Invincible Hero of Necromancer – Chapter 47

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Chapter 47: The Chase II

Even if he knew that the necromancer behind him was chasing himself, the blue-robed mage had nothing to do but to increase the force of pumping the horse, ready to rely on the speed of the horse to pull away and get rid of the necromancer behind him

The blue-robed mage did not know how long he had been running. With the distance of running farther and farther, even if it is far away from the original premises of the merchant group, the blue-robed mage heart of the premonition of being watched did not subside, but also more and more intense.

The blue-robed mage knows that it is this premonition that has helped him avoid many crises. The blue-robed mage tried to throw the necromancer in the back away, but how could not succeed. This feeling of being watched kept the blue-robed mage from being calm.

At this time, as this premonition became stronger and stronger, the blue-robed mage knew that if he didn’t do something, he could only be tracked all the way by the necromancer in the rear.

But, even if he knows the predicament he is in, the blue-robed mage still can not think of a solution to countermeasures, can only hope that the horse underneath him continue to speed up, as well as the night can eliminate the traces left by them.

For hiding on the side of the road, turn to sneak attack the rear of the necromancer, the blue-robed mage did not think so. The blue-robed mage knows the strength of the enemy in the rear, and if he chooses to sneak in at this point, he might as well fight with the merchant group members to the end from the beginning.

The blue-robed mage does not have the kind of will of Youser, in the time of perceived extreme danger, thinking about how to ensure his own safety. Plus the spatial ring that holds all the undead soul crystals in the merchant group, and was in the hands of the blue-robed mage, a huge benefit that made him unwilling to face the danger.

What drove the blue-robed mage to flee was precisely the fear in his heart. Thinking of the merchant group that might have been destroyed, the blue-robed mage murmured a few more words in his heart.

“Youser, you should not blame me, it is you who invited a powerful enemy to invite death.”

After reciting these few sentences, the blue-robed mage’s heart, the guilt arising from fleeing, seems to have lessened a lot.

Since he had been fleeing in the forest, the road was not spacious, plus it was night, and the surroundings made the horse’s speed keep lifting up.

The blue-robed mage did not dare to slow down, but because he had been driving the horse for some time, the horse’s physical strength was also consumed part of the speed was also much slower than before.

The blue-robed mage sensed something and found that the original feeling of being watched had disappeared.

After noticing this, the blue-robed mage did not let down his guard, but became more alert, always pay attention to the surroundings.

Once the battle experience, let the blue-robed mage understand, this is like the calm before the storm, the surface can not feel anything, but in fact, the surrounding crisis. Maintain this vigilance, very costly blue-robed mage’s spirit.

At this time, the blue-robed mage heard, body side of the woods, came the sound of rapid hoofbeats.

The sound from far to close, followed by a sound of swaying leaves, although the distance is still a bit far, but the blue-robed mage realized that the enemy has caught up.

Even if the enemy has caught up with him, the blue-robed mage still does not understand how the enemy caught up with him when he was also driving his horse wildly.

Also ran such a long distance, the horse underneath will be tired, the speed is certainly not compared to the very beginning. The blue-robed mage does not understand, he set out first, how the necromancer in the rear is driving a horse to catch up with himself, and listening to the sound of this rapid hoofbeats, the horse in the rear is obviously running at full speed ……

Suddenly, as if he thought of something, the blue-robed mage instantly realized the reason why the necromancer caught up with him. The necromancer, transforming the horse beneath him into an undead creature, had no physical limitations and could naturally run wildly all the way to catch up with himself.

It turns out that although deep meditation consumed all of Rod’ mana, as time passed, Rod’ mana recovered partially.

The mana value itself will automatically revert, compared to shallow meditation, the speed of this automatic reversion is slow, the mana value base reversion rate is 1 point per hour.

By wearing some treasures, or learning special skills mystic arts, as well as the additional bonus of some skills, you can increase the mana value automatically restored per hour.

Performing shallow meditation can also speed up the mana recovery rate. Since the mana recovery speed increased by shallow meditation is proportional to the speed of one’s own mana recovery and is not related to the treasures worn, the mystic arts that can enhance mana recovery are an important skill for mages.

When he just finished his deep meditation, Rod’ mana value was 0. Due to the time spent in the battle with Youser and the time spent chasing the blue-robed mage in the rear, the passage of time allowed Rod’ mana value to return some on its own.

Through the instructions of the Soul Invocation, Rod let the vampire drive a horse all the way to catch up with himself, and then he killed the horse the vampire was riding on, wanting to transform it into an undead creature. After killing the horse, Rod found that he had gained 10 experience points.

Since the horse was a ranked creature, in order to have enough mana left to convert it, Rod chose to use 1 skill point to learn the Intermediate Soul Recruiting technique.

(Intermediate Soul Invocation: Through further study of necromancy, you have gained a deeper understanding of death. You can activate the resentment of the dead in life, and you begin to value creatures after death. The ability to transmute undead creatures is increased, and the amount of mana needed to awaken the dead is reduced slightly.)

Changing the achievement worn to [Necromancer], Rod’s Soul Invocation has reached advanced level. With Intermediate Soul Invocation, the amount of mana required to transform undead creatures was reduced to a certain extent.

Rod successfully used his remaining mana value to transform this horse into an undead creature.

However, transforming the horse into an undead creature had already consumed all of Rod’s remaining mana. Rod could not transform the horse he was riding into an undead creature as well.

Rod continued to track the blue-robed mage in front of him from the rear. Since the blue-robed mage only wanted to rely on the speed of the horse to shake off the enemy behind him, through the guidance of the Soul Invocation, Rod let the vampire ride the transformed undead war horse and chased directly towards the blue-robed mage.

Unlike the horse that the blue-robed mage rode, which would get tired because of the long run, the undead war horse had no physical limitations, and the vampire’s forward speed exceeded that of the blue-robed mage ahead. This is why, the vampire can catch up with the blue-robed mage first.

At this point, the blue-robed mage in front of him realized that he could not get ahead in speed. Looking at the vampire catching up behind, the blue-robed mage lifted his hand and began to gather magic.

An ice arrow shot out sharply, but the target of the attack was not the vampire, but the undead war horse under the vampire.

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