Invincible Hero of Necromancer – Chapter 37

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Chapter 37: The Journey

Inside the carriage that was moving forward, Rod took a few deep breaths and tried to adjust his state to the best.

After ending the night’s rest, at this time Rod’s mental state was restored.

Rod intended to take advantage of this opportunity to try to deep meditation.

Rod did not know how long the merchant group’s trip would take, but for himself who had the soul mission limit, no matter how much time the journey on the road would take, he had no way to waste it, but to seize all the time he could to improve his strength.

For the current Rod, can improve the strength, only to carry out deep meditation.

Some time before, Rod has carried out a number of meditation, but Rod carried out these meditations are shallow meditation, and deep meditation is very different.

The main purpose of shallow meditation is to increase the maximum mana value, as well as to improve the speed of mana recovery. Shallow meditation can be easily quit in any situation without risk of backlash, and can even replace sleep to a certain extent, but deep meditation is completely different.

The first thing to do in deep meditation is to disperse the mana value, so as to establish a connection with the surrounding magic elements, and then deepen this connection through one’s own spiritual exploration.

In the process of deep meditation, one’s spirit must always be focused, constantly feeling and exploring the magic elements around. During deep meditation, the mage’s connection with the magic elements is generally maintained by an uninterrupted supply of mana.

Once deep meditation begins, as the connection with the magic element deepens, the whole person will fall into a state, losing the perception of the outside world, and cannot be easily lifted unless the mana value is consumed.

Once this state is forcibly broken by external forces, the person entering deep meditation will suffer a backlash based on the remaining mana. The more mana remaining, the greater the repercussions for the body, the mage’s repercussions will even directly make his body collapse.

This is why, in general, mages in deep meditation, will choose the absolute safety of the environment, in addition to reducing the external environment for their own impact, more is not to let this backlash occur.

Rod knew this kind of backlash of deep meditation, but Rod still chose to conduct deep meditation here.

The reason why Rod did this, in addition to wanting to seize all the time to improve strength, the more important reason is that the experience accumulated in his previous life as a mage, so Rod has a unique understanding of deep meditation.

If the Silver Seal merchant group chooses to attack himself while he is in a state of deep meditation, Rod can also avoid the damage caused by the backlash through some special means, although the mana value may be gone, but there is no impact on Rod’ strength in close combat.

Rod did not turn to the other people in the merchant group to not bother themselves. According to the information provided by the maid, there is a spell caster of unknown strength within the merchant group.

The mana fluctuations brought about by deep meditation due to the need to establish contact with the surrounding magic elements are extremely easy to detect for spell casters of any rank.

This kind of action by Rod, although not explicitly stated to the merchant group, was likewise a gesture.

Rod believed that based on the merchant group’s previous behavior, they would not maliciously interrupt him after noticing that he had started deep meditation. Instead, they chose not to interfere with each other.

The merchant group wanted to transport the undead soul crystals in their hands to Diya without fear, and would not deliberately go to attract powerful enemies, while Rod also did not want to rob the merchant group of undead soul crystals.

As the space inside the carriage is not spacious, Rod put his hands flat on his lap, while replacing the achievement he was wearing with a beginner, ready to start entering the meditation state.


In the process of Rod’s meditation, the Silver Seal merchant group was advancing along a large road, which was lined with dense forest, with tall trees in the forest.

The road that the carriage was traveling on was deliberately chosen by the merchant group, and although the ground was littered with dead branches and leaves, the road was spacious and there were no obstacles in the way, which facilitated the carriage’s travel.

It was already dawn, but the light on the road was still dim due to the shade of the surrounding dense forest.

At the center of the caravan, Youser was directing the caravan’s movement beside one of the largest wagons.

Unlike yesterday’s civilian clothes, this time Youser wearing a set of silver-white armor, riding on a brown horse, not carrying a weapon, but the hand over a spatial ring.

At this time, Youser is listening to the scout under his command for the surrounding situation report.

This scout is not young, compared to the rest of the scouts who are as fit as a fiddle, this scout in front of him obviously can not beat them. But this scout has a lot of experience in scouting the surroundings, the road to the town of sorrow, this scout is more than familiar with.

The scout saw from the eyes of Youser looking in one direction after another that Youser’s attention was not on top of the situation he reported. The scout quickly finished the situation and then came back to the front of the caravan to investigate.

Youser still looked at the direction of the merchant group side. In Youser’s mind, the safety of the merchant group is obviously more important.

The two necromancers of unknown origin are obviously what Youser is interested in. Yesterday, in order to avoid information leakage, only let them become travelers, Youser is now thinking of ways to deal with.

Although the best under the thieves have been allowed to monitor them at all times, but Youser heart is still not at ease.

Until the scouts left for a while, Youser only retracted his sight, just ready to instruct a few words to the scouts under him, only then reacted to the fact that his men had already reported the situation and had already gone ahead to start scouting.

Youser heart helpless, can only put the line of sight again to the carriage.

Last night, Rod can sleep peacefully in the carriage, but for the Silver Seal merchant group, the preparations to be carried out is just beginning.

Unlike Rod, due to Rod entered the Silver Seal’s premises, plus the words that were spoken, Youser had to change his plans, overnight all the things packed up, even though the others might find anomalies. And set off early this morning.

At this time, the merchant group has been on the road, for the team of the two necromancers, Youser began to feel the headache.

Youser understands that the Necromancer understands the value of the undead soul crystal better than anyone, if there may be danger on the road, then the biggest hidden danger comes from the necromancer in the merchant group.

Although the two necromancers did not make any demands for themselves, just want to go to Diya, but Youser really can not believe that the necromancers, who have always been known for their intrigue, will not have any thoughts about the undead soul crystal.

Even if they were under their own surveillance and hadn’t moved, Youser couldn’t feel at ease, instead he thought they were carrying out some kind of plot.

Since he was not sure of the other party’s strength, Youser did not dare to act rashly, and the only thing he could do was to increase his surveillance of them.

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