Invincible Hero of Necromancer – Chapter 8

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Chapter 8: Elliott

Elliott always felt that he was a lucky man.

When the village was sacked by bandits as a child, the bandits burned down the entire village after looting it, and Elliott escaped because he hid in a dry well.

After wandering all the way in the forest, the ordinary teenager is estimated to be either starved to death or eaten by beasts. But in the forest, Elliott was always lucky enough to find food, whether it was wild fruit that can be picked, or leftover rotting carcasses of beasts.

One time Elliott was forced into a pit by a group of beasts, in his huddle waiting to die when suddenly found that the beasts hesitated to come forward, and finally gave up the mouth of food to choose to leave, the pit came from the cold breath has always made Elliott vivid memories.

Until many years later became a necromancer Elliott returned to this place, only to find that this is a tomb placed for an unknown period of time, which sleeps a medium to high level undead creatures.

There was also a time when Elliott was found by someone in the forest after he passed out from starvation, and the person who found him took him back to the village where he lived. The man did not express dislike for Elliott’s identity as a wanderer, and even offered to adopt him, while Elliott was showing an unworldly look, and a few days later took his money and food while he was asleep and continued to wander.

After wandering for a long time, Elliott came to the gathering place of necromancers: Diya, and just in time for the day of the necromancer academy to accept apprentices. As long as you have the heart and will to become a necromancer, you can join the necromancer academy and become a necromancer apprentice. Elliott entered the necromancer academy.

After becoming an apprentice, Elliott realized that things were not as simple as he thought, learning any kind of knowledge in the necromancer academy cost gold coins, and the academy will also force some tasks to test the strength of the necromancer apprentice.

Without gold coins to learn skills, and does not have the ability to complete the task, Elliott in the necromancer academy, and eventually fell to be sent to the undead transformation of the experiment.

Elliott clearly remembered that at that time and he participated in the transformation of about ten people, in addition to the same failure to complete the task of apprentices, there are many people he has not seen. What happened during the transformation process Elliott does not know, only know that in the end survived in addition to himself, only one apprentice.

Elliott did not feel this transformation to the body to bring the body’s specific changes, only know that after the completion of the experiment, he obtained a bulging bag of gold coins.

With this money, Elliott learned about meditation in the necromancy academy, as well as some of the basics of being a necromancer.

But after Elliott learned a few spells, the money will not be much left. No way, in order to continue to learn knowledge, Elliott can only find a way to take some tasks to earn gold.

At this point, the tomb that he had encountered during his wanderings appeared in Elliott’s consciousness. The tomb of a powerful undead creature sleeping, if used well, can create a lot of undead creatures. In addition to being used for fighting, undead creatures have value in themselves, and there are places to exchange undead creatures for gold in any town in Diya.

Thinking of this, Elliott was ready to go. Because the wandering time is too long, Elliott can only roughly remember a direction, the specific location of the tomb can not be determined, want to find it is undoubtedly a needle in the haystack.

But Elliott did not think so much, as many times before, Elliott came back from the dead in general, Elliott believed that his luck will help him find the tomb.

As Elliott expected, he spent a few months in the territory of Eri near Diya, and found the tomb.

Then came the slow accumulation. As other necromancers do, Elliott tried to increase his undead creatures by all means. Whether passing travelers, or the inhabitants of nearby small villages, Elliott released magic to kill them, using the tomb to quickly transform the undead creatures.

When the strength has accumulated to a certain extent, with these undead creatures under his command, Elliott began for the surrounding small villages to massacre.

In order to deal with the possible existence of resistance within the village, Elliott each time in the night to start the attack on the village. Because of the villagers’ ignorance and fear of undead creatures, Elot could very well break down the basic defense of the village.

Even if the village encounters a professional who can deal with undead creatures, Elliott, hidden in the darkness, often only needs to release magic arrows one after another to seriously injure them. This is also because the village’s professional rank is too low, in the process of attacking the village, Elliott has not yet run into a senior professional.

After attacking the small village, Elliott further strengthened himself by turning the villagers’ corpses into undead creatures, and then he set his sights on the village in general.

After a successful attack, Elliott found a natural hero among the villagers the undead creatures were preparing to slaughter. This hero had not undergone training and was initially not even comparable to a skeleton soldier. But but with her heroic potential, Elliott knew he had picked up a treasure.

Necromancers can make dead heroes into high level undead, but with Elliott’s current level it was obviously impossible to accomplish. Reason told Elliott that the best thing to do was to sell her. A born hero, her heroic status and growth alone predetermined her high selling price.

After disposing of the corpses in the village, Elliott went to a nearby town and sold the hero to the largest transportation and slave trade organization on the continent: the Free Trade Guild. Of course, this town is only a branch of the Free Trade Guild in a remote area.

After eliminating five or six villages, the value of the property and the transformed undead creatures was only a few hundred gold coins, but the sale of the hero got 4,000 gold coins.

After that is some purchase, as well as the gold coins for their most needed items. On the way back Elliott also noticed someone following him, but finally saw his undead creature and retreated because he was not sure of his strength.

“The income this time is enough for me to study until I become official Necromancer, and I will return to the academy after dealing with the last undead creature,” thought Elliott, who was about to return to the tomb.


The warning brought by the perception, the original silent and calm state of mind of Rod broke. As if the rock fell into the water, the surface of the water splashed ripples, the first time Rod will exit the meditation state.

Opening his eyes, Rod knew that the necromancer apprentice had returned.

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