Invincible Hero of Necromancer – Chapter 6

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Chapter 6 – The Tomb

In Heroes Invincible, there are many achievements that can be earned by meeting certain requirements.

Only one achievement can be earned at the same time. However, even if you can’t obtain it, you can still get some attribute rewards, and wearing obtain it certainly gets you more rewards.

As achievements can attach a series of attribute points to the character, some special achievements can even directly provide players with skill points and special attributes. Achievements, it can be said that more is better.

In order to distinguish the rarity of achievements, but also to allow players to compete with each other, the game’s official is the introduction of the definition of speed achievements. The earlier the same achievement is obtained, the stronger the effect attached to it.

For example, Rod currently obtained the achievement [Heart of Warrior], which is a race achievement. The basic reward for this achievement may only have strength +1, and strength +1 after wearing it. But under the blessing of racing, it becomes +1 strength, speed +1, and physique after wearing. Compared with ordinary achievements, racing achievements have a series of bonuses.

Rod’s joy was not solely because of the achievement of obtaining [Heart of the Warrior], but more importantly, since it was possible to obtain [Heart of the Warrior], a racing achievement, then other racing achievements were able to be obtained.

In other words, those widely known achievements in the previous life’s game, there is no one to compete with in this life, as long as you steadily improve your strength, all the achievements obtained are racing achievements.

As a result of the previous life’s game experience, Rod deeply understands what it means to be able to obtain a series of racing achievements. A large number of attributes plus points, a variety of gain status …… More importantly, because no one will compete with him for racing achievements, he only need to steadily improve to get all the racing achievements

This idea kept Rod calm for a long time, and only after a while did he realize that he was still in the tomb and that the necromancer might return at any time, so he pressed down the excitement in his heart and stood up.

Rod put on the achievement [Heart of Warrior], strength increased by two points at once, speed and physique also increased by one point, equivalent to the value added by raising all the attribute points of four levels, so that Rod’s strength has been increased by a considerable amount. The full 4 points of attribute added points, and not conflicting with any other gain, shows the boost the achievement can bring to the character.

Rod felt a new power burst out from his body, but the physical attributes brought by the achievement could not restore life and stamina for the body, and Rod’s life value was still maintained at about half blood.

After looking at his attribute panel, Rod decided to leave the experience points to upgrade his job level.

Generally speaking, job leveling is better than combat skills at low levels. When the rank is not high, attributes and special skills are significantly more useful than combat skills. Combat skills can only do a limited amount of damage unless they reach a certain stage, but special skills allow them to defeat enemies that would otherwise be difficult to defeat.

Rod came to the skeleton warrior’s broken bones and found the equipment it used before from its corpse and the ground next to it, an iron sword, a one-handed iron round shield, and an iron breastplate.

After looking at the sword he was holding, the original rusty iron sword was covered with cracks and would break on its own after a few more slashes, so Rod decided to throw the sword aside and replaced it with the skeleton warrior’s intact iron sword.

As for the chest armor and shield, Rod did not equip. The chest armor type of equipment for the physical consumption of great, especially this simply rely on the hardness of the iron armor to build, but also appears particularly bulky. Not compared to the skeleton warrior, according to Rod’s current attributes, after wearing it may even be difficult to charge, let alone flexible dodge in battle.

For whether or not to equip the shield, Rod made a decision after considering it. In the current battle, Rod is more dependent on sword skills, rather than blocking hard with a shield.


Skeleton Warrior’s Iron Sword

Equipment requirements: None

Basic attributes: kill +7, durability 915

Evaluation: one of the three sets of skeleton warriors, the weapon to which all skeleton soldiers aspire.


After sorting out the proceeds of the battle, Rod began to move on, after the hall is again a long narrow path, the road underfoot is not as smooth as before, but has a certain angle of inclination. Although did not see the end, but Rod knew that the exit is not far from him.

Continuing to move forward for a while, three walking corpses appeared in the passage ahead. Unlike the skeleton soldiers, the walkers spotted Rhodes just as he saw them and swarmed on him.

Rod was not the least bit afraid. The narrow passage did not restrict Rod’s stance, but made it impossible for the walking corpses to take advantage of their numbers, and they could only rush towards Rod one by one in the passage.

The speed of the walking corpses is low, but the health points are high. The original Rod will be able to deal it without injury, this time after obtaining the attributes attached to the [Heart of Warrior], dealing with the walking corpse is even more handy.

The three corpses were killed and Rod got 45 experience points. Since the experience points has reached the standard for leveling up, Rod opened the attribute panel.

“Consumed experience points 50, remaining experience points 25. Job level raised to 1st rank militia level 6 ……”

“Got free attribute point 1, got skill point 1 ……”

Since the current attributes are enough for the time being, attribute points and skill points Rod did not do the allocation.

During the next advance, Rod did not encounter any more undead creatures. The slope of the passage was getting higher and higher, and soon Rod reached the end of the passage.

The next step was to find out that there were no more undead creatures in the passage, and Rod could not help but feel a pity. According to his current attributes, he could even defeat the skeleton warriors, but there were no other undead creatures here.

Rod sighed, the low-level undead creatures are too weak without the control of the necromancer, and it will be difficult to meet such a good opportunity next time.

When he came to the end of the passage, Rod could touch the soil on the top of his head as soon as he reached out. Rod stabbed the soil above his head a few times with a sword, made a big hole, and then climbed up.

Came to the surface. Because in the catacombs can only rely on fluorescent vision, Rod needs some time to adapt to the outside light. The intense light outside made Rod have to squint his eyes, and it took some time to get used to it.

Rod looked around for a moment. This is a slightly shady forest, the forest trees are unusually tall, right next to the exit of the crypt there is a large tree, the main part of the trunk needs to be surrounded by four or five people to embrace. Sunlight can barely penetrate through the leaves of the trees directly into the ground. The climate in the forest was humid, and Rod could clearly feel the moisture in the air.

Rod looked back at the tomb passage that he climbed out of, which was located under several large trees. The dirt on the ground next to it had traces of freshly turned soil, which should have been done by the undead creatures under the command of the necromancer after he left the tomb, and the surrounding grass was a mess. Apart from these traces, from the appearance alone, it is really difficult to see that there is a tomb buried here.

“I wonder how long it will be before the necromancer apprentice returns. I’ve spent quite a bit of time from the time I woke up to the time I came out of the tomb. According to the signs of the corpses in the chamber I observed before coming out, he should return within today to activate the walking corpses. I need to get out before he returns ……”

Just when Rod intended to leave, suddenly seemed to think of something, fiercely looked back at the large tree next to the tomb, then looked at the tomb passage he climbed out of, the next moment, Rod’s heart welled up with an idea …….

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