Invincible Hero of Necromancer – Chapter 41

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Chapter 41: Confrontation

The weapons collided with each other, emitting a fierce collision sound. Because both are rapid force, the two people have a time to fight a match.

The two of them are not able to make the same kind of impact as the other one, but they are able to make use of the impact of the collision of the weapons to move backward and come to the edge of the watchtower platform.

He didn’t try to compete with the veteran warrior Youser, even though Rod had used his heavy slash skills, he still couldn’t achieve results in the fight.

Youser is also aware of his own advantages, just after the weapon clash, the backhand is a horizontal slash. He wanted to suppress Rod through a series of blows, but only hit the afterimage brought out by Rhode when he retreated. .

The first blow missed, Youser’s other hand appeared a round shield, and at the same time took an attack position, ready to kill Rod through the equipment and terrain advantage, here.

At this time, Rod’s feet is the watchtower parapet, parapet probably only to Rod’s waist. Due to the age and disrepair, many places at the edge of the parapet have collapsed, the remaining part is not very strong, as if as long as the force of a push will break.

Rich combat experience, let Youser understand that he does not even need to use weapons to kill the necromancer in front of him, only through his own suppression, the necromancer in the absence of retreat, will certainly fall from the watchtower.

At the same time, Youther also knew that in this case, although it seemed that a collision could kill the enemy, but if he made a mistake, it was himself who fell.

Youser did not immediately go forward, but just hold the weapon. Youser knew in his heart that the enemy at the edge, the heart of the pressure far more than his own, just wait until the enemy reveals a crack, you can find the best time to strike.

However, Youser can only be disappointed to find that even behind them is a few dozen meters high in the air, the enemy is still holding the weapon in his hands, without the slightest tremor, just look at his own eyes, seems to have some more things.

Youser couldn’t help but cursed. Since originally he didn’t expect to kill the enemy, but just wanted to ask for some information, he didn’t bring anyone up, just entered the watchtower alone. If there is a helper by your side, dealing with the enemy in front of you is easy.

In the end, Youser could only change tactics, did not think of spending more time looking for opportunities, but began to slowly press forward, ready to create pressure on the enemy, while adjusting the direction of his own strikes, only to wait for the enemy to reveal a breach.

If this environment at the top of the tower provides Youser with the opportunity to kill the merchant group’s hidden problems, then this also provides Rod with the opportunity to win the merchant group.

Previously, Rod from the maid to get the information of the merchant group, know the merchant group in addition to the head, there are several other senior professionals, plus a mage, a clear division of the merchant group members cooperate with each other, the strength is clearly more than hos own.

Therefore, even if he desires the undead soul crystal in the merchant group, want to attack the merchant group, Rod is also difficult to find the opportunity. Unless there is chaos within the merchant group, or they reveal their own breakdowns.

So, this way, Rod also did not think how to deal with this merchant group, but choose to want to deep meditation this way, to improve his own strength, but also to show weakness to the merchant group, just want to safely reach Diya.

It’s a pity that the merchant group’s idea is obviously different from Rod’s. Even if Rod does not intend to deal with the merchant group, but the merchant group still did not think to let Rod go.

Simply by finding an opportunity that was likely to kill Rod, the merchant chief chose to strike and wanted to kill him here.

A kind of anger arose in Rod’s heart, an emotion that hadn’t appeared since he entered the game.

Through the Soul Invocation, Rod sent a message to the vampire below.

Looking at the enemy in front of him, Rod also understands that if the merchant group loses this senior warrior, its strength will be greatly reduced. Whether from the perspective of command or from the perspective of his own strength, the warrior in front of him is obviously an extremely important part of the group.

Standing at the edge of the tower, Rod stared dead at Youser’s movements.

At this time, in Rod’s gaze, Youser moved, but not what is too big movement, just the pace of the feet little by little forward pressure, at the same time will own with the watchtower top entrance path sealed, want to steadily will force himself down the watchtower.

If the ground frontal combat, without the help of vampire, rely on Rod’s own strength, perhaps difficult to defeat the heavily armed Youser, but at this time, with the special environment here, Rod was able to find the opportunity.

After confirming in the space ring, Rod knew that he had only one chance to try. The transition between offense and defense is only in this moment.

The heavy pressure came on. Whether it’s the heavily armed warrior in front of him, or the shaky guardrails behind him, it seems to remind Rod that failure is death.


Through the gesture of the Soul Invocation, the vampire opened his eyes, and the scarlet light in his pupils flashed.

The vampire pushed the door of the carriage open and looked to the side. When he saw the scout sitting in front of the wagon eating his food, the vampire instantly rushed up.

When the scout saw the door of the wagon being opened, he naturally looked up to observe the situation, when his instincts from years of fighting made him sense what was going on. The scout just wanted to get up from the carriage, but the vampire had already rushed to his side, while a claw swung out.

The scout just arrived and raised a hand to resist, but the raised hand was held tightly by the vampire, and at the same time he pulled to the side, taking advantage of the moment when the scout’s empty door opened wide, the other vampire’s The hand sticks out directly and grabs it on the scout’s throat.

The flesh and blood was drawn out along with the vampire’s hand, as if by instinct of craving for flesh and blood, the vampire brought the fresh flesh and blood in his hand to his mouth and began to devour it quickly.

The scout’s body fell to the ground with a muffled sound. At this moment, the people gathered in front of the campfire also noticed that something was wrong, and they all took up their own weapons and rushed towards the vampire’s side.

The vampire also sensed the killing intent of the merchant group members, casually flung the uneaten blood meat on the ground and rushed towards the merchant group members around.

While the vampire was fighting with members of the merchant group, a quick-responsive scout came to a carriage of the merchant group and knocked on the door twice.

The door opened, the blue-robed mage stepped out of the carriage and saw the vampire in the middle of the battlefield at a glance.

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