Invincible Hero of Necromancer – Chapter 45

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Chapter 45: Scouting

In the center of the battlefield, bats gathered and vampire figures appeared.

In the middle of the field, the merchant group members who are still fighting with vampire, only less than half of the very beginning. The strength of the remaining ones is of a stronger degree among the guards, mostly at the second or third rank.

The weaker professionals in the merchant group had difficulty in surviving the vampire’s several bat transformations and had been killed by the vampire first.

The remaining professionals are still trying to rely on their numerical superiority to slowly solve the vampire in front of them.

In addition to the core members within the merchant group, for the rest of the guards, who were originally gathered together because of their interests, after seeing the power of the vampire in front of them, they were obviously not willing to go up and fight hard.

Even though the vampire was under siege, it only had a few shallow wounds on its body, the only few deeper wounds, without exception, were affected by the mage’s spells. These wounds had some effect on the vampire, but they were not fatal, but rather provoked its killing intent even more.

The only ones fighting with the vampire were the few warriors at the front of the line. The warriors kept holding up their shields and hitting the vampire, trying to create an opportunity for the rest of the people around them to attack, even though they were wounded from the vampire’s attack, they were still in the front.

At this time, walking down the watchtower, Rod saw the blue-robed mage riding away. Rod realized what was going on and quickly walked towards the corpse of Youser that had fallen to the side.

When he came to the corpse of Youser, Rod looked at it and found that the spatial ring that Youser originally wore on his hand had disappeared.

Rod knew that the blue-robed mage had found Youser’s corpse, removed the spatial ring, and then rushed to escape.

Rod did not understand why the blue-robed mage did so, feeling from the Soul Invocation that the vampire had already suffered some injuries, even without the command of the chief Youser, the blue-robed mage plus these senior professionals around, if properly commanded, may not be unable to defeat them.

Rod could only guess that the blue-robed mage was trying to swallow these undead soul crystals alone.

The situation in the battlefield, the merchant guards are fighting with the vampires, and no one noticed the Rod who came out of the watchtower for a while.

The previous life’s experience allows Rod to understand the value of these undead soul crystals, once he got this batch of undead soul crystals, under the number of undead soul crystals stacked, the death energy provided will produce a qualitative change.

With the help of these soul crystals, when the next war opens, Rod can create a large number of undead creatures.

Without helping the vampire in the fight to kill the members of the merchant group, Rod came to a carriage, forcefully cut the rope on the horse, then turned on the horse, towards the blue-robed mage escape direction to chase.

As the blue-robed mage has been driving a horse to escape for a long time, plus Rod and because of the examination of Youser’s body took some time, at this time, Rod could not even see silhouette of blue-robed mage in front of him.

Although with the elementary scouting technique, Rod could distinguish the direction of the blue-robed mage’s escape through small traces, but could not quickly distinguish the path of the blue-robed mage’s escape at the first time, and could only find the exact location through careful observation and spending some time.

Rod opened his attribute panel. After killing Youser, Rod got a large amount of experience points, plus the merchant guards killed by the vampire, he could already raise his character level.

“Consumed experience value points 300, remaining experience value points 365. Job level raised to 2nd rank swordsman level 4 ……”

“Got free attribute point 1, got skill point 1 ……”

In order to ensure that he could accurately follow behind the blue-robed mage so as to obtain the undead crystal, Rod couldn’t care less about saving the skill points he obtained and used them, choosing to learn the intermediate scouting technique.

(Intermediate Scouting: Through extensive training, your scouting ability has been further improved. Anything is difficult to hide under your scouting. You can detect enemy movements through subtle traces, and you can sense hidden dangers just by the wind and grass. Scouting range +4, Perception +2)

After learning the intermediate scouting technique, the original surrounding subtle traces, whether the grass splashed with dirt, or the ground with a slight depression of dead branches, all seem to indicate to Rod the movement of the blue-robed mage. The traces that Rod had to distinguish for some time to observe, at this time it seems so obvious.

Rod immediately followed the detected traces and drove his horse in a direction to pursue.

Through these traces left by the blue-robed mage, Rod could even determine how long ago he passed through here.

Rod understood that since he had no mana at this time, he might not be able to defeat the blue-robed mage head-on by relying on his own strength alone, so he didn’t think of directly catching up with him and fighting, but followed through these traces in the rear.

As Rod chased toward the forest, the crowd that was fighting the vampire, also found the anomaly.

The blue-robed mage was spotted by a handful of people as he rode away. Although they realized that something was wrong, these people were still fighting the vampire and only had doubts in their minds.

These merchant group members, seeing another enemy dressed in black robes going after the blue-robed mage, realized that something was wrong.

Although they did not know what was happening, these guards began to be a little fearful when fighting with the vampire, and just wandered around the vampire to avoid the vampire from striking themselves, instead of thinking about how to kill the vampire.

At this point, the vampire’s attack was deadlocked by the warrior in front of him, and a thief on the side was planning to take advantage of this opportunity to go up and attack, but was spotted by the vampire and chose to take the thief’s attack hard.

With the thief’s dagger stabbed into the vampire, the vampire’s sharp claws likewise slashed through the thief’s abdomen. The vampire could quickly rip the dagger out, but the thief could only fall to the ground.

In the back, a warrior was trying to take advantage of a sword cut, the vampire did not dodge, taking advantage of the gap in the warrior’s move, a claw to the warrior’s throat, killing the warrior on the spot. The warrior swung down the sword although cut to the vampire, but has completely lost the force.

The battlefield, the loss of the blue-robed mage’s control, although the surrounding guards still suppressed the vampire, but with the expiration of the weakening magic on the vampire, the vampire’s original strength recovery, plus the surrounding guards still do not dare to come forward to fight, the vampire began to power.

On the side, a few more guards tried to take advantage of the opportunity to attack, but before their weapons could hit the vampire, the vampire saw the right moment and turned into a black mist in the center they were surrounded by.

Taking advantage of the fact that the guards were too close to dodge, the bats swooped down on them and began to bite.

With the vampire still remaining batted a number of times, it was obviously incredibly difficult to kill the vampire after losing the mage’s powerful skills.

For ordinary second-ranked professionals, the vampire batting appeared difficult to handle after batting, given that the attributes as well as the special skills were not strong. Except for a few senior professionals, the rest of them did not suffer well.

The vampire showed its strength at the peak of the third rank, and if they didn’t consume the number of uses of the batting skill beforehand like Rod did, and then go up afterwards to find a way to attack the vampire’s weaknesses to hit it hard, but instead tried to consume the vampire by sheer numbers, the group’s cooperation obviously didn’t reach that level.

As the number of dead guards increased, the morale of the remaining guards of the merchant group became increasingly low. Without the suppression of the mages and facing the vampire directly in front of them, they only began to understand the horror of this creature.

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