Invincible Hero of Necromancer – Chapter 5

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Chapter 5: Skeleton Warrior II

Rod crossed over the skeleton warrior, aiming to kill the two skeleton soldiers by force.

Enduring the pain from his back, Rod rushed to the rear skeleton soldier and raised his hand to deliver a heavy slash, directly decapitating the skeleton soldier’s head.

Another skeleton soldier next to him wanted to attack, and Rod blocked the skeleton soldier’s weapon with a sword, and then made another heavy slash in his backhand, beheading it.

At this point in time, Rod has nearly exhausted, against these four skeleton soldiers, Rod did not hold back any hand. In order to ensure that the skeleton soldier can be killed in one blow, each blow used the skill [heavy slash]. The effect of the skill did not let Rod down, the weak point damage from the cervical spine was enough to kill the skeleton soldier in seconds.

Although the skeleton warrior in the rear immediately arrived, Rod still wanted to let out a long whistle, because he knew that in this battle with the skeleton warrior, he grasped the opportunity to win, because ……

“Consumed experience points 40, remaining experience points 0. Job level raised to 1st rank militia level 5 ……”

“Got free attribute point 1, got skill point 1 ……”

Rod quickly allocated the free attribute points to physique, which was used to recover the back injury as well as to restore physical strength, and then used the skill points to learn the elementary eagle eye technique.

(Elementary Eagle Eye Technique: Through extensive training, your dynamic vision has been strengthened, you can easily see every move your opponent makes, see the trajectory of arrows flying through the air, see the trail of snowflakes falling, and even see your opponent’s movements and gestures when casting spells, and see how your opponent’s lips open and close. There is a certain chance of learning the spells released by the opponent. A small chance of learning skills.)

Since the intermediate to advanced skills require two skill points, Rod could not learn advanced Sword Art directly, and had to settle for the second best, learning the Elementary Eagle Eye technique.

The dynamic vision brought about by the Eagle Eye technique is especially important, which is why Rod learned the Eagle Eye technique instead of the offensive technique.

Rod turned around, raised his weapon, and faced the skeleton warrior who was rushing towards him. At this time, the action of the skeleton warrior seemed to be slow in Rod’s eyes. And even if the overall speed did not decrease, Rod was confident to avoid the attack of the skeleton warrior.

Looking at the opponent in front of him, feeling the tingling from the rapidly healing wounds on his back, Rod felt the fullness of power for the first time since waking up from the tomb.

The skeleton warrior has rushed to the side of Rhodes, his right hand cut down a sword, bringing up a heavy wind-breaking sound, the left hand shield will protect the chest tightly, not giving Rhodes the opportunity to counterattack.

The swords intersected with each other and made two muffled sounds, and Rod and the skeleton warrior brushed past each other and came to the direction where they were before.

In this wave of attack, Rod first saw the trajectory of the skeleton warrior’s weapon movement, to a clever angle to frame the skeleton warrior’s chopping attack. Although his arm was numbed by the powerful force, Rod backhanded a heavy slash after the attack, chopping at the skeleton warrior.

But unfortunately, the iron shield held by the skeleton warrior easily blocked Rod’s counter-attack. Instead of achieving the expected effect, Rod’s counterattack caused a few more cracks on his sword.

“It’s too passive ……,” the thought arose in Rod’s mind.

Compared with the skeleton soldier, in addition to the improved basic attributes, the skeleton warrior also has an extra iron shield and is wearing iron armor, so it is difficult for non-vital attacks to cause effective damage to it.

The skeleton warrior turned around and again chopped at Rod, Rod eyes cold light condensed, see the timing, side dodge, the whole body towards the direction of the skeleton warrior holding a shield a flash ……

The skeleton warrior’s sword cut empty. At the same time that it couldn’t attack again immediately after hitting the air with all its strength, Rod slashed with a sword beside it, while using the skills [Burst] and [Heavy slash] at the same time.

The target of the chop is not the cervical vertebrae of the skeleton warrior, which is one of the few vital points of the skeleton warrior, and has been tightly blocked by the iron shield, and the chop to the cervical vertebrae will definitely be blocked by it. The target of the chopping blow is the arm of the skeleton warrior holding the sword after slashing the air!

A full-blown blow chopped down, directly severing the skeleton warrior’s sword-wielding hand, and the hand bone fell to the ground with a crunching sound. The soul fire in the skeleton warrior’s eyes pulsed violently, proving the damage that Rhodes had inflicted on it this time.

At the same time, the one hand of the skeleton warrior holding the shield swung violently at Rod. Looking at the iron shield smashed into himself, Rod did not have time to dodge, can only try to tighten the arm to protect the vitals, so as not to impact injury to internal organs.

Just heard a “bang”, Rod flew backwards. In the skeleton warrior more than twice his own strength, Rod completely unable to resist this shield blow.

He fell to the ground and coughed out a mouthful of blood, while hurriedly getting up to prevent the skeleton warrior’s pursuit. At this time, Rod only felt half of his body is numb, five organs within a tumbling shock, although did not look at the attribute panel, but Rod also know that he might be seriously injured by the skeleton warrior.

The skeleton warrior, after slapping Rod away, dropped its shield with his only remaining hand, then bent down and picked up its sword from his severed hand. This gave Rod a chance to catch his breath and allowed Rod to adjust his form.

Fortunately, the skeleton warriors only rely on the undead creatures themselves to fight, so they have the attributes of height. If the skeleton warrior immediately catches up with its shield and shoots a few shots at the fallen Rod, the battle may be over.

After picking up the sword, the skeleton warrior continued to attack Rod. After losing its shield, the skeleton warrior’s strength was greatly reduced, and although it was wearing iron armor, it was unable to defend itself against Rod’s decapitation.

Rod saw the flaw in the skeleton warrior’s attack and dodged to avoid its powerful beheading attack, and at the same time, his sword struck the skeleton warrior’s cervical vertebrae, successfully decapitating the skeleton warrior!

After successfully killing the Skeleton Warrior, Rod sat down directly on the ground. This kind of battle where one can be killed in seconds if one is not careful really consumes a lot of energy, plus the fact that he was smashed into blood by the Skeleton Warrior. Rod finally felt the difference from the original game. If he was in the game, he would enjoy the battle between life and death, but now there is no enjoyment at all.

While thinking, Rod checked the system log, quickly skipped the data in terms of combat calculations and looked at the harvest side.

“You have learned the Elementary Eagle Eye technique.”


“Brilliant victory! You have gained 30 experience points!”

“You have learned the combat skill [Charge] during the fierce battle.”

“[Charge Lv1]: consume prana 15. initiate a full speed charge towards an enemy, gaining up to 20% damage boost depending on the speed at the end of the charge.”

“Eagle Eye Technique Feedback: by observing the Skeleton Warrior’s combat style as well as your own perceptions, you have comprehended a combat style regarding [Shield Slam], which you can learn at a cost of 40 experience points.”

“You have obtained the race achievement [Heart of the Warrior].”

“[Heart of the Warrior]: Without using magic, kill 5 enemies with combined attributes higher than yours in a single battle. Base bonus Strength +1. Additional bonus Strength +1, Speed +1, Physique +1 when worn.”


Rod didn’t feel anything while reading the system log in front of him until he found the achievement bonus part in the back and got excited, only then did he feel that it was worth risking being killed in seconds by killing the Skeleton Warrior this time.

When he noticed the word “speed” in front of the achievement, a burst of light came out of Rod’s eyes, and his joy could not be suppressed.

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