodge this surprise attack from the sky. The necromancer apprentice still had a trace of dismay in his eyes.

Rod’s sword easily pierced the necromancer’s back, from the top of the spine, diagonally from top to bottom. With the aid of gravity, Rod didn’t even have to exert much effort, he only needed to hold the hilt with both hands, and the sword was completely submerged in the apprentice’s body from his back.

Blood shot out with the longsword, but immediately stopped due to muscle contraction. The hot blood splashed onto Rod’s face, unlike in the previous game of battle, and different from the previous in the catacombs to kill the cold undead, Rod can feel a heat from the blood.

A …… heat of life.

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