Invincible Hero of Necromancer – Chapter 42

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Chapter 42: Blue-robed Mage

The first glimpse of the enemy’s appearance, the rich knowledge of the blue-robed mage recognized that the enemy fighting the merchant group in front of him was none other than a vampire.

Perhaps because of inexperience, most of the members within the merchant group did not recognize the identity of the vampire and simply treated it as an ordinary melee professional engaged in battle.

At this moment, several guards were fending off the vampire’s attack in front. On the side, several senior thieves apparently realized the identity of the vampire, should have attacked but appeared extremely hesitant, all relying on the warrior in front to support.

As the merchant group was previously in a state of rest, for a while, although the merchant group members picked up their weapons and engaged the vampire, but not many of them put their defensive gear on, just relying on the advantage of numbers, trying to suppress the vampire.

In the midst of the melee, the vampire relied on his powerful perception and kept an eye on dodging the attacks of powerful enemies, instead attacking the weaker ones with all his might.

Just during the time that the blue-robed mage was observing the situation, two ordinary guards responsible for transporting the goods had already fallen to the ground.

On the side, a thief attempted to sneak up on the vampire, and after winning, he failed to withdraw at the first opportunity because his rank was too low. The vampire instantly reacted, ignoring the cuts on his body, and slashed a claw across the thief’s throat with his backhand.

In the sight of the blue-robed mage, the vampire was rapidly killing the weaker members of the merchant group.

Although not found where the leader, blue-robed mage obviously will not let the vampire attack the merchant group members, fast to the edge of the battlefield, ready to release spells.

In view of his own mana, the blue-robed mage first released [Retardation] and [Weakness] on the vampire to weaken him, and then began to gather magical energy in his hands to prepare the next attack spell.

In the field, the vampire who was moving quickly slowed down, and his strikes were no longer severe. The surrounding guards, who had been looking for an opportunity, saw the mage in the merchant group make a move and rushed towards the vampire, waving their weapons at him.

The vampire relies on his own characteristics, even if its basic attributes are weakened by magic, he can still scare the surrounding guards by exchanging wounds, not daring to come forward to attack the vampire at will.

The surrounding guards quickly changed tactics, not thinking of quickly killing the vampire, but intended to suppress the vampire, relying on the advantage of numbers, attacking again and again, leaving a trail of wounds on the vampire.

Seeing the surrounding melee professionals suppressing the vampire, in the hands of the blue-robed mage, a cold emanating ice arrow formed and shot sharply in the direction of the vampire.

Perhaps the previous encounter with Rod, the vampire understood how much damage spells can cause, even if the overall suppressed, the vampire still pay attention to the side of the blue-robed mage mage’s movements.

The engaged vampire sensed a crisis and looked directly in the direction of the blue-robed mage and saw the magic being shot at him.

Just as the ice arrow was about to hit the vampire, a black fog instantly burst out of the vampire’s body.

The ice arrow shot into the black fog, penetrated through the back of the black fog, and struck the ground not far away. A small crater exploded directly on the ground, the surface of which was covered with ice chips.

In the black fog that the vampire turned into, a large number of bats flew out, and these bats directly crossed over the surrounding melee professionals and all surrounded the blue-robed mage at the edge of the battlefield.

The vampire understood that the one who could pose the greatest threat to himself in front of him was the spell caster at the back, and wanted to try to kill him by relying on the ability to batify.

“Spread out!”

The blue-robed mage saw the vampire’s intentions and shouted these words to the rest of the members located beside him. The surrounding members did not stop and all ran in the direction away from the blue-robed mage.

The bats were getting closer and closer to the blue-robed mage. Seeing that the first bat in the forefront was about to pounce on the blue-robed mage, the blue-robed mage raised his hand, and instantly, a powerful magical energy gathered around him, and then, this energy burst out.

In the air, with a loud sound, an ice blue ripple spread rapidly outward. A huge ice ring, with the blue-robed mage as the center of the position burst open. The high amount of magic damage instantly killed most of the bats around the blue-robed mage, and only a small number of bats survived because of the distance.

The side, a few members of the merchant group who did not run far away also suffered the damage of this magic. Because they were far from the center of the damage burst, these members were only grazed by the spell and did not suffer too serious injuries.

With only one spell, the blue-robed mage had killed a large number of bats. The remaining number of bats was not enough to maintain the vampire’s batification and gathered towards one place.

In the blue-robed mage’s vision, the remaining bats gathered in one direction before turning into black mist. Large clouds of black fog appeared, making it impossible to see the interior.

Due to being located near Diya all the time, the blue-robed mage obviously knew this skill of vampires in particular. Only to see the blue-robed mage will raise his hand, an ice arrow in his hand condensed, only to wait for the black fog in the vampire as soon as it appeared, then shot at the vampire.

The black-robed mage did not expect the vampire’s form to coalesce in the black fog, but instead, a large number of bats flew out again.

The blue-robed mage quickly scattered the cohesive spells in his hands, and was about to release the previously used cold magic ring again, but the vampire obviously understood his intentions, after seeing his move, the bats scattered in all directions.

This time, none of the bats pounced on the blue-robed mage, but instead pounced on the surrounding merchant group members, the bats scattered, most of the bats looking for enemies to attack, a small number of bats directly to the lower-ranked professionals killed by the vampire.

The blue-robed mage had no choice but to watch from a distance as the senior thieves in the merchant group quickly waved their daggers and turned the bats in the air into a cloud of black mist.

The lower-ranked professionals in the merchant group, at this time facing a large number of bats, in order to protect themselves, can only gather next to the senior professionals, trying to unite against the bats in the air, but due to the reduction of space to move, but was bitten by the bats.

In addition, the blue-robed mage likewise noticed the bats that were devouring the corpses and called out a few words, but could only find helplessly that the others were all concentrating on the bats in the air as they did not understand this skill of the vampires.

The blue-robed mage apparently did not intend to use spells and instead took out a special dagger from his robes that he carried with him and walked towards those corpses where the bats were.

If the vampire body can suppress the instinct to devour flesh and blood through consciousness, then the bat after batification is completely unable to resist this instinct, and in the process of the bat devouring the flesh and blood of the corpse, even a low-ranking professional can safely stab them to death one by one.

In the process of stabbing the bats to death with a dagger, the blue-robed mage incidentally observed the situation on the battlefield, still no sign of the merchant leader Youser, should be dealing with another necromancer went, which means that he only needs to lead the other members of the merchant group to deal with the vampire in front of him.

In this regard, the blue-robed mage instead put down his heart, the merchant chief personally, the end certainly need not be said. As the number two person in the merchant group, the blue-robed mage obviously understands the greatness of the merchant leader better than others.

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