Invincible Hero of Necromancer – Chapter 39

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Chapter 39: Watchtower I

A few days have passed.

At this time, the sky is already close to dusk, the crimson of the evening sun reflected in the forest, the merchant group’s team stationed in an open woodland.

In this crimson light, the merchant group in a carriage, Rod, who had been in a deep meditation state, slowly opened his eyes.

Due to the consumption of mana value, Rod and the surrounding magic element connection instantly disappeared, Rod can only end this time deep meditation.

The time spent on deep meditation is much longer than shallow meditation, and often a deep meditation lasts for several days, and a deep meditation of a formal mage can even last for several weeks.

Generally speaking, with the same amount of mana, the longer the deep meditation, the longer the connection with the magic element, the better the effect of this deep meditation.

During the process of performing deep meditation, one’s metabolism is reduced to a minimum due to the focus on thinking, so even if one has not eaten for several days, the burden on the body is not great.

Listening to the noisy sounds coming from outside the carriage, Rod looked at the system log.


“Maintaining deep meditation ……”

“By deepening your connection with the fire magic element, your elementary fire magic has been improved ……”

“Maintain deep meditation ……”

“Your spiritual attribute has been improved.”

“Maintain deep meditation ……”


“Mana is not enough to maintain deep meditation ……”

“Meditation is over.”

“Through this deep meditation, you have gained +2 Spirit and 4% progress in Elementary Fire Magic.”

“You have gained the race achievement [Silent Heart]”

“[Silent Heart]: Perform a deep meditation. Base bonus Spirit +2. Meditation effect is increased by 20% while wearing it.”


Closing the system log, Rod knew what he had gained from this deep meditation.

First, at the end of this deep meditation, Rod’s spiritual attributes, counting the additional additions from the race achievement, increased by a total of 4 points.

Through the experience of his previous life, Rod knew that when a spell caster first starts deep meditation, there is a rapid period of increase in spiritual attributes.

This is equivalent to stimulating the improvement of one’s spirit through deep meditation. Even a poorly qualified mage apprentice can raise 5 to 10 points of spirit through deep meditation.

In addition, through this deep meditation, Rod also obtained an achievement.

The achievement was expected, and after wearing the newly obtained achievement, the effect of enhancing meditation was stronger than Rod’s original beginner title, which was considered a boost for Rod.

In addition, due to the deep meditation that relied on the fire magic element to enter, Rod gained 4% of the elementary fire magic practice progress. However, this 4% progress is almost useless, as long as it is less than 100%, it is still impossible to obtain an improvement.

Rod only needed to consume 1 skill point to raise the elementary fire magic to intermediate level. Perhaps it would take several months of deep meditation to do so for Rod if he wants to improve completely by his own efforts alone.

Even if it is a special skill, what Rod learned through the system is more about how to use it. For how to rely on training to improve, can only rely on Rod to think of their own way.

Rod recalled that when the rank was not high, he used to quickly upgrade the character level and acquire skill points to improve the special skills. Only when the experience points spent to upgrade to the first level later were extremely large, he would improve the special skills through his own training.

The promotion of special skills are extremely time consuming to upgrade, and the same is true for ordinary skills.

Of course, like the aboriginals in the game, Rod can improve his strength through his own efforts and polish his combat skills over and over again, but the benefits are too low and it takes a lot of time, far less than the experience value to improve quickly.

After checking his harvest, Rod looked around.

The side, the vampire is still sucking the energy released by the undead soul crystal, Rod also did not bother with it. Pushing open the side door beside the carriage, Rod got out of the carriage and observed the surrounding environment

The first thing that caught Rod’s attention was the towering watchtower on the side, which was shining red under the slanting sun.

Not far from Rod’s carriage, the merchant group was gathered in front of the campfire, talking loudly about something while waiting for the hot and fresh food.

Rod looked closely, whether it is due to rotation or other reasons, the thieves who were in front of the carriage in charge of monitoring Rod’s every move were now holding a weapon and cutting the hunted living animal by the campfire.

Even the head of the merchant Youser, at this time also around the campfire, rubbing his hands waiting to take food.

At this time just dusk, not yet into the night, the merchant group can still take advantage of the light to continue to move forward, but the merchant group today obviously do not intend to continue to move forward, but stationed here.

Perhaps knowing that his identity as a necromancer is not friendly to the rest of the merchant group, Rod did not bother with the others on the side, but put his interest in the watchtower he saw. Rod went straight to the watchtower not far away.

Although the original thieves have left, but the merchant group apparently did not let down their guard to Rod, there is still a professional sitting in front of the carriage Rod was riding, it is the scout who reported the situation to Youser earlier.

Although the scout knew that there was a necromancer as a traveler in merchant troupe, he hadn’t seen it in the past few days. Just see Rod walk off the carriage, the scout also froze for a moment.

When he saw Rod walking towards the watchtower, the scout stopped his original intention to follow and prepared to report to the merchant chief.

Looking at the watchtower which is red in color, Rod stretched out his hand and touched the watchtower’s skin.

The watch tower’s epidermis presents a kind of red color, not because of the reason of light, but has a layer of special coating, can effectively prevent the wind and sun for the corrosion of the epidermis. The sunset’s red light shines on the watchtower’s skin, making this red color more bright.

Rod entered from the entrance at the bottom of the watchtower, the internal light is still possible, every other layer will have a position to let the light into, Rod can see the steps under the feet, along a kind of spiral stairs to climb to the top of the tower

In Rod’s impression, in order to save construction resources, the common watchtower is just erected in a stable form of wood, and then mounted on a rope ladder, similar to the current watchtower. Rod didn’t see much.

It didn’t take long for Rod to reach the top of the tower through the uppermost stairs. The top of the tower is a spacious platform surrounded by simple wooden guardrails to prevent it from falling down due to mistakes.

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