Invincible Hero of Necromancer – Chapter 40

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Chapter 40: The Watchtower II

Standing at the top of the watchtower, Rod could look far into the direction. Rod expected that the height of this watchtower, there should be a sixty or seventy meters.

To the edge of the top of the watchtower, Rod looked down.

In Rod’s line of sight, the campfire originally lit by the merchant group, at present only a small point, the crowd around the campfire, at this time also seems extremely small.

Through the eagle-eye technique, Rod can count the number of people around the campfire. Because of the eagle-eye technique only elementary level, it is still a bit vague. If it is an expert eagle eye, you can even see the expressions of everyone around the campfire from here.

For melee professionals, eagle-eye magic is essential in order to observe all that happens in battle. Especially for the scout class of professions, the Eagle Eye technique is especially important.

Rod looked in one direction. The area around the watchtower was still a forest, but the number of trees began to decrease, and the height was completely incomparable to what Rod had seen earlier, and a plain had appeared in the distance. Even without the pathfinding technique, Rod could see the abnormality.

“Diya ……”

Looking at the plains in the distance, Rod understood that the location where the watchtower was located should be the border of Eri, where it intersected with Diya. Just walk up a little distance further ahead and you will be able to enter Diya.

The reason why the merchant group will stop here, Rod also finally understood, should want to take advantage of still in the territory of Erie to rest for a good night, to recover from the fatigue brought by these days of continuous marching, tomorrow morning and then set off into the territory of Diya.

Knowing that the merchant group has reached the border, and although it is impossible to see through the system log how many days it took for deep meditation, Rod knew that he had spent more time on deep meditation than he thought.

After several days of deep meditation, even though his own consumption was reduced to a minimum, Rod still felt hungry at this time.

Rod sat down at the edge of the watchtower, while taking out the dry food he carried from his spatial ring, brought it to his mouth, and bit down hard.

In Rod’s spatial ring, part of the dry food came from the initial tomb, and part of it was originally stored in the spatial ring, and the amount was enough for Rod to use, and what Rod had been eating before was this.

As it has been kept in the spatial ring, Rod could swallow it without much effort to chew. Although there is no taste, but can restore physical strength.

Suddenly, Rod, who was eating dry food, noticed something and instantly got up, put the dry food into the spatial ring, while looking behind him. From the edge of the original watchtower platform, to the position near the center.

Rod heard, the rear, the watchtower internal steps, came the sound of heavy footsteps. The owner of the footsteps did not think to disguise, and even can also deliberately hard to increase the sound of footsteps.

Not long, with the footsteps slowly approaching, Rod also saw the figure in the back, it is the original in the campfire merchant chief, Youser.

Youser’s figure appeared at the entrance of the top platform of the watchtower. Rod saw that Youser’s hand, is holding a large piece of roast leg of lamb, burst of roast meat aroma overflowed out.

Just before Youser appeared in Rod’s vision, and during the time when the footsteps were heard, Rod didn’t smell any smell. This roasted leg of lamb was steaming, obviously Youser had just taken it out from his own spatial ring.

Youser ascended the watchtower, definitely in search of Rod, but he stopped at the entrance to the top platform.

Perhaps, Youser’s intention was just to use the reason of sharing food with Rod, to observe whether Rod had any abnormal behavior. But at this time, Youser obviously also noticed this environment of the top platform.

Originally, because he didn’t know the strength of the two necromancers in the merchant group, although Youser very scrupulous, but also will not take the initiative to provoke.

At this time, what surprised Youser was that the two necromancers within the merchant group, actually took the initiative to separate. He just doen’t know if the one who was doing deep meditation earlier was the one in front of him or not.

Youser quickly weighed the state of both sides, he is still wearing armor, plus the weapons in the spatial ring, can be said to be the strongest state when not enchanted spells. In this environment at this time, even the official necromancer, are not necessarily able to block their own surprise attack.

Instantly, Youser’s heart began to struggle violently. The original idea of just coming up to observe the necromancer began to have a shift.

Although the necromancer is willing to show weakness, but see this good opportunity, Youser is not willing to easily let go.

Even though he guessed that the two necromancers might not really be here for the undead soul crystals in the caravan, Youser still didn’t dare to rest assured.

Based on their previous performance, Youser is about 70% sure that these two necromancers won’t make a move to grab the undead soul crystal. But if they are killed in this place, then 70% will become 100%, which can completely eliminate the hidden dangers of the merchant group.

For Youser, at this time, in the case of his own terrain advantage, against a necromancer, there should be no suspense.

Finally, as if thought of something, Youser heart has a decision.

Rod also felt something, but did not have any action. As if because of the light, Rod’s eyes slightly squinted, just look at the steps of Youser.

The afterglow reflected, Rod’s shadow elongated on the platform.

Even if Youser struggled inwardly, his face was able to control it well and did not show it, and in Rod’s gaze, Youser remained calm.

“I haven’t seen you out all the way, it’s first time I’ve seen you come out of the wagon, the merchant group has some extra food and would like to share it with you.” Youser said, squeezing a smile out of his face, trying to look slightly more normal.

With that said, Youser handed out the leg of lamb in his hand.

See Youser’s look at this time, Rod heart sneer, the same understanding, this battle must be fought.

Many times, even if repeatedly show weakness, repeatedly show their own purpose, others will not believe. The words said, the intention shown, never have their own strength to the real.

“Then, thank you, merchant chief.”

After saying that, Rod put his hand out, ready to take the leg of lamb.

Just in the process of Rod reaching out, Youser’s eyes, all the time focused on the hand that Rod extended.

Years of combat experience, let Youser understand, the enemy’s physical movements can reflect their own thoughts to a certain extent. Especially in a situation like this, as long as the enemy’s outstretched hand has the slightest tremor, he or she will be able to attack and gain the upper hand.

But, under the careful observation of Youser, Rod’s hand stretched out steadily, and finally held on the leg bone of the sheep. In this process, Youser could not find any opportunity to strike.

Youser heart a shock, seems to realize what, raised his head, saw in that under the black robe, Rod stared at his cold eyes.

Suddenly, the leg of lamb held by the two of them disappeared in an instant, and no one knew who was included in the space ring.

Two people’s hands at the same time appeared weapons, towards each other to slash.

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