Invincible Hero of Necromancer – Chapter 35

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Chapter 35 The Seal of Silver III

After Rod said the last sentence, for a time, the two fell into silence at the same time.

Rod still had that calm face, and the vampire didn’t make any movements the rest of the time, except for a couple of extra glances when Rod took out the undead soul crystal.

Youser’s face kept changing, showing that his heart was not calm.

Inside the tent, as the silence lengthened, the aura became gruff. Rod even felt a flash of killing intent.

At this time, Youser’s aura was fully displayed, right inside this not so spacious tent. In Rod’s feeling, at this time, the opposite standing Youser’s aura, like a real warrior should have.

The vampire beside Rod also felt the power emanating from Youser and stepped forward from behind Rod’s seat, watching Youser’s movements and ready to strike.

If Youser intends to strike, Rod can instantly take out the sword blade, and at the same time to the front of a sword thrust out.

Even if he is ready to fight, but Rod’s heart is still calm.

Although Youser has the strength of a senior warrior, but his body is only wearing light cloth, and not wearing warrior combat armor, Rod did not fear.

Unlike Rod, a swordsman who relies purely on swordsmanship, a set of sophisticated equipment is indispensable for warriors to exert their true strength.

If the swordsman relies on the harshness of the sword moves, as well as the timing of the sword, then the warrior relies on the conversion of attack and defense in battle.

In order to pursue damage and dodge agility, swordsman will only wear leather armor at most, once replaced with heavy iron armor, the swordsman’s own strength to drop a large part.

Unlike swordsmen, warriors wear different types of armor according to their needs. In order to find the best time to attack, warriors often rely on their own equipment and combat experience to block the opponent’s attack until they find the opponent’s flaws.

Warriors may not be able to surpass swordsmen of the same rank in swordplay, but by relying on fine equipment, as well as for the control of attack and defense in battle, generally able to defeat swordsmen of the same rank.

It can be said that a large part of the warrior’s strength is built on top of his own equipment.

This is why, even though aware of the possibility of a fight, Rod just get ready and not overly nervous.

Rod knew that although his own strength alone, may not be able to defeat Youser, but with the help of the vampire beside him, if Youser intends to strike here, then it is not really certain to win or lose.

Moreover, he has a spatial ring, in contrast to armor, the sword can be taken out and can be used immediately, as for wearing a full set of armor, it needs a lot of time.

The warrior without armor, although the basic attributes have not been reduced, but it is difficult to withstand several attacks from the vampire, coupled with Rod on the side looking for opportunities to surprise. He doesn’t think Youser will be able to support himself for long.

It’s just… Rod thought that once he fought with Youser, unless he quickly solve, or else the others will come around, plus the possible existence of spell casters, they should think about how to escape from the merchant group premises.

Moreover, at this time, only this one merchant group to the town of sorrow, if Rod missed this opportunity, may have to wait a long time before the second merchant group to the town of sorrow, Rod even to completely change the plan.

Just in the process of Rod’s consideration, Youser’s heart is also not calm.

Youser couldn’t figure out how in the world the necromancer in front of him found out that the goods he was really transporting were undead soul crystals. Although the necromancer in front of him had said it one sentence at a time, but Youser could hardly believe that this was the necromancer in front of him judging by deduction from some clues alone.

In a very short time, Youser considered a lot, but there are still many questions in Youser’s mind. What is the real purpose of the necromancer? Is his own confidant betraying information and colluding with the necromancer? Or are they originally the eyes of other merchant groups sent to test?

If the necromancer in front of him really has other purposes, he doesn’t want to let their own batch of undead soul crystal information exposed, the best way is to take advantage of the moment, kill the necromancer, and then take the merchant group immediately away, although this is some suspicion of cover up, but this is undoubtedly the best way for now.

However, through the momentum of the exchange, Youser dismissed this idea. Many years of combat experience makes Youser very sensitive to the perception of danger. The aura of the two people in front of him undoubtedly tells him that if he rashly strike, he’s afraid that the first to fall instead of himself.

At this time, Youser’s heart suddenly flashed a feeling, the two people in front of him, although in the dress and their own previously seen necromancers do not have any difference, but the aura emitted, not like only hiding in the back of the manipulation of undead creatures necromancers can have, but more like the battle-tested melee professionals.

Youser took a deep breath, the situation in front of him is obviously beyond his own expectations, for his previous judgment, Youser didn’t know which ones were correct and which ones they deliberately misled him, he can only first stabilize the two people in front of him.

Youser slowly said: “I can take you two to the town of sorrow, and even do not charge you any travel expenses, but you must stay at the merchant group’s premises until the merchant group departs.”

Hearing these words, Rod also confirmed Youser’s idea, and said, “Then, I’ll trouble the merchant group to take care of us along the way.” Sort of agreed to Youser’s request.

Youser nodded and instructed Rod and the vampire to wait here for a moment, and himself came to the back of the tent and shouted a few words.

In a short while, a man dressed as a thief entered the tent from the back. Youser whispered a few words to him, the thief led Rod and the vampire, out of the tent.

Led by the thief, Rod and his party walked for a while in the direction they came from earlier and came to an empty wagon.

“Please rest here, the two mages, the merchant group will leave in two days. If you need any supplies, please let me know in advance and I will buy them for you.”

The raspy voice of the thief reached Rod’s ears. Rod was not sure if he was deliberately lowering his tone, or if his own voice was like this.

After saying this, the thief did not leave, but just waited on the side.

Rod understood that although Youser agreed to himself and the vampire as travelers, but in his heart is not at ease, the thief will stay here after the end of the guide for them, saying that he is waiting for his own and the vampire’s command, but in fact is monitoring himself for any strange movements.

This method of Youser is also expected by Rod. If Youser did not put any surveillance on Rod, instead, it would be out of Rod’s expectation.

Rod did not say much, just led the vampire into the carriage.

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