Invincible Hero of Necromancer – Chapter 48

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Chapter 48: Chase III

The blue-robed mage released an ice arrow at the undead warhorse at the first opportunity.

Compared to the magic divine arrow, the ice arrow was obviously more mana intensive, but the blue-robed mage still chose to use it.

The blue-robed mage knew in his heart that if he used a magic arrow, even if it hit the undead war horse, if it didn’t hit the head, it would only open a bloody hole in its body, and although it could affect its speed through the injury, it couldn’t kill it in one hit, and it could still chase after him in the rear.

Because of the need to ride on a running horse to cast magic, the blue-robed mage is afraid that the impact of the horse bumps, the accuracy of the magic will be much off, worried that the use of magic divine arrow can not kill the undead warhorse, so use a more powerful ice arrow.

The ice arrow shot at the undead war horse underneath the vampire. If it is a regular creature, similar to the wolf king that Rod dealt with at the beginning, or a vampire with a sense of combat, instinctively feel the danger and will find a way to avoid this spell.

The undead warhorse is obviously not capable of this, because it is only a low-ranking undead creature, no autonomous consciousness, did not even think about dodging the ice arrows shot at it, but continued to follow Rod’ orders, rushing towards the blue-robed mage in front.

When the vampire saw the blue-robed mage raise his hand, he realized that he was preparing to cast a spell and started looking for an opportunity.

The ice arrow was about to hit the undead warhorse. The moment the undead warhorse and the blue-robed mage were the closest, the vampire leapt up from the undead warhorse’s body, and the sharp claws in his hand reached straight for the blue-robed mage in front of him.

The ice arrow directly hit the undead warhorse’s predecessor, blowing half of its body apart while a layer of frost formed.

As the vampire leapt out of the undead warhorse’s body one step earlier, it was not affected by the ice arrow. On the contrary, due to the undead war horse’s previous wild ride, at this distance, if the blue-robed mage didn’t have any reaction, the vampire could just rip his body apart.

Sure enough, the second ice arrow also came in front of the vampire. Seeing this, the vampire directly used batification, his body turned into a black mist, and the ice arrow shot through the black mist, without causing any damage to the vampire.

In the black fog, a large number of bats swooped out toward the location of the blue-robed mage, as well as the horse under him. By the cover of the night, these bats seemed to merge with the surrounding shadows, revealing their hideous fangs in the darkness.

As early as when the black mist just appeared, the blue-robed mage began to prepare the next spell.

At this time, seeing the bats rushing towards him, the blue-robed mage raised his hand, and the ice ring that had cleared most of the bats on the battlefield reappeared.

With a loud explosion, a ripple of ice blue, with the blue-robed mage as the center, scattered around. The vampire bats instantly died in large numbers, and black fog burst out of the air one after another.

In the black fog, the vampire’s figure appeared, but it could barely stand and almost fell to the ground, obviously in a very bad state.

As this time the batting position was very close to the blue-robed mage, all the bats were within the casting range of the cold ice magic ring, which led to the fact that the blue-robed mage only released one cold ice magic ring and killed most of the bats instantly. For a while, the vampire had very little life left.

After the batting was over, the vampire didn’t care about the blue-robed mage in the back and quickly ran towards the previously killed undead war horse and began to devour the flesh and blood of the dead horse.

As long as devouring the flesh and blood, the vampire can return the life value, regardless of whether it is an ordinary creature or anundead creature whose flesh and blood have not yet decayed. Through this way flesh and blood, the vampire’s life value to return.

On the other hand, after releasing the cold magic ring, due to understanding the characteristics of creatures like vampires, the blue-robed mage wanted to release an ice arrow to kill it, but what he didn’t expect was the explosion created when releasing the cold magic ring, leaving the horses underneath him in shock.

Although the blue-robed mage and the horse’s position at the center of the cold magic ring, the horse did not suffer a bit of damage from the cold magic ring. But the violent explosion produced by the cold magic ring stimulated its instincts, causing it to lose control under fear.

The horse beneath the blue-robed mage raised its front hooves and swung its body wildly, throwing the blue-robed mage on top of it to the ground, and then ran wildly in one direction.

The blue-robed mage was suddenly thrown off by the horse and fell to the ground. Based on his experience during the week, the blue-robed mage knew to use his back to take most of the impact.

The sudden fall did not cause the blue-robed mage much damage, but looking at the distant horses, the blue-robed mage was in an extremely bad mood.

The blue-robed mage obviously did not expect that at this most urgent juncture, the horse that he relied on to escape, was frightened and left himself to run away.

The blue-robed mage stood up from the ground, took out from his coat pocket and tore open a healing magic scroll, used to restore his state.

Turning his head to look at the vampire who was devouring the flesh and blood of the horses not far away, the blue-robed mage coalesced an ice arrow in his hand and shot in its direction.

The vampire quickly devoured the flesh and blood, did not notice the ice arrow that was shooting at him, and by the time he felt something wrong, it was already too late, the ice arrow had already arrived in front of him.

Suddenly, a round shield flew in front of the arrow and blocked it. With an explosive sound, the shield was knocked away by the arrow and flew in the vampire’s direction.

The vampire immediately reacted and dodged to the side.

At this time, Rod had also arrived and rolled off his horse. After seeing this situation on the field, he immediately threw out the round shield in the space ring and blocked the ice arrow.

Than the blue-robed mage driving a horse to escape, Rod more worried that he chose to hide in the forest.

As this is already counted as the middle of the night, the horse galloping when the many traces left, Rod can still quickly judge. But if the blue-robed mage hides in the forest, Rod will have no way to find it in a short time, and can only wait until daylight to find a way.

Therefore, Rod let the vampire drive the undead warhorse to catch up with the blue-robed mage and wrestle with him.

The vampire’s power alone could not defeat the blue-robed mage. For the battle between the vampire and the blue-robed mage, Rod only hoped that the vampire could hold the blue-robed mage back and preferably kill the blue-robed mage’s horse first.

At this time, although the vampire itself was seriously injured, but what it did, obviously exceeded Rod’s expectations, not only consumed a lot of mana value of the blue-robed mage, but also made the blue-robed mage’s horses frightened to escape.

Rod knew that an effective way to weaken a mage before a battle was to trick him into releasing his skills through various means, causing him to consume mana for nothing.

Rod took the iron sword out of his spatial ring while looking at the blue-robed mage not far away.

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