Invincible Hero of Necromancer – Chapter 36

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Chapter 36: The Seal of Silver IV

The vampire was led by Rod to board the carriage that the Silver Seal merchant group had been assigned.

The carriage has two rows of seats on the left and right sides, but the space is not spacious, apparently only for a small number of people prepared.

After entering the carriage from the side, Rod sat down on the seat in the carriage.

Looking at some decorations inside the carriage, as well as the windows that could be opened on both sides, Rod realized that the carriage was originally prepared for transporting passengers.

Rod guessed that because of the lucrative pay for transporting travelers, the Silver Seal merchant group itself would choose to bring some travelers, but would not carry too many. Once the number of travelers is too much, it will happen beyond the control of the Silver Seal merchant group.

For carrying passengers, the system of large merchant groups is certainly cheaper. Want to go to the town of sorrow, the travelers have long followed the previous large merchant group left. This led to, until two days before the departure, the Silver Seal merchant group did not find the passengers.

This is why, at the beginning, Youser did not because of the identity of Rod necromancer, directly refused Rod to become a traveler, but instead negotiated with Rod travel expenses.

In the beginning, Youser wanted to make Rod pay the high travel fee through verbal suppression. But Rod, through his own observation, perceived the real cargo he was transporting, making Youser have to waive Rod’ travel expenses as Rod’ hush money.

After judging that the Silver Seal merchant group is really transporting the undead soul crystal, Rod only proposed to become a passenger, and did not take the opportunity to extort a merchant group, but also has its own considerations.

As Rod said, he wanted to be a traveler following a merchant group. On the way, it is indispensable to be taken care of by the merchant group.

The Silver Seal merchant group, has been willing to let Rod conceal this information, not to Rod and his party charged any travel expenses, in itself is a sign of weakness. If Rod really want to take an inch, the merchant group is not a vegetarian.

Along the way, Rod could not always guard against the retaliation from the merchant group. A few senior professionals, plus a spell caster, under a reasonable arrangement, may not be unable to kill Rod and vampire.

The situation is like now, although the merchant group can not get travel expenses from Rod, but also will not forcefully round up the strength of the unknown Rod, to their own losses. Rod can also follow the merchant group and travel to Diya, counting on each taking what they need.

“Undead soul crystals ……”

Sitting in the carriage, Rod thought back to the previous situation, took the undead soul crystal out of the spatial ring, checked it out, and handed it to the vampire next to him.

The vampire was instantly blessed and took it and held the undead soul crystals in his hand while keeping it close to his body.

The undead crystal is releasing death energy outward all the time, and this death energy can help necromancers transform undead creatures, and also help undead creatures advance.

Therefore, in Diya, the undead soul crystals is very sought after by necromancers, but in other places often can only be used as jewelry-type decoration, the price is far less than Diya.

According to Rod’s feeling, the vampire’s advancement in the previous tomb was probably triggered by this undead crystal.

At this time, as already intended to follow the merchant group to the town of Sorrow, how long the journey will take, Rod does not know. The undead soul crystal will be given to the vampire to take, but also hope that he can absorb the death energy, to improve a little strength.

After being interrupted, the vampire will not be able to advance again for a short period of time, but will be able to rely on the death energy released by the undead soul crystal to maintain his strength at the peak of the third stage and wait for the next opportunity to advance.

At this time, the sky outside the carriage had completely darkened.

The vampire was looking at the energy emitted by the undead soul crystal, and Rod himself had some plans.

Rod did not choose to meditate. The mana value of Rod had already reached the upper limit corresponding to the knowledge attribute, and ordinary meditation could not have any effect except for accelerating the recovery of mana value points.

At this time, the only thing that could improve Rod’s strength was deep meditation.

However, the conditions required to enter deep meditation are harsh, in addition, Rod himself also has some ideas.

Since coming to this world, successive battles have given Rod no time to rest. Even if there is a little free time, are preparing for the next battle, the only way to rest is to meditate.

Until now, Rod has not slept once, through meditation, even if the physical exhaustion can be recovered, the mental sleepiness brought about by the battle but no way to eliminate.

In this state, Rod does not think he can successfully enter the state of deep meditation. The previous life’s experience allows Rod to know that instead of useless meditation, it is better to spend time to adjust their state to the best, and then try to deep meditation.

Therefore, Rod chose to adjust his mental state by way of sleep.

Since the carriage is not spacious, Rod could not lay his whole body down, but only sit on the seat, crossed his arms, back against the wooden board behind the carriage, closed his eyes and began to try to enter sleep.

As for the Silver Seal merchant group will not take advantage of this opportunity to surround them, Rod is not worried.

The merchant group with a large number of Undead Soul Crystals would be more cautious than Rod thought, for fear that an abnormal behavior would make other forces notice him. Is there anything more extraordinary than this to besiege passengers in the station?

For a long time.

Perhaps subconscious vigilance, even to sleep, Rod can not fall into a full slumber, but still remain semi-awake state.

The noisy sounds around, coupled with the vibrations coming from underneath his feet, awakened Rod from his sleep in time. The vampire, however, seemed to feel nothing, still sucking up the energy emanating from the undead soul crystal.

In an instant, Rod pushed the window on the side open a crack and looked out.

The sky was still dim, showing a dark blue glow, and the entire merchant group was then ready, with a large number of wagons gathered around, preparing to move in one direction.

“Are you awake?”

As if sensing the movement inside the carriage, a hoarse voice came from the front of the carriage.

Rod pushed the window open and looked ahead with his head. It was the thief he had seen yesterday, sitting in front of the carriage he was sitting in, beating the horses in front of him with a whip.

“You should feel honored. The merchant group has changed the departure time for you.”

After deliberately confiding in Rod about this, the thief did not say a word after saying this, and just drove the carriage in front of him.

Rod also did not say anything more, re-closed the window and sat back inside the carriage.

Rod understood the thief’s meaning, and because he was not sure if the information would be leaked, after a night of preparation, the merchant group chose to leave a day earlier, early this morning.

The day had just dawned when the merchant group formed a long line, leaving from the Free Trade Guild’s premises and heading for the town’s entrance.

At this time, under the dark blue sky, several people dressed in black robes were staring at the distant caravan, foreshadowing that the journey would not be peaceful.

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