Invincible Hero of Necromancer – Chapter 4

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Chapter 4: Skeleton Warrior I

Rod examined the sword he was holding now. This sword is better than the one that was broken before, but it’s just as good as it can be.

The next step was to face another skeleton soldier alone. The skeleton soldier’s combat skills are really unbearable without the necromancer’s control, and Rod killed the skeleton soldier without injury by pure swordplay, another 10 experience points.

Then Rod faced two walking corpses at once in a more spacious passage. Rod did not choose to fight one against two in an open place, but led them back to the narrow passage before, and only faced one walking corpse at a time, and with his own sword skills he killed the walking corpses one by one, getting 30 points of experience.

Rod found that after learning the elementary sword art, he could easily find the time to attack in the battle, and the original opponent’s attack was full of holes in his eyes. This may be the hidden benefit of having learned the sword art. Rod played a pure output mage stream in his previous life, and was not particularly knowledgeable about the hidden characteristics of combat special skills.

Although it is a pure mage, but Rod’s combat skills and awareness still belong to the top, after all, mages are very often very restricted in the early stages, and Rod can only use combat awareness in the early stages to make up for his own defects of not learning special skills, in order to leave skill points to cultivate an invincible mage in the later stages.

In this current situation, even if Rod has the intention to set aside skill points for later use, there is no way. In order to deal with the unknown, you can only invest the skill points into the most suitable skills at the moment.

The road in front of him became more spacious as Rod moved forward slowly. Continuing forward, he came to a location similar to a hall.

At this point, the pupils of Rod’s eyes shrank, his face was grave. In front, there is a skeleton warrior wearing iron armor and holding a sword and shield, which is surrounded by two skeleton soldiers near the side of Rod, there are also two skeleton soldiers behind the passage, each side of the interval of about five meters. These four skeleton soldiers Rod can easily solve, but the skeleton warrior to Rod feel very tricky.

The skeleton warrior is a relatively strong first-order undead creature. The strength and speed attributes of the skeleton warrior are further improved than those of the skeleton soldier, while the combat skills are enhanced, but the healt points has not changed much.

Skeleton soldiers can be changed into skeleton warriors by sucking up death energy. Living creatures will escape some of their death energy when they die, which means that ordinary skeleton soldiers can become skeleton warriors after killing enough creatures.

Powerful necromancers can also give death energy directly to skeleton soldiers, transforming them into skeleton warriors. Powerful professionals in life can also be directly transformed into skeleton warriors at the time of death due to the energy remaining inside their torsos.

Rod found the Skeleton Warrior tricky, not because of how powerful its combat skills were, but because the basic attributes of the Skeleton Warrior were too high for his current self.

The strength and speed attributes of the Skeleton Warrior far exceed the current Rod, knowing that Rod’s current basic attributes are not even comparable to those of a normal skeleton soldier, relying on combat skills to solve the enemy. The huge gap between these two attributes, strength and speed, made it difficult for Rod to deal with the skeleton warrior’s attacks, and he would basically be seriously injured if he was hit.

Rod decided to use his experience points to raise his character attributes to the limit first, and then think of a solution afterwards.

“Consumed experience points 30, remaining experience points 15. Job level raised to 1st rank militia level 4 ……”

“Got free attribute point 1, got skill point 1 ……”

“Consume experience points 10, upgrade [Burst Lv1] to [Burst Lv2], remaining experience points 5.”

“[Burst Lv2]: the next attack will consume half of the current prana points, and the damage dealt will be increased by 40%. Experience points required to upgrade is 30.”

“Consumed experience points 5, upgraded [Heavy Slash Lv1] to [Heavy Slash Lv2], remaining experience points 0.”

“[Heavy Slash Lv2]: consumes 10 prana, next attack will deal 125% of base attack damage, damage increased to 170% when attacking weak points. Experience points required to upgrade 15.”

Rod allocated his free attribute points to speed to shorten the gap between his attributes and those of the skeleton warriors a little, while using his skill points to learn intermediate sword arts.

(Intermediate Sword Art: Long years of sword practice have given you a new insight into the use of the sword, and all moves seem to be integrated into your instincts, so you can maximize the killing power of a regular sword. (Your mastery speed for any sword technique increases, and the damage dealt by all conventional swords is increased by 20%.)

Rod’s current panel attributes are.

[Name: Rod

Heroic specialties: unawakened

Rank: 1st rank militia level 4 (040)

Attributes: Strength 8, Speed 7, Physique 9, Knowledge 2, Mental 2

Health points: 3745

Mana points: 00

Prana points: 7590

Experience points: 0

Skills: Burst Lv2, Heavy Slash Lv2

Special Skills: Intermediate Sword Art, Primary Resistance

Spells: None]

Looking at his attributes, Rod frowned slightly.

“It’s still hard to fight. The skeleton warrior slashes my vitals once and I have to lie down, and I can’t second it like I seconded the skeleton soldier before. The running speed of the skeleton warrior determines that there is no way for me to cross it out of the passage.”

“There are five undead creatures in total, can I fight them all at once? … Wait..”

Suddenly, Rod thought of something, although there may be a little risk, but this may be the only way to kill the skeleton warrior.

Rod first waited in place until his prana points returned to 80, then slowly came within five meters of the skeleton warrior without being detected through the method of carding their dead ends of vision, and then he charged straight up.

In the process of charging, the loud footsteps made by Rod attracted the attention of these undead creatures. The two skeleton soldiers in front of him did not have time to move when Rod rushed to their side, and the charge was completed at the same time with two heavy slashes, each of which precisely cut into the neck vertebrae of the skeleton soldiers.

The soul fire in the skeleton’s eyes slowly went out. The skeleton’s eyes slowly extinguished. Rod wasted no time, he rushed towards the skeleton warrior with a sword.

Seeing the enemy rushing towards him, the skeleton warrior’s remaining combat skills told him that he should raise his shield with one hand while holding his sword with the other to build up strength.

The soul fire in the skeleton warrior’s eyes was staring at Rod, just waiting for Rod’s attack to come and give him an unforgettable counterattack.

The skeleton warrior didn’t expect the attack it was waiting for, and Rod dashed right past the skeleton warrior. The target of Rod’s charge from the beginning was not the skeleton warrior, but the skeleton soldiers behind him!

Guided by residual combat instincts, the skeleton warrior directly sidestepped and slash back. With attributes that far surpassed Rod’s, this sword chopped directly on the leather armor on Rod’s back, emitting the sound of leather cracking.

But fortunately, the speed of Rod’s charge is fast enough, or rather this charge makes the skeleton warrior unexpected, he did not immediately determine Rod’s true intention. This cut was in the back of Rod, but did not cut the real.

Rod was injured, but not seriously injured.

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