Invincible Hero of Necromancer – Chapter 44

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Chapter 44 Scroll

Youser’s body, crashed through these collapsed parapets behind him and fell from the top of the tower.

Before falling, as the shield was knocked away, Youser once again saw the cold eyes of Rod.

After hitting Youser, Rod tried his best to restrain his forward pace and finally stopped at the edge of the watchtower.

In the air, Youser did not know when to let go of the weapon clenched in his hands, arms in the air waving randomly, but only in vain. Realizing that he was about to die, Youser seemed to think of something in his mind, his face was filled with remorse.

The last thought in Youser’s mind, somehow turned into a picture, it was the cold eyes of Rod who stood at the edge of the watchtower after he shot him down.

The top of the tower, looking at the falling Youser, Rod suppressed his fiercely beating heart, recalled the key to defeating Youser, undoubtedly through the spell will Youser paralysis, so that it can not move, unable to power, which is to see the right moment, will he crash down from the top of the tower.

The reason that Rod had no mana on his body and was able to release this spell was because he used the spell scroll from the necromancer apprentice, Thunderbolt.

Previously, this spell scroll was found in the apprentice’s spatial ring, but Rod had not used it until now.

The base damage is similar to that of the first-order spell: Magic Arrow, but the Spirit attribute has a higher bonus for Thunderbolt, and Thunderbolt also comes with a paralyzing effect that lasts for a shorter period of time.

If it was a normal battle, the paralyzing effect would not be very effective due to its short duration, but at this time, this effect has become a magic weapon for Rod to win.

Since there was only this one scroll, Rod understood that he only had one chance to try it and had to let the spell hit Youser’s body in order to succeed.

If used directly, the thunderbolt would be blocked by Youser’s shield and would only paralyze the hand he was holding the shield with little effect on the strength of the entire body, and Rod would be blocked head-on by Youser or simply dodged even if he chose to dash.

Therefore, Rod chose to throw the gold coin first this way, let Youser will shield up, this can let the lightning bolt hit Youser’s body. The entire lower body was paralyzed, making Youser’s legs unable to fire, and was eventually knocked down by Rod.

Through this period of time for Youser’s understanding, Rod understood that after he threw an object at Youser’s head, no matter what he threw, Youser would raise his shield to resist, which gave Rod the opportunity to use the Thunderbolt to hit him.

At this point, Youser fell to the ground with a loud sound and instantly lost his life.

After confirming the experience value increase through the system, without looking at the falling Youser, Rod turned back and walked down the stairs of the watchtower.

On the side, the people who were fighting with the vampire also heard the loud sound, but because they had to deal with the vampire in front of them, they didn’t pay much attention to the direction of the sound.

At the edge of the battlefield, the blue-robed mage who had been controlling the battlefield situation with his spells apparently noticed the loud sound, which reminded him of something and looked over there.

Since the duration of the first cast spell had already expired, after re-applying the weakening spell to the vampire, the blue-robed mage arrived at the place where Youser had fallen based on the previous sound.

As the pace got closer and closer, the blue-robed mage obviously found something, and an expression of astonishment appeared on his face.

In front of the blue-robed mage’s eyes, there was the chief’s body that had fallen to the ground.

“Impossible ……”

What blue-robed mage saw in front of him was hard for him to believe, but the real situation was like this, and the blue-robed mage had to believe that the chief would die in such a way.

The blue-robed mage remembered that there were only two travelers in the group, one being the vampire that he and the other members were dealing with. Based on the situation on the battlefield, it was clear that the vampire could not hold up for long, and the blue-robed mage believed that under the siege of himself and the other members of the merchant group, the vampire could soon be killed.

The chief, who has not appeared, is undoubtedly dealing with another traveler. The blue-robe mage has a deep understanding of the strength of the chief’s merchant Youser, and he can only withstand with the chief if he goes all out.

At this time, the blue-robed mage, obviously can not associate the steady chief of the past, with this mass of rotten flesh in front of him.

Before the blue-robed mage felt sad about this, a cold feeling emerged in his heart.

If the chief was already powerful enough, how powerful would the other traveler who killed him be.

The blue-robed mage did not dare to think more and glanced in the direction of the vampire in the field. At this time, the rest of the merchant group members have surrounded the vampire, the vampire once again used batification, all the members are now dealing with the bats in the air.

Seeing this situation, the blue-robed mage made a decision in his mind. The blue-robed mage removed the spatial ring from the dead leader’s hand, put it on his own hand, and then reentered the battlefield.

Seeing that the rest of the merchant group members were concentrating on the bats in the air, the blue-robed mage did not confide in any of the merchant group members about his findings, but without saying a word, returned to the previous wagon.

The blue-robed mage quickly opened the secret compartment inside the carriage, put some scroll-type items into his coat pocket, then pulled off a large piece of cloth from the side, and loaded some valuable items, as well as some books with recorded knowledge into it.

The blue-robed mage put the loaded package on his back, not choosing to put it into the spatial ring.

Even though he had just obtained the spatial ring from the chief’s corpse, the blue-robed mage understood the dangers he might encounter and did not choose to spend mana value to activate the spatial ring, but only to carry the package on his back.

The blue-robed mage came outside the wagon, looked around at the members still dealing with the bats, said a few words in his heart, then came to the front of the wagon, took out the previous dagger from his coat pocket and tried to cut the ropes that were binding the horses.

After some attempts, the blue-robed mage could only helplessly find that this rope used to fix the horses, in order to withstand the traction brought by the horses, apparently specially treated, the appearance is very tough.

With only a dagger, relying on the blue-robed mage’s own strength, obviously unable to cut it in a short time.

Seeing this situation, the blue-robed mage directly used the dagger to cut open his own hand. Watching the blood overflowing from the palm of his hand, the blue-robed mage applied the blood to the dagger.

Blood just contact with the dagger, the dagger will emerge a red light. As the blood increased, the red light also gradually deepened. With this evil red light on the dagger, the blue-robed mage did not take much effort to cut through the original tough rope.

Turned on his horse, did not care about the remaining members of the merchant group, the blue-robed mage drove his horse towards the forest.

And this scene happened to be in the eyes of Rod, who walked down from the watchtower.

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