Invincible Hero of Necromancer – Chapter 38

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Chapter 38 Deep Meditation

Youser is still on alert for the necromancer inside the carriage, while at this time, Rod inside the carriage, obviously in a different state.

For what happened outside the carriage, Rod did not know. At this time, although Rod, in a meditative state, but frowning, it is clear that the process is not smooth.

Rod tried to call out to all the magic elements around him, but in Rod’s perception, the magic elements around him seemed very indifferent, and few of them chose to respond to Rod’s call.

For the current Rod, because there is no way to get the response of the magic elements, not to mention the consumption of mana to establish contact with the magic elements, if this continues, even the meditation state can not be maintained.

Deep meditation is generally something that can only be fully mastered by a formal mage. Due to Rod’s low spiritual attributes, although Rod had been trying to dissipate his mana value, it never worked.

It did not occur to Rod that the deep meditation that he could easily enter in his previous life would be so difficult to achieve at this time.

Under the successive failures, Rod could only change his plan.

Instead of calling on all the surrounding categories of magic elements, Rod tried to establish a connection with the fire magic elements alone based on the existing elementary fire magic.

At the beginning, the fire magic elements around still did not respond to Rod, but under Rod’s persistence, the few fire magic elements around began to respond to Rod’s call.

The experience from his previous life let him know that he should not be in a hurry at this time. Instead of trying to call for more fire magic elements, Rod tried to release his mana to deepen his connection with the fire magic elements around him.

Feeling the slow drop of mana value, Rod knew that he had started to establish a connection with the surrounding fire magic elements.

Rod concentrated his mind and put all his attention on this slight connection, not caring about anything around him. As Rod’s spirit concentrated, everything around him began to blur, leaving only these fire magic elements around him.

As Rod’ connection with these fire magic elements deepened, the rest of the fire magic elements around him began to respond to Rod’ call and joined the connection.

The speed of Rod’ mana consumption accelerated, but overall it was still consumed at an extremely slow rate. At this time, what Rod can perceive is only a large number of fire magic elements, the physical perception, has been completely far away.

Maintaining this connection with the magical elements is an extremely mental-consuming process, once the mage is lax or sleepy, the effect of deep meditation will be greatly reduced, or even directly affected by the backlash, which is why Rod chose to sleep overnight, after the mental is replenished, and then start deep meditation.

With the experience of the previous life, coupled with their own unremitting attempts, Rod successfully entered the state of deep meditation.


On the side, the vampire who had been absorbing death energy seemed to sense something and quickly opened his eyes, stared at Rod for a few seconds and then closed them again.


At this time, the carriage in the center of the merchant group.

A blue-robed spell caster seemed to feel something and gave a light eek. Then he put down the book he had been reading in his hand, pushed open the window on the side of the carriage, and looked in a direction not far away.

The place where the sight is, it is the carriage where Rod is.

The blue-robed mage tapped twice on the edge of the window. On the side, hearing this sound, Youser immediately came to the side of the carriage, looking inside the window.

The blue-robed mage whispered a few words to Youser, and following the blue-robed mage’s line of sight, Youser also looked at the carriage where Rod was.

“You are saying …… he is in deep meditation?”

Youser’s tone was full of questions, as if he simply could not believe it.

Although not a mage, but Youser obviously for the mage’s cultivation way extremely understanding, understand deep meditation for the mage means what, also know deep meditation once failed, the mage will suffer how backlash.

Seeing the blue-robed mage nod, Youser froze for a time.

Youser really can’t understand why this necromancer would choose to deep meditation here.

Until now, Youser was guessing the purpose of the necromancer to come, all kinds of guesses flashed through Youser’s mind, but Youser could never confirm.

At this time, to see this as if deliberately reveal the crack-like action, Youser as if to realize what, which finally confirmed down. For this reason, Youser looked deeply in the direction of Rod.

Inside the carriage, seeing that Youser did not reply for half a day, the blue-robed mage could not help but ask in a low voice: “Should we take advantage of this opportunity ……”

As a spell caster, the blue-robed mage understood the consequences triggered by deep meditation being interrupted, and likewise knew what a good opportunity this was, so he proposed to Yoser.

Although the blue-robed mage did not finish his words, but Youser already understood the meaning implied in the words. Youser still looked in the direction of the Rod carriage and shook his head.

Seeing this, the blue-robed mage also no longer insisted.

Although the identity of the caster, but the blue-robed mage heart understand, they can make suggestions to the chief, but the real choice, or only by the chief to make a decision.

The blue-robed mage knows that the chief makes such a decision, must have his own ideas. The blue-robed mage could make suggestions, but could not interfere too much with the chief’s judgment.

Seeing that Youser was still looking in the direction of Rod’s carriage, the blue-robed mage closed the window, sat back in the carriage, and resumed flipping through the books in his hands.

Finally, Youser sighed deeply and stopped looking in the direction of the necromancer, but looked ahead of the group, ready to go to the front to take command.

Even to the front of the team, Youser’s mind is still thinking about the behavior of the previous necromancer.

In Youser’s opinion, deep meditation should be deliberately carried out by the necromancer.

The necromancer did so only because he wanted to tell himself through the mouth of the mages in the merchant group that they had no malice and only wanted to use the merchant group to go to the town of Sorrow.

Likewise, for the merchant group, although one of them is in deep meditation, but for security reasons, will not attack them without knowing their cards.

It was this seeming show of weakness that nearly completely defused the previous act of forcing themselves to become merchant group travelers, allowing the merchant group to let down their guard. This can’t help but let Youser high look at the necromancer.

Suddenly, a strange thought arose in Youser’s mind.

Since the necromancer entered the merchant group’s tent, all of their own actions are in the necromancer’s anticipation, the necromancer guessed all of their thoughts, from the goods delivered, until this point will certainly not attack them.

Although there was no real exchange of blows, but through this series of judgments, Youser has determined that the necromancer who spoke earlier, will not be an idle person.

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