Invincible Hero of Necromancer – Chapter 7

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Chapter 7 Meditation

Following a flash of thought in his mind, Rod quickly climbed up a large tree by the exit of the tomb. The tree’s branches were so thick that Rod could easily stand on them.

Standing on the trunk of the tree, Rod found a position that seemed to him to be densely foliaged, conducive to concealment, and at the same time at a good angle to observe the ground.

Rod looked down, and he could have a panoramic view over the range of tens of meters on the surface. With the Eagle Eye technique he had learned, he could even see the position of every fallen leaf on the ground clearly. Farther away, it is impossible to see clearly due to the occlusion of branches and leaves.

“This location …… seems easy to be found ……”

Yes, Rod did not intend to escape when he judged that the necromancer apprentice was about to return, but intended to stay and think of a way to assassinate him.

Due to the nature of undead creatures, for Rod, the loss of the necromancer’s control, more undead creatures are just cannon fodder that fights by instinct.

In other words, as long as Rod can successfully assassinate the necromancer, the original group of undead creatures controlled by the necromancer can not pose a threat to Rod, Rod can turn them all into their own experience points.

This is a good opportunity for the current Rod to improve his strength, but there is a little risk, Rod must successfully assassinate the returning necromancer. Otherwise, under the control of the necromancer, with tactics, mutual cooperation of a group of undead creatures is not easy to solve.

According to Rod’s idea, in order to find the time to assassinate, suitable for hiding in only two places. One is in the tomb, necromancer apprentice will enter the tomb after discovering that someone has come, and when he enters, he can find the opportunity to kill.

However, the necromancer’s vigilance will be raised to the highest when he enters the tomb, and the risk of failure is too great. In case he’s found in the tomb, it is impossible to escape.

Another suitable hiding place is the tree where Rod is currently located. Due to the limitations of human vision, the tree branches and leaves of such places, as long as the first glance did not find abnormal, they will basically be ignored.

This is also the reason why Rod chose the tree as a hiding place. However, the current location is not particularly hidden, the branches and leaves are difficult to cover the specific shape, standing in the tomb exit position upward glance will be able to find anomalies.

Due to the superimposed branch coverage, the higher the chosen location from the ground the more difficult it is to be found. However, if the position chosen on the trunk is too high, once the first leap out of the assassination failed, it is likely to break their legs.

Since there is no blessing of relevant special skills, it is difficult for Rod himself to choose the best hiding position in a short time.

Without hesitation, in order to increase the success rate of a little bit of assassination, Rod chose to use a little skill point and learn Elementary Scouting.

(Elementary Scouting: Through continuous practice, your scouting ability has been improved. You have learned to judge the enemy’s movements through various residual traces. At the same time, you have gained some insight into how to safely observe enemies without being detected. (+2 detection range, +1 perception ability.)

Learned the Elementary Scouting, Rod felt that he gained an indescribable promotion, not directly injected some knowledge into his mind, for his own such promotion, more like some insights, an instinct.

The previous chosen location in Rod currently seems to have a small loophole, not to mention a glance up at the ground can see, even in a slightly distant location can find themselves.

Rod hurriedly changed to another location. The new position is higher than the position just now, the field of view better enveloped all the direction to observe. The surrounding foliage is lush, not far from the main trunk of the tree, you can use the trunk to hide themselves if necessary. In general, it is more hidden than the position just now.

Perhaps the acquisition of scouting brought about by the perception bonus, sitting on the trunk of the selected position, Rod does not want to just let the time go by, Rod is ready to meditate in the time before the return of the necromancer.

Meditation is the basis for releasing magic and is the first step for every spell caster when learning spells.

Meditation can expand the caster’s mana. Whether it is orthodox spell casters, enchanters, or necromancers, when releasing magic, they all need to spend mana point. Meditation is the way to increase mana.

For players, the maximum mana that can be achieved by meditation is usually Knowledge*10 of the character attributes, and certain treasures and special skills can also increase the maximum mana.

Before meditation, the maximum mana of a normal caster is 0, but there is no shortage of people who are born with mana, such as heroes of the mana system and some mutated monsters.

For monsters, releasing magic is more like their natural instincts, and they don’t have to rely on meditation to boost their mana like casters do.

Rod sat on the tree trunk and prepared to enter the meditation stage.

Meditation does not require a specific environment and posture, but for beginners in meditation, they need to improve the quality of their meditation through some external factors. For example, a quiet room is certainly more stimulating than a noisy environment, and sitting cross-legged is more concentrated than other postures.

As a result of numerous meditations in the previous life, meditation is not an unfamiliar act for Rod. The increase in perception gained also allowed Rod to end his meditation at the first sign of the necromancer apprentice’s return.

Rod closed his eyes and sat motionlessly in the tree. Looking from a distance, one can only see the chest rise and fall slightly with breathing. In addition, there is no other movement, the whole person seems to be stationary. Even if there are a few leaves floating to Rod, Rod also did not have any reaction.

Time slowly passed, Rod’s mind focused on the perception of his own, all the surrounding wind, the sound of various creatures chirping seem to be far away, leaving only the center of his own spirit.

This is different from the decline in perception of the outside world caused by mental laxity when people are sleepy, but in the concentration of all the attention in the inner after the natural reduction of perception of the outside world.

Even though the surrounding forest environment is still noisy, Rod also quickly entered the state of meditation.

For the beginning of the meditation, the experience of the previous life is not very useful. The previous life’s experience is more about the method to improve the quality of meditation, as well as some deep meditation tricks. The ability to enter the state of meditation so quickly is more dependent on Rod’s own will.

After entering the state of meditation, Rod’s consciousness began to perceive a single magic element. The next thing that Rod had to do was the most important point in the meditation process, to let his spiritual consciousness to communicate with the magical elements until he could accept them.

As time passes slowly, the meditating Rod gradually frowned. As a result of the current body does not have any magical talent, for the surrounding magic elements is not sensitive, has not been able to effectively absorb the magic elements, which can not help but make Rod some irritation.

Fortunately, at this time, the experience of many meditations in the previous life is reflected. The more time you have, the more you can’t be in a hurry. After realizing that his heart was not calm, Rod slowed down his inner emotions, even if he could not absorb the magic elements for the time being, Rod was no longer impatient.

Finally, under Rod’s unremitting efforts, Rod’s spirit began to establish contact with the surrounding magic elements, and the magic elements began to draw closer to Rod.

At this moment, if Rod saw the attribute panel, he would find that his mana points changed from 00 to 11.

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