Invincible Hero of Necromancer – Chapter 46

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Chapter 46: The Chase I

The vampire was best at dealing with weak creatures that are no better than him.

Previously the vampire dealt with the walking corpses controlled by Rod, and now the guards in the merchant group, was able to kill them instantly by attacking their weaknesses.

The powerful basic attributes, together with the combat skills of attacking weak points, plus the characteristics of eating flesh and blood to restore life after batting, let the vampire deal with low-level creatures without any disadvantage.

However, when faced with a powerful professional, the overall basic attributes of the vampire are more inclined to physical, and the rest of the basic attributes of the vampire are not outstanding enough, coupled with the possible disadvantages in equipment, it is actually difficult to gain too much advantage.

For batting skills, powerful professionals have their own set of methods to deal with it, even if it is difficult to stop the bat from returning to life by devouring flesh and blood, but will not be seriously injured. High-ranking mages can even release just one magic spell to kill all the bats after vampirism.

Therefore, do not look at the vampire now can fight with these merchant group members around for so long, and even once to gain the advantage, if the merchant group members have a powerful professional pressure, coupled with accurate command deployment, the vampire actually difficult to take the upper hand.

That is to say, if any one of Youser and the blue-robed mage commanded these merchant group members, coupled with their own strength, the vampires would have been suppressed until they died.

However, without a unified command, the guards of the merchant group fought individually, each unwilling to take the vampire’s attack and get injured, except for the warriors in front of them, almost all looking for opportunities on the sidelines.

With no one strong enough to overpower the vampire in terms of overall attributes, and with the rest of the merchant guards not daring to come forward, the vampire was able to show its strength to the fullest.

As the battle continued, the guards of the merchant group fell one by one. The original numbers were no longer dominant, and even the siege was no longer possible, and the morale of the merchant group began to crumble.

Finally, in the case of the merchant leader and mage are nowhere to be seen, looking around the battle partners one by one fell, the merchant group in a guard can not help, did not look to the field of vampires, but fled to the rear.

This fleeing guard, as if igniting a certain fuse, the rest of the guards have also fled to the side.

Even the last few remaining senior professionals, looking at the situation, also know that the momentum has gone, the merchant group is completely planted, so also grabbed a horse and left in the distance.

After the guards of the merchant group have fled, the vampire, in accordance with the instructions given by Rod in his Soul Invocation, did not choose to go after the fleeing people, nor did he bother with the other items in the merchant group, but found a horse from the side and left in the direction of Rod.

The vampire can perceive the direction of Rod’s location through his Soul Invocation, so he only needs to follow the guidance of his Soul Invocation to rendezvous with Rod.

At this time, Rod was following the subtle traces left by the blue-robed mage, driving his horse quickly through the forest.

The blue-robed mage obviously did not expect that there would be a person chasing after himself all the time, so he did not leave any misleading signs, but simply relied on the speed of the horse, running quickly in one direction.

However, even if the blue-robed mage purposely left traces of misleading trackers, Rod could tell which direction was correct through some subtle traces through intermediate scouting, and the blue-robed mage would instead waste his time.

Rod is not in a hurry to catch up with the blue-robed mage, but in accordance with the traces he left behind, leaving a distance just behind, waiting for the vampire to deal with the other members of the merchant group, and then together with the blue-robed mage.

Previously, Rod in the watchtower and Youser when the battle, or sunset, after a period of chase, it was already evening, the sky is getting dark.

Perhaps the scouting spell brought about by the bonus, Rod looked around these trees, and then associated himself from the top of the watchtower to see the scene. The blue-robed mage chose to escape in the direction of the caravan’s goal for the trip, Diya.

During the chase, as the direction of the blue-robed mage’s escape changed several times, Rod realized that the blue-robed mage also did not know the map of this place, but only thought to rely on speed to shake off the enemy behind.

As the surrounding light gradually dimmed, Rod detecting the blue-robed mage’s trail began to struggle a bit, if Rod is still learning the elementary scouting, perhaps that now will lose most of its effect, and he has already lost the blue-robed mage.

Rod only wanted to track the blue-robed mage in the rear, hoping to maintain a safe distance, and did not think about catching up quickly, obviously with their own intentions.

For the mage’s powerful place, the previous life’s experience allows Rod to have a deep understanding. Although it looks like they are chasing the blue-robed mage in front of them, but the result of a real fight is really uncertain.

The reasoning of the poor enemy is not to chase, Rod naturally understand, so did not think of quickly catch up, but with the blue-robed mage all the way left the track, in the rear to follow.

Through the message of the Soul Invocation, Rod at this time also know that the vampire ended the battle with the merchant group members, is coming in the direction of their own.

At this time, with the end of the battle, the attribute panel, previously had been jumping experience value at the moment has stopped, finally resting on the top of 770 points.

As the vampire side of the battle has ended, in order to have stronger strength to deal with the blue-robed mage, Rod chose to level up again.

“Consumed experience value points 400, remaining experience value points 370. Job level raised to 2nd rank swordsman level 5 ……”

“Got free attribute point 1, got skill point 1 ……”

Both attribute points and skill points Rod did not do the allocation, ready to be used until the critical moment.


In the front, the blue-robed mage was driving his horse, fleeing frantically towards the forest.

The blue-robed mage’s thumb scratched hard over the spatial ring in his hand, itself, the proposal to transport the undead soul crystal, is the blue-robed mage to Yoser proposed, the blue-robed mage naturally know the value of the items in this spatial ring.

Therefore, after getting the spatial ring, the blue-robed mage had an idea in his mind, plus the possible existence of a powerful enemy, so he left the rest of the merchant group and fled alone.

The blue-robed mage believed that even if there were other valuable goods inside the merchant group, but that necromancer obviously would not even look at those goods and would definitely choose to track himself in the back.

Due to the body did not carry a map, plus previously in the merchant group has also been sitting in the carriage, blue-robed mage for the surrounding terrain do not understand at all, but there is nothing to do, only according to their own feelings, running in a direction.

Suddenly, a strange feeling arose in the heart of the blue-robed mage, as if he was being watched by something.

The blue-robed mage looked to the rear, the rear was the deep dense forest, there was nothing unusual in the forest, but the feeling in the heart of the blue-robed mage could not be calmed.

The blue-robed mage understood that the rear, the necromancer was coming after himself.

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