Invincible Hero of Necromancer – Chapter 43

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Chapter 43: Falling

Redwood watchtower, top of the tower.

Youser set up his shield in front of his body, half of his body was protected behind the shield, and his whole face was only exposed above the eyes, which was used to view the situation behind the shield.

Under this way of Youser’s shield, no matter whether Rod is a surprise attack with a sword, or choose to use spells, will not be able to play much effect.

Youser is still slowly stepping forward. Originally, the distance between the two can be reached in a few arrow steps, at this time it seems incredibly long.

Youser knows very well that the other party has no way back. In this case, Youser did not choose to attack first, but chose this forward pressure, forcing the other side to reveal a breach.

In Youser’s perspective, as he pressed forward, the enemy also retreated a few steps to the back in order to keep the distance, and the whole person was almost sticking to the guardrail on the side.

Seeing that the enemy is already close to the edge of the watchtower, Youser knows that the other party will not let himself just close in, reaching a certain distance, the other party will definitely react, whether it is moving towards the edge or attacking towards himself, these actions will make it reveal a breach.

Just wait for the other party to reveal a breakthrough, Youser a slam will be able to knock the other party down.

Although the current distance will be able to directly raid, but Youser obviously not willing, but more securely wait for the enemy to reveal a flaw.

As Youser expected, as Youser pressed forward step by step, the distance between the two gradually shortened. Rod seemed to be unable to withstand the pressure. He did not choose to move to the two sides, but moved first. Peering forward, at the same time he pierced out with a sword at Youser.

Youser took these actions of Rod completely in his eyes, and the rich combat experience of a senior warrior allowed him to make the right reaction at the first time.

The same is true for Rod, who understands that his attacks are hardly effective and is only doing this to find an opportunity. Rod closed his stance when he was about to stab Youser’s shield, and his body retracted towards the back.

Just when Rod had just retracted, Youser moved too.

Youser directly side step, the shield in the hands of the slap in the direction of Rod, want to take advantage of the enemy because of the closing move to move at the same time knocked down. Youser’s other hand clutched his weapon, ready to attack.

Obviously, Rod had anticipated the possible reaction of Youser when he struck, and dodged to the side before his sword was withdrawn, in the direction of Youser’s shield-wielding hand.

The direction of the dodge was in the direction of Youser’s hand that wielded the shield. The impact of Youser’s shield was avoided, but Rod’s position was still at the edge of the tower. Just as Rod finished dodging, before he could stand still, Youser followed him and swept his sword across.

Rod greeted him with a sword and blocked Youser’s attack. He was about to swing another sword. On the side, Youser’s shield slammed on Rod again. Rod had no way of parrying him, so he could only roll to the side.

Faced with a fully armed warrior, relying on swordplay alone, Rod may not have much of an advantage, in order to achieve victory, or need to find opportunities.

The roll ended and Rod was still at the edge of the tower, but in a different place. He was preparing to deal with Youser’s next attack, but found that Youser did not attack over, but stood still with his shield raised, his face a little ugly than before.

It turns out that in Rod rolled to avoid Youser shield at the same time, Youser shot empty, shield hit the side of the guardrail, watching the wooden guardrail fall down, Youser collected the force of a moment also instinctively felt the fear, not continue to pursue.

But Youser is at least a senior warrior, instantly adjusted their state, ready to continue to press into the Rod.

As Youser’s shield was always in front of him, Rod could not find a chance to attack, but Rod also noticed that even Youser, who had the overall advantage, still had a fear of death.

Watching Youser raise his shield once again and advance towards himself, Rod knew that the enemy had chosen the most prudent way and would not reveal any breakdowns to himself, and that he needed to create his own opportunities in order to defeat the enemy in front of him.

Rod realized that in this environment, Youser, who had a big advantage, still wanted to kill himself in a secure manner, rather than rushing up and relying on his powerful attributes to fight hard against himself.

This cautiousness of Youser, in the usual look, whether it is the choice of the merchant group, or in battle, may be a good behavior, but too much caution, at this time has become Youser’s weakness. Thinking about it, Rod knew that perhaps he could find an opportunity.

Looking at Youser advancing again, Rod held his sword with one hand in Youser’s direction, and with his other hand hanging down, several objects appeared in his hand and then slammed into Youser’s head.

Youser noticed these movements of Rod, once the combat experience let Youser understand that people who have space ring, may carry some concealed weapons that facilitate sneak attack, see Rod’s movements, Youser naturally classified Rod’s behavior to this category.

Looking at the object in the air that is smashing towards him, Youser does not dare to be careless, especially now that he is still at the edge of the tower. Youser raised the shield in his hand, ready to block these dark weapons.

These objects smashed on top of the shield, and the few crunching sounds made by the impact made Youser feel a hint of something wrong.

Through the corner of his eye, Youser saw that, on the side, there were several objects that were shining with a ruddy glow under the sunset, and the weapons that were bounced off the shield were actually just a few gold coins.

Suddenly, Youser realized what, just want to put the shield down, but only to see a bright white lightning from the shield below the attack. The lightning struck Youser’s body, relying on the protection of the armor, although not too much damage, but Youser felt that most of his body was paralyzed.

If it is a normal combat situation, even by this spell hit, Youser will not be too worried, with armor and shield protection, even if the body is paralyzed, will not suffer any damage in the meantime. But in this case, the original paralysis is nothing, but for Youser is fatal.

The moment the shield was lowered, Youser also saw Rod’s movements.

Rode did not choose to take the sword surprise attack, but somehow took out a shield, and charged at Youser.

Youser did not have any way to try to move, but because half of the body paralysis and can not move, can only stabilize the shield, set up in front of the body.

The shields collided, and if he rely on the basic attributes of the competition, even if Rod charged into Youser, Youser was able to stabilize in place. But at this time, because half of the body is paralyzed, Youser simply can not send force to support. By Rod’s full impact, Youser was directly knocked backwards.

And his rear, in addition to a few sections of collapsed guardrail, there is nothing.

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