Invincible Hero of Necromancer – Chapter 34

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Chapter 34 – The Seal of Silver II

If the conversation is compared to an encounter, the initiative of the battle at this time is undoubtedly in the hands of Youser.

Previously, through a series of consecutive questions and answers, in the momentum above, Youser has overpowered Rod.

In accordance with Youser’s idea, not to mention that at this time only one merchant group to the town of sorrow, just want to become a traveler is a necromancer, and experience is not good, he can certainly ask for a price increase.

The identity of the Necromancer is destined to be difficult for them to collude with other people, but in Youser’s memory, incidents of the Necromancer alone entrap the merchant group also occur from time to time. The business group brought a necromancer on the road, and it was inherently risky.

As he has the strength of a senior warrior, Youser is not particularly afraid of the necromancer in front of him, but also unwilling to have too much involvement with it. Unless the necromancer in front of him is willing to pay a large amount of gold coins, he will let him become a passenger.

“Two hundred gold coins, what do you think?”

Youser stated his estimated price.

Rode did not rush to reply, but began to think about a problem, a problem that Rode had found before.

Seeing that the necromancer in front of him seemed to have fallen into thought, Youser was not in a hurry, but simply crossed his arms and looked at the necromancer in front of him, waiting for his answer.

After waiting for a while, Rod ended his thoughts and said to Youser, “I have a few questions that I hope the chief can answer for me.”

“Ask away.”

At this time, due to the long waiting time, Youser also began to be a little impatient.

Youser knew that the purpose of the necromancer in front of him asking these questions was just to point out the shortcomings of the merchant group so as to spend less on travel expenses. A necromancer is still thinking about bargaining at this time, it is better to check whether the gold coins brought enough.

Rod asked: “The Silver Seal merchant group, why do you want to travel to the town of Sorrow?”

Hearing this question, Youser almost couldn’t help himself, wondering why the necromancer in front of him was asking such an obvious question.

“To conduct trade.”

Rod then asked, “If you are conducting trade, then why are you traveling to the town of Sorrow at this time.”

Youser didn’t seem to understand and asked to Rod, “What do you mean?”

“According to the information I understand, not long ago, there was a large merchant group that went to the town of Sorrow, right?”

Youser frowned slightly. “So what?”

“A large merchant group traveled to the town of Sorrow, and while hiring a large number of guards, in order to obtain the maximum benefit, they would carry a large amount of goods, and these supplies would be enough for the town of Sorrow for a long time. This also leads to, within this period of time, the rest of the merchant groups to the town of sorrow can obtain extremely low earnings.”

As if he did not understand, Youser said, “What does this mean?”

“Then I have to ask you, why did you choose to go to the town of Sorrows when none of the other merchant groups went to the town of Sorrows?”

Youser did not answer Rod’s question positively, but instead turned toward Rod and asked, “What about you? Two necromancers, why did you travel to the town of Sorrows at such a time?”

“To participate in the war.”

Rod said these words in a flat, uninteresting tone, and Youser’s pupils shrank.

The purpose of Rod asking these words to Youser was precisely to confirm one thing. That is, according to the information available to Youser, in the end know, Diya will soon break out a big war with Eri.

Although Youser did not answer Rod positively, but according to his reaction, it is obvious that he has information about this war.

The information about the war, in the absence of sure whether the necromancer in front of him know, Youser naturally will not spill a little news.

What surprised Youser is that the process of collecting information about the war, he spent a lot of money to confirm some things from his old friends, plus his own analysis, are only half-hearted, while the necromancer in front of him, is obviously identified with this war.

From the necromancer in front of him reconfirmed his intelligence, Youser’s heart also firmly a lot.

“You know, because the war is about to break out, the town of Sorrow will need a lot of basic materials. Delivering weapons toward the necromancer side will naturally yield more revenue.”

Rod said back: “Since you can get the news of the war, can’t the rest of the merchant groups get it? If the war is about to open, the town of Sorrow, as the only large town at the border of Diya, large merchant groups from all over the world will send supplies to the town of Sorrow, and the selling price of weapons-type equipment will be lowered instead.”

“As far as I know, the Silver Seal merchant group, is only a small merchant group of about twenty people. How can it compete with a large merchant group of hundreds of people to deliver supplies?”

“Plus the risks you may encounter when crossing the border, especially in times of war like this, on the border, filled with a large number of thieves and looters of various races, if we say just transporting weapons, I’m afraid the gold coins earned is not enough to pay your escort.”

“The goods transported by the merchant group are more than just weapons, how can terror be simple?”

Every time Rod said a sentence, Youser’s face became gloomy. At the end, Youser’s face sank completely, but still did not speak.

Rod then said: “From the time I just entered this tent, I felt something was wrong. There is an aura within this tent that gives me a very familiar feeling ……”

Rod stretched out his left hand, spread his palm out and said, “The supplies you’re really transporting are this, right?”

Youser looked down, only to see a dark crystal with a rough appearance lying in the palm of Rod’s hand, it was the undead soul crystal that Rod had obtained in the tomb.

“Because of the abundance of supplies, the large merchant groups will not transport many undead soul crystals in order to be stable. The other small trade groups do not have the courage of yours. You bought a large number of undead soul crystals as soon as they noticed the war

As Rod’s words fell, Youser laughed.

“That’s just your guess. And I think the other members within the merchant group should not welcome necromancers.”

After saying this statement that seemed like an expulsion, Youser got up and did not look at Rod and the vampire again, but walked towards the back of the tent.

“Do you how many gold coins the Thieves Guild is willing to pay for this information?”

Youser instantly grasped Rod’s meaning and snapped his head back to look at Rod, who was still sitting in his chair.

Large quantities of undead soul crystals, once successfully transported to Diya, waiting for the war to come, the price could be increased several times.

For this reason, at the first moment of confirming the war, Youser used all the savings of the merchant group to purchase the undead soul crystals, while quickly going to Diya.

Youser found a way to conceal from his men, except for a few close friends, no one knew what the shipment really was. In case the news leaked out and was besieged by thieves and necromancers.

If the time dragged back some more, the intelligence of the war was confirmed. By then all the merchant routes will become chaotic, and if he doesn’t bring a high-ranking escort, it will not be so easy to travel to the town of Sorrow in peace.

Once the news of Youser’s delivery of the undead soul crystal leaked out, before they reached the town of Sorrow, they would be besieged by thieves, and even official necromancers would be out to snatch them.

“You ……”

“I just want to, just head to the town of Sorrow.” Looking at Youser, who was full of difficulty, Rod said.

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